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  1. The first two chapters of Wilson Zorn's Breakdown are available on the High Rock Press Blog for you to read and comment upon. You can link HERE. Jason Walters
  2. Hello everyone. Over at High Rock Press we will be releasing two new projects, detailed in a blog posting you can access here. The first is a new roleplaying game called Breakdown by Wilson Zorn, author of the ENnie-nominated RPG At The Hands of an Angry God. (It was nominated for Best Rules opposite D&D 5E. So we didn't, you know, win.) We will be releasing it chapter-by-chapter in the blog so gamers can comment on it before we begin a Kickstarter project to create a quality version on both physical and electronic form. The second project is a Descended From The Queen storytelling card ga
  3. Need adversaries for you Star Hero campaign? Here you will find 2 new groups to add to your campaign. The Mirlons, a robot race determined to destroy all living creatures. The Qitarti are a powerful psionic race that has more knowledge than any other race in the universe. Both of these can easily be added into any ongoing campaign for new and unique twists for the campaign. Some of this material was originally presented in The Mind’s Eye Volume I Includes a 57 page PDF and Cardboard Miniatures
  4. The art on the side is the cover art. I'm attaching a larger version. Jason
  5. Those are specifically *not* Hero Games property. We have the right to sell them in their Hero System format - and possibly even include them in a hypothetical future collection or the like - but we/Cryptic Studios have no rights to characters created by you unless they are specifically created by you as part of the Champions Universe, or some of our other intellectual property. We cannot sell them, license them, create T-shirts with their likenesses on them, or anything like that. Jason Walters, Publisher
  6. Email me at jason@herogames.com and I'll tell you all about it. Jason
  7. Sounds legitimate to me. There will be art packs containing hundreds of images available to creators, which may help. Jason Walters, Publisher
  8. I didn't know it existed either until a few weeks ago, when I received Michael Satran's Hero System collection thanks to the efforts of some mutual friends, which contained a floppy disk of it. It seems to have been a very early electronic-only Iron Crown era Hero System product (#HH4). It's 78 pages, and was written by Edwin Millheim, Grant Scheiber and Krista Fells. It was developed for Hero Games in 1998-99 by Meridian Designs Freelance Group. It has both Hero System and Fuzion System write-ups, and is intended for use with Champions campaigns in which the GM wants to interject Horror eleme
  9. You are mistaken. Cryptic Studios has the rights to the Champions Universe as described in the 5th and 6th Editions. They do not have the rights to the Hero System, and we have a more-or-less unlimited license to produce more Champions products in any case. So there is no conflict here.
  10. #chuckle# That would be helpful! I'm going to make a clarification update this morning. Jason
  11. You know - that's a good point Brian. Thank you: I didn't do a good job of explaining that. If we hit the stretch goals, I'm just going to send every backer the appropriate deck or decks, depending on what level they pledged at. (For example, electronic only backers will only get the electronic only files.) I'll do an update and see if I can change the explanations in the "story." Jason Walters, Publisher
  12. Brian, As far as doing a Fantasy Hero deck goes: we'll see how it works out. But the colored rim is a very good idea. Thank you. Jason Walters, Publisher
  13. There won't be room on the cards for human figures, attractive or otherwise. Just lots of text. The stretch goals will include a second "booster" deck filled with more Ability cards, and possibly a Dark Champions deck. We'll see how it goes. If the project does well, I'll think about a Fantasy Hero Deck KS. Jason Walters, Publisher
  14. I'm thinking they're more likely to be graced with extensive text and write-ups! But we'll see what Ruben can pull off.
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    Monster Hunter International Character Sheets
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    Monster Hunter International Character Sheets
  17. I don't like the profit margins that way, and I also wanted them to be a little less expensive. So it seemed like the right course.
  18. Champions and Fantasy Hero, yes. In fact, I've just approved Champions. Star Hero no because it's still in print and you can get it from the website.
  19. Yes. Pretty much all of them and soon. Keep an eye on the forums for updates.
  20. Please check the "Print On Demand" section of the forums. I'll place links there as new titles become available POD. Fantasy Hero and Champions 6th will indeed be made available as b&w paperbacks shortly - but not Star Hero 6th Edition, as I still have a pallet of them in my warehouse!
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