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  1. Re-reading the book, I am impressed again with the emphasis on the use of special effects throughout the rules. Something that should be remembered no matter what edition of Champions you play.
  2. The math seems consistent with the goal of creating beginning characters.
  3. I'd like some more concrete ideas about how to come up with the Two Statements, and how you fill out the character sheet.
  4. What I'd really love to see here is some real conversation from people who have backed the project as to WHY. For me, my WHY (and what I'm most excited about) is manifold: I'm excited to see new Champions material, I'm excited to have Ron Edwards and Steven S. Long collaborating on the project. I'm excited to playtest the games' new concepts and give feedback to the process. I don't agree with everything said, so far, about specific rules and whatnot, but HELL folks, it CHAMPIONS. Who ever agreed with everything in a role-playing game?
  5. I have a question about the alternate rules for Luck. In the Advanced Player Guide II, it mentions OTHER WAYS OF USING LUCK. I understand this one... At the beginning of a game session, the player rolls his Luck dice and counts the Normal Damage BODY. The number of BODY equals the number of rolls the player may re-roll during that game to get a better result. But I'm not sure I understand these two... At the beginning of a game session, the player rolls his Luck dice and counts the total. That total represents a number of points the player may add to or subtr
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