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  1. He shouldn't have been able to get a bent quarter for what he was doing then. He is one that I have zero idea how he became popular.
  2. It did at the time because it was working for Image. Now, the artists are looking at resale options of their art after the fact.
  3. Before the pizza it was beer. Understandable they changed that with redirecting the franchise towards kids.
  4. Greywind


    Lightning listened, trying to pinpoint where the shot came from. His HUD pinged from several different locations and then gave him a path to where the shooter was. “Thanks, Buddy. I don't know how you did that, but thanks.” Lightning ran. The sniper was lining up a second shot when Lightning got to him. Lightning grabbed him by the collar and flung him. He went further from the speed boost than Lightning's strength. “Spears, isn't it? That's my friend you just shot.” Lightning gathered up the rifle and ejected the magazine. He slid the bolt back, letting the round fall. “You pissed
  5. And drop the "booyah". If Wolfman and Perez didn't start it, it isn't canonical.
  6. Greywind


    Run! Get away! Pain was behind her. The future was before her. What kind of future does a freak with wings have? A crimson trail threatened to cut her off. She climbed higher. The trail matched her. She dove, and again the train followed her. She couldn't let herself be taken again. The man closed the distance. “Hi. You come here often?” She screeched. The spear in her hands flashed forward in an arc and trailed blood. “Okay, so I'm a little rusty at pick up lines. Where are you going?” “Away!” A part of her mind noted the wound in his chest heal
  7. And after that, in a Team-Up with the Invisible Girl, in one of Johnny's cars, she made him drive. After it was all over she asked what was wrong. He told her that he can't drive.
  8. You would have to ask Heroic Publishing.
  9. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Anthology: Through the Years disc 1
  10. According to Snyder, the Robin suit was Grayson's. https://www.whosdatedwho.com/dating/stana-katic
  11. That depends on the point of the car. If Bob just uses it to go to work, shopping, and the like, it's free. If it is the Batmobile, it's going to cost.
  12. Tonight's the night we'll make history Honey, you and I 'Cause I'll take any risk to tie back the hands of time And stay with you here tonight I know you feel these are the worst of times I do believe it's true When people lock their doors and hide inside Rumor has it it's the end of paradise But I know, if the world just passed us by Baby I know, you wouldn't have to cry, no no The best of times are when I'm alone with you Some rain some shine We'll make this a world for two Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime We'll take the best, forget the rest And someday we'
  13. https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Michael_Carter_(New_Earth)
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