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  1. Its a magic system that Chris Taylor uses in his world he currently had three books available for purchase A bestiary A spell codex which also explains his magic system and field guide which covers a lot of stuff like crafting and herbs. He has a web site that has some free download that explain some things.
  2. I'm using the Jolrhos magic system , but the thing I really loved about Killershike was his totem magic system and his musical instruments system as well have added both of those to mine as well.
  3. I had the Bestiary in book and bought the other two in pdf, just got the other two in book form this week will probably et the Bestiary in pdf so that I can copy and past stuff in my one note campaign. Your book are one of the reason I got back into running a Hero Fantasy game. For the last three years I had run a 5e game set in elder scrolls we had just finished it after the group had reached 20 level and beat the main villain and returned as Hero's. I can hardly wait for you next book and looking forward to your Gm book as well. I am working on our next game we are getting ready to start our 5 session and I was looking for a different way to do something with undead when I came across your Fog Zombie in the bestiary and was inspired. Just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work it is greatly appreciated. My hat is off to you and the other who post stuff been a long time lurker here, cant seem to find a group to play in so decided to star one myself had ran some many years ago with 4 and 5th edition.
  4. Delgar

    ocv Chart

    Does any one have an ocv vs dcv chart getting ready to start a new game with new people to the system. thanks in advance
  5. I have both of your other books cant wait for it to be out
  6. I also run a lot of d and d games and have lots of square maps and was looking for a solution for a hex overlay on my maps ( I have just finished with a 2 year long game of ESO 5e) and I play on getting one of these https://tablewar.com/collections/geomats/products/6x4-geo-mat-hex-grid
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