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  1. Our heroes are running from a base and it's starting to blow up behind them. They see a helicopter and race for it, following the lead of another hero. They get in and finally ask, "Does anyone know how to pilot this?" The leading hero says, "No, but how hard can it be?" (They get of the ground as the base blows up but later make a crash landing.)
  2. I'd go with either suggestion but I think Docs might be cheaper, but no one's calculated the cost of potential said power. For myself, if someone were to suggest this idea, I'd like to know the limits of the power. Can he perceive through any camera, mic, etc? What about supervillain base equipment? What about those bases that have security on them; how's that factor in? How close is 'nearby'?
  3. Orange Juice isn't just for breakfast.
  4. For an even fight, build the opposition about the same power level as the heroes, but give them slightly lower stats here & there, perhaps a vulnerability you know one of the heroes has. If you find you built the bad guys weak and if the players are enjoying the battle, great! The same applies to if you built them more powerful and the players enjoy the villain. However, take note if if you find the opposition is too weak/strong and during the game, weaken/strengthen them without telling the players and rebuild them later. Depending on your campaign, any campaign limits/maximum, etc, take those into account.
  5. I appreciate the suggestion archer but I'm looking more to update him/his stats & abilities, not how to use him.
  6. Taken from the PDF of San Angelo Enemies villain, Dr. Talos: "The autoblaster will cost $25,000. Come back in three weeks." etc. From the 1993 Viper book, here's a few costs: VP-01A Fang Blaster Pistol $500, VR-02a Light Blaster Carbine $1000, Minotaur Exo-Skeleton Armor $20,000. Hope that helps.
  7. Thanks Duke. What would you do about his stats? I thought the old Minutemen had the best Con, until I saw his jaw-dropping stat. His variable MP dependent on Shapeshift is another weird aspect. (Posted this again because I see this post appearing & disappearing. Weird).
  8. Thanks Duke. What would you do about his stats? I thought the old Minutemen had the best Con, until I saw his jaw-dropping stat. His variable MP dependent on Shapeshift is another weird aspect.
  9. I'd like your suggestions for updating this guy. For the longest time, I never used this guy. Strangely, I will use him soon due to him fitting into an episode. For those who don't have this book: his mutant power combined with the anaconda coil-serum makes for a very odd combination. Has shapeshift (any shape), tank stats & his mutant vibratory powers. Why shapeshifting into any shape? I can see into a snake, but being able to change into a fire hydrant, tree or lunchbox? What are your suggestions?
  10. Does anyone know all the supervillains that Viper has ended up creating? I'm looking for 5th edition villains and earlier. I'm just looking for a list of them. If you find one with multiple versions, can you state which edition you're mentioning? I'm building up to one of the biggest show-downs with Viper in the campaign history. Thanks for any help.
  11. Unless I've missed something, if a Duplicate dies, it's gone and you've lost the points. I think Sentry0 or Gnome is the way to go.
  12. I would put the Limited Power (Target must hear the taunt) at -1/2, not -1/4. In a quiet setting, it'd be easy to hear the Taunt. In a city, particularly a busy one, it'd be noisy. If special effects of attacks make noise, this contributes to the noise level. People realizing what's happening can automatically nullify it with covering their ear. So, I'd go with -1/2.
  13. Obviously, common sense has to be used in various situations regarding an OAF. A handgun or blaster is quite obvious while being used but I have no problem with a character concealing it while it's not in use, such as hiding it in your jacket or pocket. If someone is hiding behind a large boulder and summoning stuff nearby, the special effects dictate whether people will know the location of the summoner. That's just good roleplaying or tactics. However, if said summoner kept doing that, that OAF may have to be changed to IAF.
  14. I've also rewritten Vibron, Piledriver, Oculon and Fire&Ice from Enemies I/II. Didn't care for any of the write-ups since. They're more capable but essentially still the same; changing Vibron in CKC to an alien I thought was too bizarre and pointless. All are human in my write-ups.
  15. I recently gave Mongoose more experience (dislike saying 'upgraded') since he's been in the campaign since near the beginning. Now he's immune to poison of any type, added Breakfall, added the Mongoose martial arts from the Ultimate Martial Artist, some Combat Luck and so on. He's joined a supervillain team but is still the flamboyant martial artist as before. When I recently pulled him out and mentioned his high DCV while still attacking, one player said, "That's high", to which another player replied, "Yep, that's Mongoose!" So, I think the more experienced Mongoose is a success.
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