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  1. Re: A Marvel-ous Suicide Squad?
  2. Re: Training exercises? Dodge ball - If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a blast (thank you Chuck Norris) Capture the flag - helps team work Tag - similar to dodge ball, except you have to be physically touched
  3. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
  4. Re: Does This Seem Shady? The 78 XP points is a bit of a concern for me even if that character got those points on credit (meaning until that characters earns 78 XP to cover the cost of the extra 78 points at creation, that character cannot buy any new or increase any existing stats or abilities). -2 Limitation is way too high IMO. How often is the character likely to encounter Red Sunlight? I would say 1/4 limitation at best IMO, but as JohnOSpencer suggested talk to the GM/ST privately and see what the deal is.
  5. Re: Campaign Damage Caps, Code vs. Killing & Pulling a Punch I've never been a fan of caps myself. If a PC wants to spend their points on a massive attack, then that's less points for other things like movement, defense, or useful utility powers. Obviously, the GM needs to pay attention to characters are building and veto particularly unbalancing builds. I've ran groups where PC attacks ran from 7DC to 13DC within the same group. IMO it can make for a fun game if the PC's understand their character's abilities. Neither Captain America or Batman are in the same DC levels as Ir
  6. Re: Campaign Damage Caps, Code vs. Killing & Pulling a Punch Hard to argue with this.
  7. Re: The Snow Storm Quantum - would coordinate with and assist local agencies in their efforts Stone - Would wait to be told where to go pull a vehicle out of a ditch Spectre - Not my problem
  8. Re: How would your character rate on a villian's threat matrix? Quantum - Well, he is an escaped Viper experiment who is actively hunting down Viper bases. His AP blasts and his entangles have been the bane of Viper for some time in Texas and the surrounding states. Stone - Big brick. Viper would probably rate him at a 7 or 8 Specter - Depends on which version (long story). The half dead avenger of the innocents would be low on Viper's threat index until Viper began harming innocents, then he would quickly rise to 8+. The batman type with darkness powers version of Specter would
  9. Re: Need help fleshing out a campagin idea Thank you everyone for the great suggestions
  10. Re: Need help fleshing out a campagin idea More good suggestions. Thanks everyone
  11. Re: Need help fleshing out a campagin idea Thanks for the suggestions =)
  12. Re: Empathic Telepathy vs Detect Emotions... lol
  13. Re: Empathic Telepathy vs Detect Emotions... I agree on both accounts. I was just pointing out disguising an emotional pattern would be much more difficult than disguising a scent or physical appearance.
  14. Re: Empathic Telepathy vs Detect Emotions... I like the Detect, but it can quickly get over powering. For example, with the discriminatory & analyze components you would most likely be able to tell people apart by their emotions just like someone could do with a heightened sense of smell can tell a people apart by their scent pattern. People can take steps to disguise their scent, however I'm not sure what a person can do hide their emotional pattern. This makes finding out secret id fairly easily. Add 360 degrees and targeting, and now you pretty much always know how many people are
  15. Hi All. I know I have asked for a lot of help here recently, but I am asking once again. I appreciate everyone's help from my previous posts. This idea has been bouncing around inside my head all day. If anyone is interested, I would appreciate some fleshing out the concept. I understand everyone has their own things going on, so no worries if you are not interested. So, here is the idea: HomeGuard After the events of September 11, 2001, the 911 Commission recommended the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. The main purpose of this new department was to aid in the se
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