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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud3xdj_RQ_A I did find a better one but lost it :-(
  2. Banana peel trip up, entangle, they keep falling over so cannot move. Plum stone spit, auto fire RKA extra time (multiple plums must be placed in mouth the flesh removed and then a volley of stones are spit out). (Insert other stoned fruit for Flash Sight etc).
  3. No further comments? Or is everyone having difficulty posting to this specific thread (I could not post, reply and edit, until after multiple attempts an edit worked!).
  4. I am about to restart running my Champions game. We are restarting from scratch with new characters. I am restarting at standard 400 points and 60 active points but as I am making my players restart as UNTIL agents with around 20 compulsory skill and perk points I am in fact basing them on 420 points with 20 "bonus points" made of focus based points to simulate an equipment pool. So at least 20 points have to be spent on focus powers. Could anyone look over the PDF’s and make comment (if I managed to upload them properly)? [ATTACH]n3598269[/ATTACH] [ATTAC
  5. That is covered in the environment rules. If the power is bought as "real electricity" you have Insulated, poorly grounded and well grounded. Water will shift the target to the right. So the standard effect is poorly grounded would become well grounded. In this case it converts normal damage to an equivalent active point killing damage. So not a thing to do if you want to capture people. Making it area effect for everyone may be too powerful. But it may effect one other if close enough. Would anyone else say they would get multiple targets?
  6. I am not flexible enough with my power effects not directly bought with character points. I need to be more flexible but I have problems assigning active point levels to power effects. In a 60 active point game what do other GM's assign as a maximum effect? Say hero grabs a hand full of sand and throws it in the eyes of a villain. They do not have a VPP or related power. Would a hero with no SF related to flash sight get 5 active points? Or say 1/4 the effect of the game say 15 active points. A super strong character with big hands 1/2 say 30 points? Similar thi
  7. With your villain does not the effect wear off after a short time he is away from them? They start getting break out rolls. Also they may start knowing they were taken over so start talking to the authorities. Or are we talking about AOE mega scale and he does not go far away? I think the availability of the mental defence technology will increase with the use of mass mental control use. So if you have relatively few mentalists in your campaign you will have relatively few technlologies and the use of it. In you campaign when it is known that there is a mentalist taking over mass
  8. Cybermind in my game is your standard 5th / 6th of a twenties something computer nerd / geek who acts like a teenager and has powers that effect computers (mind control and telekinesis etc). He is annoying but not a threat to the world or a major crime threat but he sort has a thing for two of the female characters. He extracted lots of pictures of them from their old bases security system and web cams (not really a base but a rented 6 bed converted barn, the really low tech end of the base market). He wanted more so he blackmailed the group into doing more revealing shots.
  9. This is probably covered already but I missed it? I am not too familiar with the costings for 5th but I think the theory is that you buy X points of Dex and get "free" Y OCV Z DCV. You buy A STR you get "free" B leaping etc. If a 5th player is used to buying 10 dexterity and getting "free" stuff just have a table exactly like 5th but cost it as 6th (which I think is what the first post was on about). So your 5th player can go along the same route as he did before but it cost the same as a 6th. A person who only uses 6th and can do some thing similar and buy back things he d
  10. While pursuing King Cobra you invite Cybermind to transfer some files from his computer to a computer you have safely isolated from your main frame. Giving him too much access he also dumps a back door onto you bases mainframe (which is little more than a few networked computers). You then teleport him into jail but don’t tell the authorities about it. As he is not wanted for anything he blags his way out and blames it on some villainous mischief. With access to a computer he then spends weeks pulling all the security camera footage and conversations you have so builds up enough informatio
  11. That has given me a thought for a henchman or possibly troopers for Foxbat. So lots of cannon fodder with few powers and defences. Or a major henchman with neat tricks to compliment the exchanging of places. They are probably have on brightly coloured costumes, possibly jester outfits. They have boots with roller skates on and jet packs that allow them to make very high jumps. Then their plan is to either very high speed move through on roller skates on solid objects like walls. Or use the jetpacks to reach a decent height before falling to the ground. Or just throw themselve
  12. Re: A power to swap places with someone. But you would have to make sure you hit or you may go "oops" as you don't trade places and plumet yourself . And if you miss but still had a second option to roll to hit (as they move to the edge of the ledge to see why you threw yourself of the ledge and laugh at you ) you better have no relative velocity modifier on your part of the teleport to stop your downward movement as you appear in his spot but still dropping .
  13. Re: Any ideas for a character leveling system based on experience points? You would have to decide what a level was. You would have to assign "classes" to every player. Then you would have to decide what your experience is spent on for that class. So a brick class would not spend any EXP until he gets to say 25 EXP and he would then spend 25 EXP on specific Brick powers and skill and nothing else. A blaster would spend on blaster powers and skills etc. Problem being that would mean you would not spend any EXP for several sessions and then spend a lot of EXP on thing
  14. Re: Jury-Rig bio-junk Healing Sounds to be more of a transform than healing. The transform being to change them into a cyborg with the side effect of them being healed of some body damage. Problem being that if I was playing I would prefer to heal naturaly then being transformed into a cyborg. As one player would be taking my character in a direction that has consequences that I would not want as it is open to too many disadvantages over a few points of body healing. Also there currently is no numerical rules it. 1 body healed gives you what? Hunted anti cyborg sect
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