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Beth Rimmels
Traveler fans, we just added 25 official Traveler products for Star Hero. It may not be chocolate and peanut butter but it is a great way to combine two popular, classic science fiction role-playing games. If you love the Traveler setting, check out how it has been adapted for HERO System  

Beth Rimmels
Mad Ferret LLC will launch a Kickstarter for a new HERO System setting, Extinction, in February.
In 2028, we foresaw our fate in the plumes of a distant comet entering our solar system. Humanity united to save itself from extinction as a planet killer comet veered to strike the Earth. Our efforts to stop Armageddon partially succeeded and the sky bled red for a decade as the comet’s debris shrouded our planet.
The fleeting unity that saved us vanished and we reverted to our corrupted nature. The darkened skies birthed a mini-ice age heralding worldwide chaos and suffering unlike any in history. The horrors of the human condition were exponentially magnified as famine, drought, epidemics, biting poverty, radicalization, and war spread across the globe. We stood at the edge of our extinction as surely as when the comet threatened our world, yet we were resilient, and where darkness reigned, light followed.
Today, in 2045, the sky is healed; its natural cerulean hue restored. Memories of the unity that saved us from extinction a generation ago inspired the birth of a new world order as a new species of humanity rises from the precipice of oblivion.
Extinction Event is a science fiction conspiracy campaign guide compatible with Champions Complete and the HERO System 6th Edition that immerses you in a near-future alternate Earth rising from the brink of extinction!
Take on the role of a transcendent human, one of the "Gifted", exhibiting strange psychic powers emerging from the comet's remnants striking the Earth. Will you take over the mind of a despot’s trusted advisor to eliminate a threat to regional stability? Perhaps you’d rather remote view into a private board meeting of a multi-national corporation to steal secrets in a high-stakes, winner-take-all game of intrigue? Maybe you’ll be showered with money by crazed fans in a seedy fight-club arena as your Gifts melt away the brutality of a score of vanquished foes? Or escape Earth to the Martian colony of Gedeon to explore the rumors of a prophetess claiming to know the secrets behind your new powers.
For more information about Extinction visit Mad Ferret.

