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  1. Re: The cranky thread Why is it that I always get sick right before a crucial event? Is it too much to ask to be able to *sometimes* function at somewhat optimal capacity for when it really matters? Ugh.
  2. Re: Ctrl+V http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUWuUIiciWk&feature=related
  3. Re: The Non Sequitor Thread Low-budget compulsive spending can be a good thing.
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From our recent Colonial HERO game: Bounty Hunter: YOU MUST SURRENDER! Rotman: The only thing I have to surrender....is THIS! *whips out his pistol, and shoots Cael (me) in the thigh* (Rotman's player had forgotten to switch the target in the attack macro, so he accidentally hit me. The GM switched the hit to the Bounty Hunter but I was ROFL for quite some time...)
  5. Re: The Non Sequitor Thread Carolina weather is completely unreliable.
  6. Re: A Game Of Questions So who's winning?
  7. Re: The Non Sequitor Thread I could go for an omelet and biscuits right about now...
  8. Re: The Non Sequitor Thread Quickly! Grapple the weasel!
  9. Re: Real Locations that should be fantasy Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
  10. Re: Real Locations that should be fantasy I don't think anyone's mentioned the Catacombs of Paris yet. Strange. Anyhoo, here they are. http://www.catacombes-de-paris.fr/english.htm And here. http://www.triggur.org/cata/ And plans and such here. http://www.catacombs.explographies.com/
  11. Re: Fantasy Hero Resources page Thanks for all the neat, shiny stuff! Very helpful to a first-time GM such as myself. Repped.
  12. Re: Alternate Mass Combat System (Rough) Intriguing. Thanks!
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