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  1. If I recall the benchmarks correctly, the average was CV 7-9, 11d6 attacks, 20-25 in defense and speed was 5.5.
  2. Duke, I'm just now getting to this thread and after reading your reply, I laughed (not at you). You were so animated there. Please don't hold back your feelings. I agree in large with you and am (and have been) giving consideration to Shape Shift myself. Never liked that way it's built with it's PER-based version - it's a power, not a skill-vs-skill roll! I have to ask: how long did that take to write out? Must've been awhile.
  3. Things have gotten crazy over in the city so I'm declaring the winner today: Quackie, you win.
  4. We as human beings constantly and subconsciously rely on our senses moment by moment. Being in darkness where an opponent cannot see doesn't give the opponent an automatic "This is a Darkness attack, not a Flash attack" awareness. They cannot see. Ever play a game where you're blindfolded and you have to tag someone? It's not easy. A suggestion: I'd say have them make an INT roll to see if they can remember which direction they are facing and/or the area. If not made, a random roll could be made by the GM as to which direction they're actually going as to opposed to which direction they actually are going. I usually just go with the flow and make a judgment call on an individual basis. Really, the special effects of the darkness are so varied that what I just suggested may not apply.
  5. Next up, this guy:
  6. Unless I missed something, 6e does away with inches, not hexes. Hexes are rooted in old boardgames and used hexes for whatever distances required. Agreed, use whatever scale you wish. Howabout 1"=1million miles? Wow, those range modifiers are going to be harsh.
  7. 1) We use battlemaps on occasion so we use the 1 hex = 2". Our battlemap sessions have become quite the hit with the players. Seeing the warehouse they're in with all the crates around gives them tactical knowledge; the amusement park with it's buildings, the rocky area with a beach nearby, the underground viper base and on & on. With the battlemap (with water erasable markers) and the terrain out where everyone can see it gives a very different feel to the game. We don't really use 6th ed so we're at 1"=2 meters. 2) For years now, I've written out my Champions episodes: a) First, the adventure title and the hero group/heroes. Next a quick GM summary of the episode plot. Next, the specific heroes, villains, agents, npcs, whatever to appear. After that, for fun, I write out things that have happened to the heroes in their secret id/private lives during the week that may, or may not, have a bearing on the game - leave the players guessing. I often put little hints of things to come in the episode in one of the heroes weekly events. b) I write out the flow of the episode. Things that must happen, things that could happen, and things that are optional, making GM notes for unexpected Player changes. It's okay for Players to throw a monkey wrench in; I generally anticipate that. If the players come up with something totally unanticipated, I run with it and give them praise at the end. I'm glad to say I know my players and can usually write out a story with little to no problem. c) the episode will highlight a supervillain/team goal, reveal things about a supervillain background history (which can give the villains some sympathy points) or a danger that will come about if the heroes don't defeat the goal. d) If the episode can go any number of ways where I know things could become totally chaotic, I write out brief summaries at those points, as well as what possibly to do as GM. e) Print it out (double-sided). f) Write out a quick stat sheet for the baddies: Stun/Body/End Total PD/ED, Dex & Speed, CV, and a quick + for any lvls. This is for me a necessity if making the heroes actually fight some super-agents, instead of 'you hit, they're out'. I know some of you do things differently but this is how I do it and it works for me. Writing out the episode really gives you time to think of story options that winging it simply cannot do as well. Perhaps the NPC the character knows stops to talk to them, giving the NPC more personality. The ice cream shop the character went to last episode went out of business; the little old lady who brings her car into the car repair shop and annoys the character's secret id, etc. Adding these little things adds the background flavor needed to differentiate it from last weeks.
  8. Below is the link for the Haymaker! website, which appears to have long since been discontinued. http://www.livelyland.com:4080/haymaker/index.html On the main page is an email address which you might try. No idea if it's still valid. If you check the authors, you might find someone who might be able to help.
  9. I used to do something somewhat similar many years ago. I'm just surprised to hear something like that from someone on the boards.
  10. Are they really that easy to draw over or use? It appears that the 3D model will show easily, unless they are really light.
  11. I'm sort of with massey in this. However, the GM & campaign determines whether this is acceptable or not. Sure, we can compare it to our various campaigns but that's not needs to be done. It really needs to be built dependent on what kind of game and what kind of character is allowed in the game. Without knowing that, it's really hard to make a judgment call on how to build this: is everyone built on 100 base, 200, 500? We don't know. If this is a game where arch mages roam the street, that's a different color of character and game vs one where the total character cost is, say, 150 pts or 250 pts.
  12. For many years, in our campaign, we've used the old Turtle Armor stats for occasional hi-tech agents to fight. In our game, the company that made them - DanCo - went out of business and the suits were taken by many supervillains for their own purposes. Free upgraded agents is the thought of the villains. Considering the rifles can do a 12d6 Energy Blast (Blast - 6th ed), that's a considerable upgrade.
  13. Hugh, I don't know if the cows are a good market, they're pretty much easy going, eating grass, not doing much. Took me awhile to figure out he meant "crowd funded"
  14. Since no hi-tech agents, had to decide between Mob & Ninjas. Hmmm, guess I'll go with Mob.
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