Beth Rimmels
by Steven S. Long
Greetings, folks, and happy 2018! The year seems to have gotten off to a rather frigid and snowy start here in the eastern U.S., so wherever you are, I hope you’re staying warm and safe. The same goes to all my friends elsewhere in the world — even in the bitter, post-apocalyptic wastelands of Canadia. ;-)
My good friend and business partner, Jason Walters of Hero Games and IPR, asked me if I’d write up a year in review report for my little dba, Elvensong Street Press. There hasn’t been a whole lot going on, but I figured I could at least manage a brief summary of what I’ve done, and what’s to come.
Unfortunately my productivity this year suffered a couple of severe blows. The first came from my top-to-bottom home renovation and remodeling project, which began in October 2016 and finished in the first week of August 2017. During that time I lived in an RV in my backyard (not exactly a condition conducive to creative work, at least not for me) and had to deal with a lot of construction-related issues. And then I had to move back into the house, which was a pretty big chore itself — it took me nearly three weeks just to get all my books on my extensive new bookshelves. (Lovely, lovely bookshelves....) Second, for over half of the year I suffered from poor health, which left me exhausted and unable to accomplish much of anything. I’m feeling better for now (though I’m definitely not out of the woods yet), so hopefully my health won’t cause me so many difficulties in 2018. Fingers crossed!
Despite all those obstacles, I got some writing done here and there. My main focus, as it has been for the past six years and should be for at least another five or six more, is my massive Mythic Hero project — a comprehensive review of world mythology for gamers and writers in general, and HERO System gamers in particular. I didn’t get through quite as much as I hoped, but I completed chapters for the following mythoi:
Incan and South American
I am currently at work on the chapters devoted to Celtic Mythology — the last major world mythos I have left to cover (though by no means the final one in the book; there are still plenty of minor mythologies to research and write up). I expect finishing it will take me half of the year, or more — but progress is progress, however you slice it.
Other than that, I prepared two PDF products for the HERO System that have been on sale in the Hero Games Online Store, IPR, and sometimes elsewhere:
—Gun Fu (an extensive list of gunfighting maneuvers, abilities, and tricks, organized into a system of “ranks” for easy learning); and
—Insect Powers (to help you create a friendly neighborhood insect-themed superhero, a master of insect magics, or similar characters).
I have plenty more of these small PDF products in the works; finishing them is just a question of getting a little time here and there, and which one I have interest in at any particular time. Some of them include: Hands Of The Mummy (a Pulp Hero murder mystery involving an archaeological expedition and its discoveries, set in and around the British Museum); MEDUSA (a group of supervillainesses for Superhero campaigns); Anti-Paladins (pre-generated character sheets for various anti-paladins, an ideal type of villain for Fantasy Hero campaigns); more expansions to the Superhero Gallery from Champions; and possibly a researched article on the Leopard Societies of Africa (aimed primarily at Pulp Hero gamers, but also useful for many other kinds of campaigns).
Last, but not least, as time has allowed, I’ve slowly but steadily worked on The HERO System Advanced Player’s Guide III for Hero Games. It’s been quite a while since Hero published APG2, and in the intervening years I’ve accumulated hundreds of rules questions from gamers. It’s time to get all that material polished up and in print, and that’s what I’m doing. I also intend to include some optional rules for various other subjects that I’ve thought of or that gamers have requested of me, such as the concept of Long-Term STUN. (And as always, when the proper time comes I’ll post a “what do you want to see” thread so anyone who wants to can suggest an idea too.)
So hopefully that means lots of fun stuff to work on and great products to release coming from Elvensong Street Press in 2018. And while you’re waiting for them, I hope you have a lot of fun gaming!
—Steven S. Long
Elvensong Street Press

Beth Rimmels
Every fantasy game needs magical rewards. Wondrous Treasures - Bows & Crossbows provides a variety of bows that players in your Fantasy Hero campaign can use to further their heroic adventures. From bows that never miss or bows that release the fiery breath of a Dragon, adventurers want them and search dungeons or even search through a dragon’s hoard for wondrous items.
  The ZIP file includes the PDF and Hero Designer files.

Jason S.Walters
From our friends at Tiger's Eye Media:
"First, I would like to say thank you for all your support. It's been a good year here at Tiger Paw Press thanks to you. This year we released new titles in the S.I.D.s report, Wondrous Treasures and Monster Mash lines. We added to the Grimiore Arcana series, Technomany spell list and released a Psionic Compendium. Some of this was on the release schedule some of it was added as the year went on.
"Well, now Christmas is almost upon us and that means that 2018 is just around the corner. So I think it's time for TPP to decide exactly what will be released in 2018. I've been giving it some thought and have decided a couple things.
"First, a release schedule isn't really an accurate indication of what will be released in 2018. To many times this year things were moved, bumped and in some cases removed titles. Second, a set release period, even by quarters, doesn't work out well either. This is due to the before mentioned reasons and a pesky thing called life. So instead I have decided to make a small list of produces that I plan on finishing and releasing in 2018. 
S.I.D.s Report & S.I.D.s Bulletin
There will be new titles in this series in 2018, two such titles will be S.I.D.s report - Denier & Company & S.I.D.s Bulletin - Black Spyder

Wondrous Treasures
New titles in this line will be released. Wondrous Treasures - Bows & Wondrous Treasures - Arrows are in different stages at this time.

Monster Mash
Continuation of this line will include Monster Mash - Occulord-kin II & Monster Mash - Krylons is planned.

Villainy Codex III
Villainy Codex III will be released in 2018. This book is planned to reintroduce an some "friends" while introducing some new "anything but friends".

Technomancy Complete
This product will be a compilation of the two Technomancy spell list combined into one organized and bookmarked PDF 

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