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  1. Re: The Power Brigade Interview Form
  2. Some ideas: Dracula, Cthullhu, Baron Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein and/or his creation, Dr. Calligari (sp?). What year is it in your campaign?
  3. Two personals: SRM (Single Radioactive Male), seeks SRF for companionship, world domination, possibly more. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SMB (Single Male Brick),17, seeks SFB, 16-24, for intimate relationships. Enjoy romantic evenings, good books, and not accidentally crushing my date.
  4. Tired of incompetent Henchmen? Can your goons shoot straight? Does one Martial Artist take down ten of them at a time? Are they skilled enough to properly operate your secret Doomsday Weapon? Well, then, send them to The Academy! At The Academy, we turn incompetent morons into effecient soldiers. Our instrutors are known throughout Villainhood for their ability to turn a two-second distraction into a ten-minute distraction. That's right, we don't garuntee that your new, improved goons will be able to best the "heroes," but they will buy you those few extra seconds you need to complete your latest plot. Oh, and if you have a special enemy who just happens to show up everytime you set a plan in motion, send us their name(s), prferably with a video tape of them in action, and we will train your men specificly to handle them! Contact The Academy* today! *A division of Taskmaster enterprises.
  5. Well, yes, he was. But, as soon as you attempt to travel back for that purpose, your future self from a post-apocalyptic alternate future will sho up to stop you. See, by killing Teddy when he was young, you would start a series of events that would lead to the worst alternate future of them all. Your only hope is to travel back to just before you started time-travelling in the first place, and prevent yourself from changing any history at all. Of course, that in itself would change history, since you did travel back and..... my brain hurts, now.
  6. Close. In the real world, both characters were created by the same producer/writer for the same radio network. In the story, the Lone Ranger's dead brother (can't remember his first name, but their last name was Reid), was the grandfather of Brit Reid, the original Green Hornet.
  7. Um..... excuse me? The Green Hornet was real. Well, a real character, I mean. Started as a radio show in the '30s, and became a television show in the '60s (even crossed over with the Batman show once). Had a very good comic series in the '80s. Now, for extra points, can anyone tell me how the Green Hornet is connected to the Lone Ranger (both in the real world, and in the story)?
  8. Out of curiousity, and because I don't have the any of the 5th Ed. CU stuff; where IS Stronghold in the official CU? In games I've run, I always put it 1 1/2 miles underneath Death Valley.
  9. Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My own thoughts on Nightcrawler I always wanted to see more interaction between Zauriel and the Huntress. I mean, she's a Roman Catholic (although she has slipped a good bit, but she still wore a cross as part of her costume at the time), and he was an honest-to-God (no pun intended) Angel! What does that do to her head? Especially since at the same time both Orion and Barda were on the team, with Orion constantly proclaiming his own godhood.I would have loved to see some deep conversation between the Angel and the Believer concerning the New God.
  10. NAW!! Really? Ya THINK!? Sorry, sarcasm off, now.
  11. Re: My own thoughts on Nightcrawler I don't think you can qualify Nightcrawler as one of the first religious super-heroes. That's assuming that none of the Golden Age or earlier Silver Age heroes were religious. I think that NC was just one of the first ones where his religion was important to the story. In the 40's, it was just kind of assumed that most everybody was religious, and therefore it was just no big deal. But, when you're in Nightcrawler's situation, on a team like the X-Men (as opposed to, say, the JSA), then yeah, being devout makes you stand out from the crowd.
  12. OK, hear we go.... Things Batman does not like: Magic Extra-Dimensional stuff Government Liasons Working with "Amateurs" Super-powered people operating in Gotham Getting too involved with a lot of people Too many people being in the Cave. Etc., etc., etc. Now, how many of those things would your campaign include? I'm not trying to shoot you down, I'm just saying Batman would not be involved in this, and I feel you should pull him out of this situation. But, that's just my 1/50 of a dollar.
  13. My opinion: Move it to anywhere but Gotham. Disassociate Batman from the team. That's my opinion.
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen: I think we may have a winner....... Adam Apples!
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