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  1. A -2 limitation is fine and that's what I was going to go with, but the Champions Complete gave it a total of -1 1/2.
  2. This looks like a 'Requires a Roll" situation. Complicating it, it's a little variable. As GM, I would look at the best chance of having the power activate and use that as the roll. Quickly based on what you said, "If they needed 14 or less to hit it would activate if they rolled seven or less and so on", I would go with it activating on a 7 or less. If I'm reading the Champions Complete chart correctly, it looks like that turns into a -1 1/2 limitation.
  3. I rather agree with Doc. Yes, there is one less stat but by using Stun in replacing End, you are still effectively using End. I'll say I find the idea a bit interesting so I suggest giving it a try and see what happens but let the players know it is a test. Maybe they'll like the idea, maybe not. Get their feedback and see what happens.
  4. "Why do heroes need to be good looking or have slick costumes? Not me! I don't need any fancy fire-powers or being able to read minds. Yea, sure, some of those heroes like to get all sneaky-like or show off there super-ultra power and wow the crowd. I say 'Big deal!'. I say you just need to get the job done and the people will call you a superhero. With my powers of super-belching, I can blow away just about anything I see. So says Captain Uncouth!"
  5. For those familiar with the pokemon games, I'm wanting to build a hero who has this power (equivalent). The problem being is how to deal with the double damage returned to the attacker: if energy, then energy; if physical, then physical. Perhaps an damage shield with variable special effect? How would you build it?
  6. One of the easiest "villains" for the GM to come up with are copies of the characters themselves. Whether it be through a race of copying aliens, robots, magic, evil alternate dimension people or whatever, you can be sure that they are exactly equal to the heroes themselves because each has the same stats/powers/etc of the original hero. I've run with this idea twice and it's fun. To enhance the situation, I had each player also run the hero copy in addition to their real hero. Interestingly, combat goes much faster. I was even able to take a 5 minute break while combat went on. Each player is familiar with their hero and therefore, with their copy, resulting in an intelligently run villain. 6 heroes vs 6 exact copies = a powerful combat.
  7. I don't recall it being for C64. I seem to remember it was going to be a windows game. However, the game never came into being, if I recall correctly, due to technical difficulties. Beyond that, ya got me.
  8. I'm looking through some of these and am thinking: are these book legal? Yes. Are they powerful, even very-powerful? Yes. Cheesy? Mmm, not really.
  9. Due to character concept, not everyone should have Power Defense. Ninja-Bear beat me to it.
  10. Not listening to anything at the moment, but I was listening to a few songs from Frozen 2 earlier.
  11. Can't totally agree with this, especially since I have supervillains who use Con Drain on the heroes, as well as what I previously stated. Everyone's campaign is different from another (not to mention which edition they use.)
  12. A powerful supervillain arrogantly sneers at the superteam. The brick threatens him and the villain replies, "You're nothing, you incompetent worm!" The hero replies, "Hey! No one calls me an incontinent word!" Player realizes his mistake and everyone was laughing so hard, no one could do anything.
  13. Bullet Train James Tally, age 45, enjoyed his job working in the train industry. He'd been fascinated with trains since his youth so it was only natural that he decided to get a job in that area. Being outdoors, checking on tracks, repairing trains, he loved it all. However, being outdoors at night is not always kind to people. On one particular evening, James saw - and felt - a meteor strike nearby. This was a once in a lifetime chance to see a meteor, and maybe get his photo in the paper. He went to the edge of the strike and took a look. The meteor was much smaller than he thought it'd be: perhaps a meter across at most with the strangest, light-blue glow to it. He understood the glow could be radiation and tried to leave. Unfortunately, he'd already been exposed and couldn't move. Moments later, he felt weak and within a minute, fell unconscious into the small crater on top of the meteor. After waking up in the hospital and staying a few days, James was ready to get back to work. He felt fabulous and better than he had in over a decade. That was when he discovered his powers: he ran to work the ten miles distance in a little over a minute before he knew how to regain control. He'd read the stories about superheroes and their powers; the realization that he'd gotten powers was incredible! After he got home, he took a month's leave of absence and tested himself: he had to know what his powers were or he could devastate something, or someone. He was superhumanly strong, strong enough to lift over ten tons but his ability to run dwarfed even that. With the help of Dr. Helena Amory, the superhuman power expert, he was able to find he could run approximately 500mph. He decided to take up the mantle of becoming a superhero, to help people in need in the fastest of ways, as Bullet Train.
  14. Duke, the image author is PatC-14. You can find his work on deviantart.
  15. Below is an example of an adventure in a campaign. (Brief summary) My most recent campaign episode which I GM'd had the hero team in their base, baking cookies. The team leader, who's also a singer & detective got an invite from a mayor in Casa de Chile (made up city) east of Lima, Peru South America. They travel there to the town, which is doing fairly well since a gold mine is being worked at a few miles away. He had fans there that simply couldn't come to America to see him. So, he and the team went, the rest posing as people to help set up. This included a genie girlfriend of one of the heroes. After an introduction to the mayor, a view of the city and setting things up in the small outdoor bandshell, the singer pc sang for his fans. The evening progresses with a little romantic walk with pc & genie girlfriend and just before a kiss, she *poofs* away. Everything starts to go downhill at this point. The pcs investigate her abrupt disappearance: the genie girlfriend's lamp was discovered to have been taken. A couple thugs with guns break-in and order them to go downstairs (and are promptly subdued). Four more guys are coming towards the cozy hotel but another hero outside takes them out swiftly. They find out the thugs have viper badges, making them concerned. So, one of the subdued agents gets a PRE attack on him and told to take him to his girlfriend. (For me, one reason I don't give mook agents a 20 Pre, so PCs can intimidate agents for info.) He takes them to a concrete building where there is sounds of an ending brawl. They hero rips the door (and surrounding wall) away and enter. The agents beat each other up to try to get wishes from the genie; the genie girl's been keeping track & the problem is they each have been wishing for someone else not to get their wishes and all the agents ended up using their 3 wishes in the brawl. The genie girl stays behind to look after things while the remaining agent is terribly deflated and tells them the mayor was planning on using them as slave labor for the gold mine. Heroes get taken to the gold mine where 3 agents of Viper Force 1 (VF-1) are, with the mayor - who's a Viper Commander with stylized metal armor, and alot of viper agents looking over the civilians. Viper's been running the town for 6 months and so as not to blow their cover, allowed the town to prosper as well. The heroes fight the supervillains and some agents, while the civilians tackle alot of the agents, making things manageable for the heroes. Viper defeated and given a blow in South America, the people thank the heroes. Later, the singer & 'normal crew' are apologized to for not being to warn them away, but were afraid of Viper. The pcs return back home, having taken out a small Viper stronghold in an far away place.
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