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  1. Down to the last few hours! You still have a few hours remaining to support the Extintion Event Kickstarter! If you’ve waited to the last minute, this is it
  2. Version 1


    This is a GM screen I created using a combination of tables from Champions Complete (mostly), and Hero System 6E Volume 2. I made minor tweaks to some tables because of spacing needs, but otherwise the tables are straight from those sources. The pages are laid out to use in a landscape 11" x 8 1/2" format. I use a four panel vinyl landscape 11" x 8 1/2" screen I bought online. Of course you can also use the tables on a laptop during play. Enjoy!
  3. I found a previous forum question on this which basically quoted 6E1 194. What is throwing me off in the rule is the sentence "As soon as the Characteristic or power regains enough points so that its current Active Point total exceeds the Dispel’s effect, the Characteristic or power returns to the character (at its current, Adjusted but partly recovered level)." Particularly, the "at its current, Adjusted but partly recovered level part. Can you explain, by way of example, what happens if Hero x's STR 40 is drained down to 20 and my Dispel roll is 30?
  4. Ok, so I agree that this should be background stuff, but for the sake of argument, how about you build a base (the factory), that contains a machine (a compound power) that looks like this: Replicant Maker: (Total: 247 Active Cost, 95 Real Cost) Multiform (175 Character Points in the most expensive form) (Real Cost: 35) <b>plus</b> Duplication (creates 1000 175-point Duplicates), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Altered Duplicates (100%; +1) (212 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Month, Only to Activate, -2 1/2), Cannot Recombine (-0) (Real Cost: 60)
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