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  1. Re: Just saw 6th Edition and got a chance to leaf through it... d00d... kind of amazing what a little 5 word question can start.
  2. ...and I haven't had a chance to digest it all yet. The complete decoupling of figured characteristics is going to take some getting used to... and, I'm already jonesin' for an EC... Why is Dex 2 points?
  3. ...and I haven't had a chance to digest it all yet. The complete decoupling of figured characteristics is going to take some getting used to... and, I'm already jonesin' for an EC... Why is Dex 2 points?
  4. A thing that sits there designed to contain a thing, a thing that might ojbect to staying inside the thing.
  5. I've got a character that wants to build a supress damage shield and I want to make sure I'm going to adjudicate it correctly. First, I assume a Supress Damage Shield is kosher under the rules with the +1/2 Damage shield advantage, since Supress is already a Constant power. Correct? Second, is Supress Cumulative? Third, I assume that since this is a damage shield, that the END for the power must be paid every phase the power is active, and not just in phases where the damage shield is struck. Correct? I've already looked in the FAQ and FREd and just need clarification on these point. Thank you.
  6. Wonderful... I've got no problem with Instant powers and OIHID.. but what about the Persistant Powers? Thor's previously mentioned 90 strength... He can change into Thor and activate None of the Persistant Powers tha Make Him Thor. He could be Thor and still have the stats of his Normal form. At what point is he no longer Thor? Shouldn't there be a Minimum set of Powers that must be Active for him to remain Thor?
  7. How does he get In and Out of Hero ID? Which of his powers (useable in Hero ID) can he voluntarily turn Off and still be in Hero ID? I think you understand Binary too well... there is not only On and Off.
  8. Let me try this another way... If a character has a set of Powers that Define the Hero ID, (i.e. Their activation is the thing that defines the character as being IN Hero ID. The character is not IN Hero ID until these powers are Activated), then putting OIHID limitation on those powers would prevent the character from Ever entering Hero ID. So, how do you define a suite of powers that all activate at the same time and Place the character IN Hero ID so that he might be able to use any powers that he might have that Have OIHID?
  9. I'm sorry... the book doesn't enumerate the depth and breath of the possibilities for how characters might enter Hero ID. It does however state that it should take at least a Full Phase, and some method must be supplied to prevent or make difficult the change. I was wondering how War-Man was so limited, as I see nothing on the sheet that specifies how the transformation takes place.
  10. Another couple things... How does that character get in and out of Hero ID? How does one prevent him from entering Hero ID? Human Characteristic Maxima? I'm not seeing the extra points being paid for the stats that exceed the maximums.
  11. Ok... and what? It's a character that has a list of powers that are only useable in hero ID... That's basicly a non-sequitur. The list of powers under question basicly Define the Hero ID, and if you have to be in Hero ID to use them, you can't use them until you're in Hero ID... It's a chicken/egg problem. So, which comes first, the Hero ID, or the powers that define the ID?
  12. No... maybe it's the programmer side of my personality coming out, but I don't like that solution. It's not a Multiform, it's a suite of powers that get activated when the character enters Hero ID. There shouldn't be any choice in the matter... it's like the powers are linked, but the rules for link don't allow what I'm trying to accomplish. Right now they'e just OIHID, but that by itself doesn't require the activation of the powers when the Hero ID Transform is activated. Maybe I'll just make up a -1/4 Limitation to do what I want it to do... Seems like it should be a pretty easy thing to do, but it's not being that way.
  13. A character has a whole list of characteristic and defences, along with a cosmetic (Hero ID) transform that are intended to be activated all together, and all take extra time to complete, as a unit... None of the powers are intended to, or should be able to be used individually... it's an all or nothing transformation... How would you buy it?
  14. Nothing weighs anything per square foot... can't have mass in 2 dimensions. Granite (a comon material for making monoliths) has a specific gravity of 2.69... yielding a weight of 168lbs per cubic foot. Your 18 foot x 70 foot monolith has a 17,812 cubic foot voulme, weighing in at 2992552 lbs. or 1496 tons. 1,357,148 kilograms, or 1,357 metric tons... so he'd have to have a strength of 80 to lift it... More difficult to figure how strong he'd have to be to trow it into the sun, as the distance doesn't really matter as much as the ability to accelerate the object to 7 miles per second (escape velocity)... and here we run into a problem... Hero doesn't do this so good... Throwing something happens instantaniously... if I thow it now, it gets there now... Leaping has a mechanic to correct for this if you're using non-combat leaping... but no similar mechanism for throwing things huge distances... so the time in the formula reduces to 0 and we get infinite velocity on any throw. So, you can't really figure it out using the rules, other than the ballpark answer of 'alot'. If we say that since a segment is 1 second, and all throws happen in 1 second (which they do by the rules, but boy is this a kludge), then he'd have to be able to throw the object 7 miles, or about 11,265 meters or 5633 hexes... This would require and exess strength of 7017 (with a running throw)... which means he'd have to have a strength of 7097. Wanna figure out the skill levels he'd have to have to offset the range modifiers now? Melessqr
  15. Here's an interesting supplementary question... what's the Schwartzchild Radius of 1 earth mass, and is it less than 2 meters? Melessqr
  16. Thanks you, Bartman. I appreciate the thorough answer. Melessqr
  17. I've got a character in my Campaign that's taken a couple Martial Arts Maneuvers that appear in the Hero Designer program (v1.47) but aren't in FREd. I have a couple questions about them: Joint Lock Throw: There is an NND Component. What is the defense? Passing Throw: Has FMove, does this require the Martial Artist to Full Move? Is the velocity of the Target figured into the calculation, or just the velocity of the Martial Artist? Thanks in advence. Melessqr
  18. Cool, thanks... While I've got you here... what limit would you put on Strength, Not useable with HTH Attacks? Melessqr
  19. I know I've seen this somewhere before, but how much of a limitation is it? Melessqr
  20. ...Character Art thread on the Champions board, and man, there are some Damn Fine ™ artists around here. Is there any way you could give us a dedicate Art forum, and perhaps give Sticky threads to artist who do work for commission where they can post some examples of their work? It'd certainly be a boon to those of us who're art impaired. Melessqr
  21. Man... you people make me green with Envy. All these years of Roleplaying... All these pictures in my head that I'd love other people to be able to see... and I've just Never been able to draw anything that I found acceptable. Member of a fantasy campaign that's been playing together for a decade or more, and I'd give an eye-tooth to find an artist that'd be able to do a good group portrait. Had a 3D artist that's done some amazing work working on one, but he took my downpayment and disappeared. Melessqr
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