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  1. Re: Traveller Hero, a major announcement Our Traveller license ran out, so now all of our Traveller products are released thru Mongoose as part of their line (including two new products.. Sector Fleet and Crowded Hours). They use Mongoose's Traveller System. We are working on some more support material for science fiction using the Hero System. I do have a few personal copies of the books left if you are interested in getting one. William ComStar uspolaris@comcast.net
  2. Hi all, My goal for a Hero version of the Universe Project will lead, hopefully, to a release over the next several months of the following: 1. Lightspeed Core: This is the popular Lightspeed setting written up for the Hero System. 2. Starships: This will include Cargo Manifest, with a few additional starships for the Hero System. 3. Alien Guide: This will include some material to help create interesting aliens for your campaign, plus 50-60 sample aliens to help populate your game Each of the above will be made available in both print and pdf, and my hope is that it will also include the HD files for free with the purchase of the pdf. Package bundles will also be available. Sincerely, William ComStar
  3. I am trying to get a hold of Bob Greewade... Bob: If you see this, can you send me an email at uspolaris (at) comcast.net Thanks! William
  4. Hi all, In addition to Lightspeed, Final Frontier, Far Avalon, Astral Empires, and our various support materials (we have our first alien book nearly going to editing), I am wanting to get more content for our Universe Project... if you have some ideas for aliens, civilizations, setting materials, etc that you would be interested in possibly selling for publication, please let me know... I can be reached at: up@comstar-media.com Thanks! William
  5. Hi all, I know this is perhaps a strange question to ask, but I am going to be looking for character drawings of superheroes and villains. I can be quite flexible on the exact look... do any of you artistically gifted individuals have superhero/villain drawings that you did up as a hobby that you might be willing to sell? William PS: The characters must not be drawings of copyrighted works...
  6. Re: Question about traveler hero As a minor correction: Avenger Enterprises is a design studio equally owned (partnership) between Martin Dougherty and ComStar. Avenger creates much of the Traveller material that we are putting out thru Mongoose. We are still able to publish Traveller fiction directly, and are considering creating material under the Foreven sector. Translight is a percentile/skill based ruleset (based upon BRP/Runequest) for science fiction. Martin and the Avenger team are finishing up playtest on TL, and also continuing to develop more Traveller material and our own setting called 'Far Avalon' (which had originally been planned for Traveller, but is now going to be released independent of the OTU). Far Avalon will be released as a part of ComStar's Universe Project (which Avenger will continue to also work on developing material for, in addition to some others). The Universe Project will include: Lightspeed, Far Avalon, and Astral Empires (which will be an empire building strategy and tactical game and flavor setting). We will also be releasing alien compendiums (we have two compendiums of 50 aliens each currently being written), and other materials. William ComStar http://www.comstar-games.com
  7. Re: Hero System 3rd Party Products While we await getting our copy of the contract, we will be releasing an entire line of Hero System products as part of our "Universe Project"... William ComStar http://www.comstar-games.com
  8. Hi all, We are going to be converting Lightspeed over to Hero, and I am writing to ask if you would have much use for new skills, disadvantages, etc for the Hero System? We could include some more, or take them out and just make it about the setting, packages and related material (starships, characters, equipment, etc)? William
  9. Hi all, Lightspeed is currently a Fuzion game, but is a setting that many seem to like. For those that have tried it.. what are your impressions? Thanks! William
  10. Re: Traveller HERO: end is approaching Just to clarify to everyone that might be wondering... We are not in violation of licensing with Traveller here. Bookstores and gamestores had purchased copies of the books (as did some collectors... I actually purchased a number of copies over the period the books were available). These stores have the right to sell the books they had previously purchased... ComStar can't sell copies of the books, but the stores obviously can. Don't know if anyone was wondering... but in case you were, now you know... William
  11. Re: Traveller HERO: end is approaching We are hoping to continue to support Star Hero, and the material will be quite usable with Traveller Hero... William ComStar
  12. Hi all, As most of you know, our individual Traveller publishing license expired on November 30th. I just completed the final sales report and am sending it with the royalty check to Hero. I wanted to thank all of you for your help and support on this project! While we will continue to produce Traveller materials for publishing under Mongoose, our efforts to be able to continue Traveller Hero have not worked to date. We will try to support Traveller Hero in other ways, and are hoping to launch a "universe project" that will provide support for science fiction using the Hero System. Thank you again for all your support and help! Respectfully, William ComStar
  13. Re: Traveller Hero Also, ComStar is set to continue to support science fiction role playing using the Hero System... with the "Universe Project". Many of the people that are working in the Traveller Hero Group will also be leading the development of new material that will NEVER go poof... William
  14. Hi all, I just wanted to let you all know that Steve approved of the next 11 Traveller Hero products! We are putting them all up on our site (http://www.comstar-games.com) ASAP, and will be putting out a couple a day over the next several days on other sites (such as RPGNow) to avoid flooding their front page with a huge list of new products (flooding the front page tends to upset people). So, come on by and enjoy! William
  15. Re: Traveller Hero, ComStar Publishing - MJM's New Era 1248 : Update I would say you will definitely see it... if you click here: http://www.comstar-games.com/csg-store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_9 (or copy and paste if that doesn't work).... The first two products are print & pdf bundles of the 1248 sourcebooks... William PS: Wow... if that speedy service doesn't warrant Rep....
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