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  1. The 5th Edition Element starring LL.
  2. He just needs to replace his standard power pack with a lightsaber and it's all good.
  3. Greywind


    “Oh, god,” Beth said while laughing. “I thought I was going to lose it. I expected him to piss himself right then and there!” “What happened?” Dani asked. Marlene was grinning. “I asked him what it was that he wanted. He said he just wanted what Trese owed him.” “Keep in mind,” Beth added, “that throughout the whole meeting to that point, Jason hadn't said a word. He stared at Fowler the entire time. Then he's all 'Mr. Fowler, I would be more than happy to personally give you everything that Theresa owes you with interest.”
  4. Charlie Chan at the Circus Charlie Chan at the Race Track Charlie Chan at the Opera Charlie Chan at the Olympics
  5. Greywind


    “I like this one,” Trese said admiring her reflection in the tri-fold mirror. She turned from side to side watching how the dress moved. “You can keep it,” Marlene said generously. “I never liked how it looked on me. Not my preferred colors.” Beth watched Trese. “That's because you're such a Spring-Summer girl. Pastels, greens, floral prints are more your thing.” “Anything else you going to try on, Red?” “Nope. This one is good,” Trese stated. “How about you, Beth? Anything you want to try on?” Dani asked. Beth gave Dani a
  6. "Hello, Game Police? We've got a raid situation brewing. Guy isn't playing legal."
  7. Yes, but being partially made out of metal, doesn't that adversely affect her natural buoyancy?
  8. Probably a lot like it is in the game only replace the adolescents with twenty-somethings.
  9. Right. We have Transformers to hide behind houses.
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