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  1. It's fun to see this again. Thanks Christopher.
  2. I agree... except for what you said about Dr. D. I suppose it depends on the campaign but I've kept Destroyers' armor at OIF because it has been damaged for being a suit of power armor, regardless of how powerful it is. I don't believe his armor is indestructible.
  3. To some extent, heroes can be "proactive". Recently, our hero group ended up going into an abandoned subway station looking for clues to find a supervillain. There, they found a homeless girl and her friends who gave some clues to help us realize we were on a rabbit-trail. However, the heroes didn't stop there. They took the girl and her friends to their public base and given a place to stay, get food, clothes, etc., while they finished their primary mission. When they finished, then they helped the homeless children find a place where they could stay. That's proactive in my book.
  4. I hope I never run into this kind of player who thinks its ok to 'shoot right through a hostage to reach a bad guy'.
  5. Let's see... cursed book to avoid? Howabout the original European Enemies with your 5d6 Energy Blast with +1 Stun Multiplier?
  6. Using mostly 4-5th Edition with a touch of 1-3rd thrown in, we're using 1 End/10 pts. However, I've seen more and more that people aren't buying reduced END. Before you say 'you're not using as much END', if anything, players are designing characters so that they run out of END faster, far faster than the 1/10 benefits them. Part of it might be we've run into heroic situations where the character is near or at 0 END but has to stop the bad guy but the character continues fighting. That heroic moment where the character shines cannot be underestimated, which is why we still use END.
  7. N-B, where can you get those maps? I wouldn't mind seeing them myself.
  8. A definition for each one needs to be established, otherwise the two words are interchangeable if there is no definable definition for either one.
  9. I have to say, there are some refreshing superspeedster names here.
  10. I'll post in brief my original character (particularly since he's so experienced). I named him Neutron. At the time, Enemies I or II hadn't even been out yet so he and Neutron of the Conquerors have had several fights just to see who keeps the name; it's been undecided. When first learning how to play Champions 1st Edition, I had some misunderstandings of how to build a good character so keep that in mind. I should mention the campaign doesn't use 6th edition; the majority didn't want it, so it's primarily 4th -5th edition with some 1st-3rd edition thrown in. I have the original
  11. It's hard for me to believe I'm saying this but come this June, our campaign will be 40 years old, along with the 40th Anniversary of the game Champions. It's actually mind-boggling to me, that any campaign could be that long. The campaign is older than my friend's marriage as well as some people in the campaign. I'm planning on buying some plastic award medals that you can put your own emblem inside of and giving them out in June. By the way, this is the same continuous campaign - never stopped or retconned. It's gone through changes over the decades and has seen players & characters come
  12. Ah, I see you mentioned Thorn, who's in CKC. He's been used effectively in our campaign.
  13. I wouldn't allow the Perceivable. My understanding is once something costs END (whether by default or by adding Limit: Costs End), the power is obvious. It's morning so if I'm mistaken, you know why. The regeneration very much seems 'plot-device' and not worth buying. Gotta agree with this.
  14. L.L. I'm surprised but happy you remember Hank the Ranger from the old D&D cartoon. Archer, gotta say I disagree with you when you said, "It just seems like arrows are very much against the setting of most worlds the PC is likely to be on. So even if they weren't made illegal by the Empire, it's unlikely you'd run across a bow shop and be able to restock that old physical arrow supply. Yeah, you can make your own if you keep the equipment on your ship. But how often can you get back to your ship? " If the character is from the 31st century, I'm sure the bow can be made of ne
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