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  1. Mac Davis, Country Singer and Elvis Presley Songwriter, Dead at 78
  2. Greywind


    Showing her card at the reader, Morgan pulled her 1966 Jaguar XKE Coupe into the parking garage of Guardian's Tower. A green light at the end lit up. She drove to it. A reinforced door opened and she drove through it. Jason waited by an elevator with an open door. Morgan pulled into a parking spot and shut off her engine. She got out and walked around the car and pulled a sea bag out of the passenger seat. Slinging it over her shoulder, she walked to Jason. “Is that everything?” “Yes.” Jason nodded and they stepped into the waiting elevator. “I'm sorry I mis
  3. VPP by their very nature are not new GM/player friendly items.
  4. Yes, it would be something the Centauri might do, but Sheridan didn't tell anyone what/why he was doing. Londo didn't know. That is what frustrated him. Londo doesn't like being uninformed.
  5. Greywind


    Jason shook his head. He closed the journal, wrapping the strap about it. Then it disappeared. He shifted to face her. Leah moved a little bit closer. “Feeling safe?” “Feeling a lot more relaxed and comfortable. What's with your grandfather's journal?” “When Stacy and Jennie were going through the basement where my canvas was stored they found a niche. Had several chests that were my grandfather's. One was almost entirely journals. I've been going through them. Learning a bit about him.” Leah examined his face. “Learn anything interesting?” “He w
  6. Except Atlantis started with SG1's sixth season. If SG1 ended at s7, Atlantis would have likely continued.
  7. First season was set-up. From season 3 on, I think it was, they were constantly wondering if they were going to be renewed and/or have the funds. My understanding Sheridan's imprisonment was supposed to run a bit longer. Sleeping in the Light was the closer for s4, as they didn't know if there would be a s5. The telepaths were pretty much all filler due to having to cut down on Sheridan not being imprisoned. Sleeping in the Light is the only s5 ep that included CC due to it being shot for s4. War Without End would have also been for s5 except for O'Hare. JMS
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