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  1. Those are specifically *not* Hero Games property. We have the right to sell them in their Hero System format - and possibly even include them in a hypothetical future collection or the like - but we/Cryptic Studios have no rights to characters created by you unless they are specifically  created by you as part of the Champions Universe, or some of our other intellectual property.  We cannot sell them, license them, create T-shirts with their likenesses on them, or anything like that. 


    Jason Walters, Publisher

  2. I didn't know it existed either until a few weeks ago, when I received Michael Satran's Hero System collection thanks to the efforts of some mutual friends, which contained a floppy disk of it. It seems to have been a very early electronic-only Iron Crown era Hero System product (#HH4). It's 78 pages, and was written by Edwin Millheim, Grant Scheiber and Krista Fells. It was developed for Hero Games in 1998-99 by Meridian Designs Freelance Group. It has both Hero System and Fuzion System write-ups, and is intended for use with Champions campaigns in which the GM wants to interject Horror elements. 

  3. You are mistaken. Cryptic Studios has the rights to the Champions Universe as described in the 5th and 6th Editions. They do not have the rights to the Hero System, and we have a more-or-less unlimited license to produce more Champions products in any case. So there is no conflict here. 

  4. You know - that's a good point Brian. Thank you: I didn't do a good job of explaining that. If we hit the stretch goals, I'm just going to send every backer the appropriate deck or decks, depending on what level they pledged at. (For example, electronic only backers will only get the electronic only files.) I'll do an update and see if I can change the explanations in the "story."


    Jason Walters, Publisher 

  5. On 12/21/2017 at 5:41 AM, bluesguy said:

    Please take my $s now ;-)


    If there is artwork please try to mix up male/female and ethnicity - it helps to sell to a younger generation and women.  Also ask the artist to not create a bunch of female pinups.  My wife, daughter, and other women I game with hate that.


    There won't be room on the cards for human figures, attractive or otherwise. Just lots of text. 


    On 12/28/2017 at 6:55 AM, Pegasus40218 said:



    The stretch goals will include a second "booster" deck filled with more Ability cards, and possibly a Dark Champions deck. We'll see how it goes. If the project does well, I'll think about a Fantasy Hero Deck KS.


    Jason Walters, Publisher

  6. Hi, this is great news...could you please tell me if you will be releasing Fantasy Hero, Champions and Star Hero in this format as well in the near fututre? I could order them all at once from Drivethru and save on shipping if so (I don't mean the 'Complete' versions, I mean the original larger editions). Thanks.


    Champions and Fantasy Hero, yes. In fact, I've just approved Champions. Star Hero no because it's still in print and you can get it from the website.

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