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  1. In the Champions Universe, are there any supervillains who've gained their powers due to a toxic dump or chemical dump? If so, whom? Working on a Champions episode and this info would help.
  2. Swimming and holding your breath are two different things. Swimming is like running; it's the movement of how far you can swim on top or under the water. To my knowledge, nothing in the rules suggests preventing you from taking a Post-12 recovery when swimming on the water so yes, you can swim a long time. However, when you swim underwater, unless you have some form of life support/can breathe water, you have to hold your breath or drown. When you hold your breath, you must expend (minimum) 1 End per Phase with no Post-12 Recoveries. You will run out of END eventually. If you assume a SPD of 6 with END 40, that's 6 End used for holding your breath alone per turn (not even considering combat but let's ignore combat for now). In 6 Turns (a total of 72 segments or 1 minute 12 seconds), you will have used 36 END - you are almost out of END! The average normal person with a SPD 2 and END 20 will last 10 turns (120 segments/seconds or about 2 minutes), the time varying with a persons' physical condition/training. I don't consider this a ridiculous length of time. If I missed something, let us know.
  3. There's any number of ways to start combat, if you don't want to start on Phase 12. Christopher and Bolo had a couple ways. You could also roll D8+4, D6+6, D4+8, wait until the first phase of the attacker, then start combat (if the attacker has a 5 Spd and attacks on 3, then combat starts on Segment 4 for whomever can attack on that phase).
  4. As GM, I haven't had a player character KO'd that long in... well, been so long I can't remember. However, this is very interesting, Doc, should such an occasion arise.
  5. First, I smiled at this. Then I chuckled. Then I laughed.
  6. There are always multiple ways of creating the same thing with different effects. This is simply one of them. Personally I don't think it's broken but I'd build it via Mental Paralysis myself. Mallet's INT drain is interesting.
  7. I have those same game shields, which I got from Hero Games so long ago. I have my doubts it is fake. I carefully watched your video for lighting on it, the font, etc. If it is a fake, it's so exacting it's fooled me.
  8. So, who's the winner?
  9. When I GM, I have a super mini-sheet for supervillain stats, which has worked well for years. Knowing the villains stats is important of course, but this helps. Assume a supervillain has the following stats: 20 Str, 23 Dex, 20 Con, 10 Body/Int/Ego/Pre, 25 PD 25 ED, 6 Spd, 10 Rec, 40 End, 40 Stun, OCV 7, DCV 7 and finally +1 Combat Lvl. We use Levels. I'll try to write this out as best I can here (because I do this on paper before the adventure). On my scratch sheet for taking damage, the villain would like something like: (+1) OCV 7 DCV 7, 23 Dex (next villain stats) (next villain stats) (can generally do this about 6 villains wide) 25 PD/ED, 6 Spd Stun Body End 40 10 40 The full villain sheets are nearby. The statistics are also written out in either who's fastest, or who's got the fastest Speed, as the episode requires. If the GM slows down to check his own villain stats, any battle will be slower. So, I hope this helps or at least gives you an idea how a GM can help the game go faster.
  10. D.O.L.L. Black Harlequin was in a slump. His latest toy creations were utter failures and frankly didn't work. After watching an old "Frankenstein" movie, he finally got the creativity he needed. He would create a living doll, in the literal sense of the word. Of course, in his case, it would be a Destructive Overly Likeable Lifeform (D.O.L.L.). Still, creating a lifeform wasn't his thing; he'd have to find someone to create it to his specifications. Being as there are still mad scientists out there, he contacted one of them with his idea. The mad scientist gleefully agreed and got to work. Time passed and D.O.L.L. was finished. Black Harlequin tested his 'toy' to see how destructive it was, and later woke up with a black eye and a broken rib. He was in pain... and elated... and in pain. She was much more powerful than any toy that he'd created. The mad scientist sheepishly apologized for the injuries; he was found dead by the police later. Black Harlequin first unleashed DOLL on a mall shortly before Halloween and caused much destruction before making a retreat due to incoming superheroes. DOLL is an artificial lifeform, appearing to be a girl in her late teens. Other than her blue skin, which is easily concealed with makeup, she is cute and adorable. However, when given a command by him, DOLL reacts much like a robot on a mission of mindless mayhem. She is strong enough to punch a tank and dent it, can jump hundreds of feet and is very durable. DOLL's energy core will last about a week before needing a recharge, taking about a day. Hence, she can fight literally for days at full power. At the moment, she understands she was created for destruction and obeys Black Harlequin, but she is slowly gaining her own personality. Black Harlequin is too crazy to notice little changes in her actions and where this will lead is unknown. If she gains any ounce of humanity, she may turn from her destructive ways and even help heroes. However, if she gets worse, Black Harlequin may not live to see how dangerous she really is.
  11. While I'm thinking about it, why not let the GM build a version of it? You'll have the GM's permission on what was created and it it's not everything that's wanted, the two of you can sit down and discuss it/text/whatever. I did that with a character of mine and have been happy with it.
  12. I've got a character who has a way-more powerful version. Her powers jump from 60 or 70 pts, to 100 pts+; gotta love a power with a 1 mile radius. The limitation given to the hero comes from a Hero Games source from so-long-ago-don't-really-remember but the additional pts on the powers are technically available about every 5 sessions at a -2 limitation (that's what I remember from the Hero Games source). Really, in 500+ experience, the character's used it maybe 4 times.
  13. I agree with Liaden; simply not going to add anything. My group prefers 3rd through 5th edition, with maybe a couple things grabbed from 6th. Correction: we still have some things from 1st & 2nd ed.
  14. Are you referring to creating your player characters, or creating characters as a GM? If you mean player characters, I'm guessing the GM will handle that. Bolo has good suggestions if you mean as a GM. Don't be afraid to make them potentially weaker than you anticipated in battle. There are multiple times I've done that and the heroes stomp the bad guy; in those cases I've said, "I expected him to last longer." The players like it because it shows their characters have power, not 'just enough to get the job done'. If you create an enemy that you find it too powerful, nothing prevents you from quietly lowering the PD, ED, Con, whatever of the enemy. The same can be said if you make someone too weak. I think the following is key: finding the balance requires you to know the effectiveness of the heroes, not just the villains. If you know a particular team is powerful, then you have an idea of the enemy strength to create. If a group of heroes isn't powerful, you can go easy on the creation of the villain.
  15. Since Naked Advantage is in 6th edition, yes it can be done. Whether or not the GM allows it is another. Personally, I've allowed it in very selective cases. The original question doesn't state what 'advantage' is wanted vs entangles. Figure out how much the advantage will cost the power (ex: adds 30 pts to the power cost), then add the limitation on those points. The +1/2 sounds right but it depends on how common an entangle is used in the game.
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