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  1. I tried the Tri-stat system; even tried some combat to see how it would work out. Seems to me combat is very fast and doesn't allow for any extended combats. Didn't care for it and didn't go back - stuck with Champions.
  2. I don't see the need to update it. I mean, the government is still using 3.5" floppies. If someone doesn't know what microfilm is, just say the government used to keep pictures of secrets on small film in the past. Boom, done, continue episode.
  3. Fiacho's goal is, as AlgaeN said, a united and ideally preeminent Europe. He is not out to destroy Europe. I disagree with the majority of the posts about their goals of blowing up bridges, torture, etc. Their main attacks would be against the government, to tear it apart and reassemble as Fiacho sees it. Actively attacking areas of the public would turn the public against him, which would strengthen the resolve against Eurostar. The idea of them getting nukes is ridiculous as it goes against his ideology. I'm sure I'll get rebuttals but that's how I see them operating.
  4. Movie-wise, the public also knew the Avengers saved them from an alien invasion. Writing-wise, the writers set up the situation for the Avengers to become 'bad guys'. It could've been written many different ways but there's alot of bad writing that goes for movies nowadays. Here's the split: some writers like to look at real life and use it to bash heroes because the writers have become jaded, other people like to look at real life and write to lift the viewer up to give hope; too many writers go the first route. As for the original discussion, it depends on the campaign. A grea
  5. Just a point: the family didn't sit in there refusing to move, they were too scared too move. If they refused to move in that scene, it's because they felt nowhere was safe. But yeah, there's alot of bad writing in movies, like when the the writers make the Avengers public enemy #1 because they wanted them as fugitives, etc etc.
  6. I write up all my sessions in Word and keep any pictures or soundbites in a folder designed for everyone for that episode. After I'm done with an episode, I ask if everyone liked the episode and sometimes explain the reason behind the episode, something that only the GM might know and the players will never know unless they're told; it's sort of an optional thing. By doing that, it also lets the players know my thoughts on a particular episode. Sometimes I ask for feedback and other times I give players suggestions for the hero; something that will make life easier for GMing like a hero buying
  7. GMs often have to make up NPCs, villains, heroes, episodes and sometimes props to make a particular game episode work. After all the work is put in and the players have gone through your episode, what do you do then? Do you keep your episodes around for later referencing? Do you toss your (paper?) props away? Do you keep track of each and every single episode and make comments on what happened? What do you do?
  8. I'm going with Fedi and Christopher here. The rules for CE specifically say you can increase temperature or lower it. If the temperature is too high, you take damage; if it's too cold, you take damage. CE allows you to make it nice so you don't take damage. The same goes for the radiation. Since Fedi is creating the game, he has every right as GM to say what goes.
  9. There's a supervillain from V&V that I use called F.I.S.T. with a very nice acronym: Fighting Infantry Shock Troop. Some time ago for fun, I decided to run an episode where he had recruited more villains with similar acronyms: F.I.S.T. (already mentioned) F.O.O.T. (Fearless Overly Optimistic Trooper) S.P.L.E.E.N. (Super Powerful Likeable Easily Exasperated Nerd. Yeah, it's bad but at least I did it.) E.Y.E. (Ever Youthful Egoist) H.E.A.R.T. (Highly Explosive and Rude Trooper) A.R.M. (A Rough Mercenary) Yeah, I'm most likely not going to run th
  10. Complain. Okay, can I get a diff format?
  11. I was the GM and the most recent one is the hero team is in Norway searching for a villain with a powerful artifact in the series of 3 epic episodes and they're warned by a local to watch out for any giants but "not to worry, it's only myths". They're in the forest now and feel the ground vibrating. The vibrating stops and everyone makes a PER roll to see an entire large tree hurling through the air and now spiraling down at them. They all yell, "TREE!" and dodge, except for the brick who takes alot of damage but handles it. At any time, if I simply say, "TREE", they know what I'm talking
  12. Whether being a player or being the GM, there are moments when a scene in an adventure becomes so fantastic, so memorable, that you remember it years later. In the first few years of our group playing Champions (and that's a long time ago), the heroes are escaping the villains base as it is blowing up behind them. They see a helicopter and run to it, start the engines and start flying towards a military ship. My hero is in the pilot seat. At this point, one of the heroes calls out, "Does anyone know how to fly this thing?" Everyone says, "No." My heroes shrugs and says, "Oh well. Live and
  13. Oooo, I like this! Gotta do this episode.
  14. I agree Christopher. Of course it depends on the campaign, but on the supervillain side, not everyone should use that many points. I've got alot of supervillains roughly around 250 pts fighting experienced heroes who've hit total points of 500+, 600+. Not all the villains should be able to be a threat but sometimes being a nuisance gives the hero(s) a chance to show off. Properly done, my 250 pt 2-team baddies can cause quite the stir with heroes. Recently, had the experienced heroes fight a team of villains where none of the baddies cost more than 187 pts.
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