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  1. Brosnan has since admitted that when he was first up for the part and CBS was playing game with him to keep Steele running another season, that he wasn't ready for the role.
  2. Take it from me, living without love is not really living, it's just sort of existing. The question you have to ask yourself is what are you willing to risk for love?
  3. But not in what capacity. I know Amell met with Welling and Rosenbaum a while back
  4. Well, it the Superman serials, he was already animated. Used to dive behind something and then the animated version would fly away.
  5. They only thing they did with Welling was CGI'd the Routh suit top for one scene.
  6. It is reasonably priced and it can be a great help, if you already know how to build characters.
  7. Battle of the Planets Movie Revealed by Russo Brothers at SDCC 2019
  8. DC's greatest stuff tends to be their animated one-shots. Hopefully, WW84 and Fishboy 2 continue their trend and improve DC's box office impact.
  9. We've yet to see how expensive Thing will be in the MCU.
  10. Zero. We took them all out on the way in.
  11. Keep in mind, The Tinkerer was using Chitauri bombs as power supplies.
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