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  1. Excellent, I knew I could count on you guys, thanks. The problem is I've been out of practice making characters now for five or six years and this one had never occured to me. Thanks again.
  2. I am currently in a game system duel with my son. Naturally I'm all Hero but my poor, deprived lad has fallen into the evil that is Pathfinder/5e D&D. To prove a point that Hero is the more complete system I am building a character he is running in an online game and I need a few ideas. Not being limited by the unimaginative D&D system means imagination plays a far greater part in Hero character creation but this one has me stumped. A dullahan is an Unseelie with a removal head. The body can act completely independent of the head and while the head can exist independent of the
  3. I GM'd Rolemaster/MERP and Spacemaster for years while also running Champions. Which game I ran depended on who showed up that day. At some point my RM/MERP champaign bled over to Champions via character stories though I never tried to merge the two systems. Finally RM sort of faded and all was Champions. I found RM to be tedious in both character creation and combat with too many unanswered questions about game mechanics. The one thing I still find useful is the MERP books which are fantasic.
  4. Re: Images vs. Shape Shift or something else Oddly enough this is that exact way I have interpreted it and this is also why I am using Images. I think the discussion has jumped the track at this point in an effort to present me with alternatives involving Shape Shift or explain to me other concepts I've been dealing with for thirty years. I thank all for their input.
  5. Re: Images vs. Shape Shift or something else Hero System 5th Ed Revised page 97 I want to create an illusion giving character X the appearance of Y I want to allow character X to pass as Y without a requirement that character Z (the creator of the power) constantly maintain control of the power. This power must last for a varying length of time dependent on the situation. This power, while very believable is not prefect and while it is difficult, can be ‘seen through’ under certain conditions. This power must mimic all moves and mannerisms of character X for the
  6. Re: Images vs. Shape Shift or something else What is this 6e1 of which you speak? Now, AOE vs Mobile. It is mobile by definition then? Would remove one troubling concept . . . Okay, let's toss the Shape Shift out, I am beginning to hate it, but to answer your questions, yes, it is possible that someone might see through this disguise. As for the rest, it is not important for the purposes of this thread. So, what are your ideas on how this Image works when placed on someone? See Images have always been a problem for me. I have always seen them as 'illusion of a par
  7. Re: Images vs. Shape Shift or something else
  8. Re: Images vs. Shape Shift or something else I was more interested in defining the actual terms and what they mean to me if removed from the context of the game.
  9. Re: Images vs. Shape Shift or something else Here I have been playing this game for thirty years now and it is only in the last couple of weeks that I realized that in all those years I have never actually constructed an ‘Illusionist’. I have built shapeshifters and mentalists with mental illusion powers but never what I think of as an ‘illusionist’. Allow me to define and offer an example divorced from ‘game mechanics’ and not including things like David Copperfield. An Illusionist is one who utilizes light to manipulate what is seen by the audience. Now let me look at game mechanics.
  10. Re: Images vs. Shape Shift or something else Okay, allow me to expound . . . Shapeshift: To me any use of shapeshifting is no long an illusion as it can physically alter Character 1 and is not what I am looking for. Transform: Again, like Shapeshift, it physically alters character 1. Image: This is ideally what I would like to use but I am confused about certain things that do not include 'sense' issues. The image needs to move along with the target. It needs to mimic their gestures and mannerisms. If character 2 produces this Illusion does he have to be constantly watchin
  11. Problem: Character 1 is a huge (i.e. 8 feet tall), hulking (yeah, like the Hulk), not very attractive (as in non-human) individual who would like the opportunity to have a beer with his buddy without causing the innocent to be trampled by people running in terror. Tools: Character 2 is a great guy who happens to have some pretty good powers of 'Illusion'. These are NOT mental powers. Objective: A power that can create the illusion that Character 1 is a normal looking kinda fellow. Extenuating Factors: Character 2's SFX in this case must be an Illusion. Suggestions?
  12. Re: Have you written a story? Over the years, playing on a virtual desktop with dozens players, I have collected something like 20000 pages of actual superhero gaming chatlog. It is a long slow process but I have been editing it and have about 450 pages of story condensed down. This does not include sections still in the original 'chat' form and I am very far from finished. This isn't my only project either. I also have hundreds of pages of Urban Fantasy 'chat' that I have only begun as well as a third storyline that began as a game but has since become something outside. New character st
  13. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Wire in the Blood
  14. Re: What Non-Fiction Book have you just finished? 'Age of Reason' and 'Common Sense' by Thomas Paine. What has happened to our government?
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