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  1. Actually, he was a Vertigo character. Hellblazer and Swamp Thing mostly.
  2. Except that Kate is hung up on the fact that Alice is her sister Beth.
  3. That's because Perez didn't do it.
  4. Keep in mind, the Harbinger of Justice was Steve Long's character.
  5. And does the ARC reactor actually work?
  6. Why would Cap want to restrain Able?
  7. To be fair, that's Jensen Ackel's Halloween costume. It was made by someone on the Supernatural crew.
  8. She did not invite her out on a mission. She invited her out to where the mission was going to be.
  9. Getting thumped in the melon is another way to lose your focus.
  10. Heroes in Champions don't party until after the bad guy goes to jail. They're a team. Bad guy does a thing. Heroes get wind of it. Heroes engage bad guy. Bad guy gets away after saying how great his plan is. Heroes prepare for round 2. Heroes track down the bad guy and stop him just in time.
  11. Their fire/explosion SFX sucks ass.
  12. When did Superman become a mutant? He's an alien. He takes no pains to hide the fact that he is an alien from another planet.
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