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  1. dialNforNinja threw down the gauntlet so I'm retelling the two strangest concepts ever thought of for our campaign. 😜 First up... Amoeba Man! A cabbie driver who had the ability to change into a giant, floating amoeba that -cough- used Ego Attacks. His first (and fortunately only) appearance went something like this: the other heroes have already arrived at a bank being robbed by villains and have never met Amoeba Man. So, even with his weirdo concept, how does he decide to make his entrance? While driving his taxi, with a passenger in the back no less, he crashes his taxi through the large glass bank windows, changes into a giant amoeba and blorps/floats out the cab & towards the group. The poor passenger in the back runs screaming down the street! I think it's a natural reaction to his but everyone, both villains and heroes, stop and stare at this, um, something-or-another. It's only because A.Man uses his 3d6 Ego Attack on a villain that the heroes didn't attack it. Btw, it was 3d6 with an 18 Ego because the player spent so many points on Enhanced Senses, Damage Resistance, etc. He wanted to have Duplication every time he was hit but fortunately the power Duplication had only just come out and I was not going to tell him, much less allow it! Second... Photogen! A photographer who had an injury and became a cyborg but still normal appearance. The original concept was (again) lots of Enhanced Senses. He wanted to be able to take a picture by blinking his eyes and pulling the photograph out of his stomach.... 😵 Oh, and he had no attack powers; managed to get him to agree to take a 10d6 Lightbeam attack (Stun only). This concept fortunately only last two sessions. I think it's only appropriate we use Amoeba Man with a group of other villain reject ideas from time to time for a joke once in a long while.
  2. Duke, I've found that if a player wants a power concept bad enough, they will accept almost anything the GM will throw at them for their power (limitation-wise). I don't believe assigning a mechanic to it would change anything. That is, of course, my experience.
  3. I remember an episode (don't ask me to remember which ), where it was a very quick assemble or disassemble of the lions. I wouldn't go with a turn if only because alot of combat is over with by then.
  4. Agreed. Ximenez asked how do create it, I stated it RAW Doc D. I think Images is the way to go. I'm not saying I agree with the rules for Duplication either (among others).
  5. Unless I missed something Doc D, if it's bought as a duplicate and it dies, that's it for the duplicate - it doesn't come back even though you spent points for it originally. I'd go with Images which is exactly what the power description is looking for.
  6. Well, this project is finally done and I'm glad. With the help of my older brother, I created my own full-page hex paper that is effectively a smooth transition when places printed off sheets together. Thanks for your suggestions and for the links for other material.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. What I'm looking for now is to print off my own 1" hex paper. I've already done my searches online. I can print off hex paper. However, none of them printed off are continuous if two sheets are placed side-by-side. All of them that I've found involve trimming - which causes problems. Has anyone found full-page printable hex paper (with no margins) which would have a smooth continuous hex grid when printed sheets are placed side-by-side? I can tape them together.
  8. Ok, if that title wasn't confusing, congrats! I'm looking for pre-made hex-grid maps I can print off to use as a battlemap for our Champions games. In particular, I'm looking for areas in a city, whether downtown, a park, a warehouse, etc. I have a 4-way street intersection map on hex paper for example. So, any suggestions?
  9. Foxbat is certainly a character. For those of us who use him, how do you use him? Is he an actual mastermind, a henchman, a solo villain or what? For myself, Foxbat is (in his own mind) a mastermind and every mastermind needs people to carry out his greatest idea. Of course, all his efforts are considered to be his 'best idea yet', regardless of the reality of it. Foxbat likes to scheme of ways to make himself look good by making the heroes look bad: one such scheme had the hero team show up at a factory where he dumped lotion on them and took a picture to send to the press (it turned into a slippery game of 'catch-the-camera'). Really though, all his schemes are ridiculous. Foxbat always goes out of his way to make sure no one gets hurt, because that shows what a wonderful mastermind he is. Back to the people he has: The Awesome Exo-skeleton Man: who can't love a guy with a name this long, who heaps praise and adoration upon Foxbat everytime the heroes dare to question Foxbats ideas Speedster: a superfast-reaction guy with some superstrength (has a Speed of 10). He follows because Foxbat always has an idea to get rich & because he's greedy but fun. Surprisingly, he's not all that fast as a superspeedster Airhammer: an easy-going young lady with a super jetpack of incredible speed who uses an airhammer attack to knock heroes around. However, she gets bored easily and doesn't listen to orders for long Scarecrow: a guy dressed like a scarecrow, or is he dressed? No one knows really. He's greedy, overconfident and likes to throw little explosive pumpkins. Tries to be a mastermind himself but has 3d6 Unluck... With a team so, hmmmm, not tight, how could the great Foxbat fail? So, how do you use him?
  10. The simplest is best: I'd go with Steve's 3 pt level for a bounce.
  11. How would you build a defense for someone who cannot become dizzy? (Gas can't cause damage defined as dizzines, Drain can't drain Dex defined as dizzy, etc). It feels like the Damage Reduction vs special effect somewhat.
  12. As you guys have said about Comliness (modified): if you want to change it, go ahead; it's your game. If you want the cost at 1/1 ratio, do it, otherwise it is 2 pts per 1 pt of Dex for 6th edition.
  13. First, welcome to the boards, Commoner1. Next, don't be afraid to test the points you allow yourselves: if you find 300 pts works fine, then use it. If you find more points is better, grant all characters a boost/rewrite/bigger base/free xp/whatever. It's whatever makes the characters fun for you and your group that you use. The guidelines for characters are just that - guidelines; change them as you see fit.
  14. In Hero Games, another point to make is a low experience character can tag along just fine with a high experience character. Oh, the high experience character is more versed and capable but you can still adventure together. In D&D, you simply can't do that in D&D with a 1st lvl and a 12th lvl character; the 1st lvl might as well read a paper to the side to avoid dying often and... would he even get xp just for watching people fight? Toxxus said it well with, "Monsters and Enemies are scary - The unlimited build potential for villains means players can't rely on their innate knowledge of the Monster Manual to know what is happening. Each creature can be a terrifying and unique thing with custom powers."
  15. Tech

    The Sanctuary Spell

    Desolid (Invisible Power), with limitation "If attacker makes Ego Roll at -4, power does not work that phase vs attacker", with another limitation "Power fades and must be reactivated if user attacks"
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