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  1. Yes, you get what you pay for but you also have special effects. Special effects all too often are ignored. I don't recall which Hero Games book it is but it basically said (sorry, badly paraphrasing here because I can't recall which book nor have it memorized): special effects can allow you to do some things simply because of them. Build the power however you want and then ask the GM if anything is needed/not needed. The GMs we have are more lenient and don't require every single detail of a power to be paid for by points because of special effects. Ultimately, the GM decides on what's needed
  2. Your strength, since you're the car 'carrying' them. Or extra limbs.
  3. If you used Growth, it doesn't need Usable By Others - your example means they can Grow (Growth). That's not what's needed. I tend to think of Growth only with perhaps extra Running. The Special Effect is you're a car.
  4. I guess the question is: what do you want it to do in game mechanics? a) Do you want it to 'stun' them in their tracks? If so, perhaps a weak Entangle using Rec or Ego stat to break out. b) Do you want it to weaken them? Perhaps a Stun drain. c) Do you want them just to fall over from pain? Perhaps a NND attack.
  5. The GM has the final say-so but you get potentially get: +1d6 if target is surprised +1d6 for exhibiting power +1-2d6 if appropriate or very appropriate (the bad guy knows he's got this coming to him) +1-2d6 if character makes appropriate Interaction skill I don't see you doing a violent action but that depends on the special effects of your power. If it looks violent: +1-3d6 for Violent/Extremely Violent/Incredibly Violent action
  6. I could easily see the power having been written with duplicates dying off and not losing those points. If this has been a Champions game, in this case a player wanting to change the power and concept of the hero so it went from 3 heroes to 2. If you don't like Duplication, I vaguely recall someone writing their Duplication in an entirely different way. It's only vague so I'll take my best guesses: a) are your duplicates all attacking one person? Buy it as bonus OCV or autofire b) are your duplicates attacking different people? Buy it as selective area effect c) etc Of cours
  7. No one's posted in over a week. Is it ok if I post another picture?

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  8. I enjoyed your write-ups in the thread "6th Edition Champions" including some from Watchers of the Dragon, etc. It's been awhile  but I don't suppose you'll be doing more in this? It was great.

    1. Christopher R Taylor

      Christopher R Taylor

      I would like to get back to it some time but all my available energy and time is being spent trying to get the Field Guide done and published.  Some day I hope to get back to doing those again

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