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  1. Greywind

    VIPERS assets

    She's Viper. Or Madame Hydra. You don't like her assets?
  2. Greywind

    VIPERS assets

    So come up with "The Shaker".
  3. A government is a body of people, usually, notably ungoverned.
  4. Why would they bother? Mysterio and Jameson already threw that knowledge out into the wide world.
  5. It was how Stark found Spider-Man.
  6. Well, my days of not takin' ya seriously are certainly comin' to a middle.
  7. Best job? One they can hold down with their erratic behavior.
  8. Avengers: The Death of Tony Stark Spider-Man: Peter Mourns for Tony Stark Peter Gunn s1 (Seriously, what happened to TV shows having a 38 episode season?) I'm on the third of 4 discs. S2 and 3 waiting in the wings.
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