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  1. Very nice work on that one Storn. I like it quite a bit.
  2. Very nice picture! Another hero female, the signifigant other will be pleased! Thank you for posting another, please keep it up.
  3. Storn, Your work is simply amazing, truely it is... but I have to pass this one comment on that my wife made as she was looking at your work. "Why aren't there more female heroes?" With which I just responded with the stupid husband response of "uhhh...." Now since I haven't commented on any of your art I will do so on a few, if you don't mind. Viktor: The use of the yellow was awesome, it brought out a sense of holy like and divine purpose to the character that was much more then just a warrior in plate with a few magic items. Well done! Vector family: Awesome emotion in this piece. For those of us that play superhero roleplaying or even imagine it and have families, this is a touching piece to say the least. My only dislike about the picture was that the wife was kinda bland, not many line to define her as a character and she was pushed to the side of the frame loosing focus. Sirocco / Speedball: You have a very good nack a catching the feel and moment of a speedster. I particularly enjoyed the color choices and overall designs of there outfits. Judging by the suits I would say that Sirocco is use to going a bit faster then Speedball. Sina Catalyst: This piece jumped at me. But then I am a sucker for green on black I'm not sure which is which but overall I like the one wielding the energy sword, except for the chest area, something just doesn't sit right about it. The energy projector has a few things I disliked, mainly in the face/head area. The hair was a bit to long, but only because it confuses the gender at quick glance. I would have liked to seen maybe a bit more radiosity from the right hand energy glow on the right cheek. Overall very grabbing picture! Neko: Beautiful. I enjoy this one a lot. The Girl in Flight: This one has jumped at me since I first saw it in the book. More so since you colored it. I don't know why, but you seemed to capture the female superhero form in flight perfect. Great job. Firewing: What is there to say? Earth doesn't look quite right. Energetix: I would love to see her polished and colored. Chango: This guy looks like a mean one. Would be interesting to see him interact as a character. Beacon: I like this one, but there are a few points I would like to address. The staff looks correct perspective wise, but the magical ring looks flat to the viewer. The inside of the cloak could maybe use some more cloth lines? The biggest one that jumped at me was her chest, mainly the left side is wrong, at least visually. I like the fact that the fireball casts a yellow glow on the surrounding cloth, good work. Good work. Ash: I instantly recognized the ship and the setting you were portraying. Loved the style! Awesome work. Sorry if this was so long. Please keep up the good work Storn
  4. Super-Dude (picture surfer that is 6ft tall, 3 of which is mohawk) is flying on his mystical surfboard as we are fighting a 2000ft "Killer Robot" The rest of us have been a bit injured but nothing bad. Super-Dude: Ok I think I have enough running room for a move-thru. GM: Ok you set up your move-thru, is there anything your going to do before you start the manuver? Super-Dude: yea, I'm jumping off my board so it doesn't get messed up when I punch a hole in this guys chest. -[side note: Super-Dude's powers came from his board, all of them]- --Moment of silence-- GM: Are you sure? Super-Dude: yep. cowabunga!!! We all laughed VERY hard when Nate(Super-Dude) figured out that he was in trouble. He didn't really do a move-thru... well, not exactly. Flowers were sent to the hospital.
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