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  1. Tech

    Viper pictures?

    I'm looking for your help in finding some viper pictures. I ran across some Viper agent minifigs that were colored in. They're very well done, and I'm looking for the larger pictures of them. Here's a couple of the pictures that were colored in.
  2. I use Excel to create characters 99% of the time.
  3. The original request was: "I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to stat a serum that could be carried around in an device to cure mutants or inhumans if one was encountered in the middle of a field mission? Not against their will, even". This seems to be a plot device which no player will be using. However, he asked how it could be built and it can be built since with enough points, any power can be built. However, PsiJudge has already said: "Thanks guys. I think I know what I'm doing now" so unless he says something, I think he's good to go.
  4. Tech

    Automan thoughts

    I remember a line from the opening: "On a rating of 1 to 10, I'm an 11." That killed the show right there. Augh.
  5. Panpiper, it appears we have a consensus that it's not abusive or the spirit of the game (subject to GM). By the way, thank you for posting it as a .pdf - not everyone has Hero Designer for various reasons.
  6. Unfortunately from what I've heard on these boards, people who want to play 'a tool kit', they want a game already made. There's Champions Complete but I found it difficult to figure out what is part of what; everything seems to flow into the next without a clear separation of one power from another. Hence, I never use that book, it just gathers dust.
  7. This was a question of how I manage complications (as a GM): I run complications naturally, not forcing them. Having long, long since left DnD, I'll say I have disliked killer DMs or DMs who are out to mess with the players for anything they might do. I do not hold to the idea or concept that complications or limitations on powers means (paraphrased) 'I want the GM to get me for this'. Complications are often used by the players themselves in the campaign I'm in, of which I am one of four GMs. As such, I don't need to concern myself with them. Hunteds are rare nowadays but vulnerabilities that make sense are still part of new characters. If someone picks a hunted, it is almost always one that already exists. If a hunted does show up, often it's behind the scene and might be the reason behind a particular episode. Psych Limitations flow easily and are part of the character, not feeling forced or necessary to use them. For fun or to make things interesting, I may pick a Complication or limitation on a power and make a point of it during an episode but I don't jam it down a character's throat. I use Unluck or Hunteds more a tool, not a roll. Of course, with Unluck, sometimes I don't ever have to use it - the players can have some pretty bad streaks of missing a villain and there's no need to add to it. Nowadays, I always write up my episodes in advance and it's worked well.
  8. For 1st, 2nd and I think 3rd edition of Champions, only Damage Resistance stopped any Stun and Body. Now, he is citing Fantasy Hero so I can't vouch for that.
  9. The Mastermind Option works very well. We use it as is but for superhero bases. Never had a problem with game balance.
  10. Sketchpad, our campaign still uses the Mastermind Option for creating superhero bases.
  11. I created a master villain for this weekends Champions game but it got me wondering: how do you go about designing a master villain for your heroes? It'd be interesting to hear your thoughts.
  12. Damage Reduction uses no END, hence has no visible special effects. What about a power where the DR is defined as energy shields popping into existence when an attack is aimed at the person? Those are obviously a special effect. Would it take a limitation of visible -1/4 or something else?
  13. Tech

    Champions Online

    That Google search results is 5 years old. I play CO fairly common. An occasional player says CO is dead (strangely while being in CO) and that has happened for years now. No, it's not dead. The responses to anyone making that statement about it being dead are numerous but my favorite is essentially "if you don't like the game, go play something else". Thank you LL for the other info.
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