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  1. One of my story arcs started 14 years ago, with each episode story well-received by the group. Each episode focuses on a particular character in a situation that must be resolved. If resolved well, the hero has grown a little as a hero and perhaps a person; if not resolved, there may be some dire consequences (such as losing their powers, for example). Fortunately, the heroes have never failed. I'm actually doing my next one this coming Friday. This story goes something like this: the sword-user's special swords will fail during a fight with a villain; these are swords of legend. Another hero from England will help the group travel to England to find an actual knight who can give him the Knight's Oath. The hero must take the Oath, which will restore the swords to power. Restored now, the hero faces the villain again to triumph over him.
  2. Off-hand, I'm going to go with a -1/4 limitation but it depends on the campaign setting.
  3. I've always wondered why the Martial Arts Escape maneuver has a +0 OCV +0 DCV to it. It seems to me to be an automatic success to hit, regardless of Hero Games not having absolutes, hence my wondering about the +0 OCV. Now, whether you break out of the Grab is another thing. You're not going to use this maneuver unless you're Grabbed and if you're already Grabbed, why a DCV modifier? So, looking for some clarity to this.
  4. Someone super famous and positively well known can have any set of powers you want. Regardless of what abilities/powers you give the character, playing the character as an idol will be the challenge. A couple skills I'd suggest are Persuasion and Oratory. Your regular PRE could easily be 15 or 20 but buy +15 PRE, only to inspire/encourage others.
  5. I use battlemaps when I want some visual to help out the players. Also, the players really enjoy moving their characters around on the color battlemaps. So, we use 1 hex = 2m
  6. It's been a long time since I GM'd Terror, Inc. in a game. A thought came around to me: What is Prof Muerte's end goal? Okay, he's a terrorist and isn't nice. What is his final goal if everything went his way? Is he trying to take over the world, all the financial markets of the world or to get the ultimate lotion to deal with his, um, looks? Pardon my ignorance if this has been shown somewhere but I'm not aware of it.
  7. When I read the last line, I thought it said: "best they could do is be the best student in their Yogurt class."
  8. I want to design a power where a hero's STR stat is boosted to 50 automatically, whether the STR is 10, 15, 35, etc., but no higher. If the STR is already higher, then the power has no effect. How would you build this?
  9. Hi all. I'm looking for a high-def version of this picture. This is only 500x375. My various searches haven't come up with anything larger, including reverse. Can you help find one? Thanks.
  10. Well done, fdw3773. I hope things go well for your future projects. This is what I'd plan to do if I eventually retire from Champions/Hero Games.
  11. I was going to post that but everytime I tried hitting 'Submit Reply', the button would just sit there greyed out and not doing anything. Any suggestions what's going on?
  12. The Hero System avoids absolutes; in this case not taking any damage from attacks. If you're going this route, I agree with LW: don't bother balancing the character. I personally wouldn't go with Desolid though, because Affects Desolid can affect him though. If he's got lots of defenses, Desolid isn't necessary. Some time ago, someone came up with a couple charts where you could get 100% Damage Reduction for PD, ED, etc. You could go that route since you're going for an absolute effect, or you could just give the villain 100 PD, 100 ED, etc on Power Def, Mental Def, etc. Of course, if you're going to go with the villain not taking damage or balancing it, don't bother trying to justify it: just write down on the sheet: "Cannot be hurt" and leave it at that. You're the only one who's going to be looking at the sheet anyways, since you're the GM.
  13. Exactly. The game is there for you to have fun, not to give you headaches.
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