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  1. This is really he center of it all... The INSEC investigator is INSEC's "mystical" agent - So I may play it off Thusly: 1) Agent Schonenberg comes off as a disheveled, bumbling person but, just like TV's Columbo, he's usually acting and/or trying to put others in positions where he has the secret advantage. Though unconventional, he's very good at what he does. 2) Agent Schonenberg KNOWS that the moment the PC divulged her knowledge of time travel was recorded, as is standard, in the INSEC HQ conference room. 3) Agent Schonenberg rushed out of the room in a seeming panic
  2. These may be fun - Epic City Sanguine News teasers: Sanguine Newspaper#5(sm).pdf Sanguine Newspaper#6.pdf Sanguine Newspaper#7.pdf Sanguine Newspaper#8.pdf Sanguine News#9sm.pdf Sanguine Newspaper#10.pdf
  3. OUCH! Assassinate a main PC??? Dang, that's harsh! 😂... But not unthinkable. 🤣🤣🤣 Can't wait to hear your other idea! Here's a little more about the sitch: There are years of gaming I'm leaving out. Suffice to say my main villain Paradox (think Marvel's Dr. Doom mixed with DC's Epoch - and others) is stuck in a loop (of his own making) and must continue to replay history in an attempt to free himself by bringing total entropy to Reality (Reality as apposed to the echoes of Shadow - My multiverse explanation is similar to Zelazny's Amber Chronicles). Unfortunately,
  4. Epic City (and INSEC [my PRIMUS] for that matter) is full of scientist NPCs that could advise or condemn the PCs. There are even and even a few mentalists around foe INSEV to call in. The advise you suggest could come from one while another argues the opposite. It could lead to an interesting situation, but I'd hate to take the game over with NPCs. Yah, I'm looking for options that logically allow me to avoid locking down the PCs. Breaking with the Gov would be hard , but not an impossible option. They might also be able to lie their way out of this conundrum as they are currently hot on th
  5. Assume you're running a City-Based campaign of superheroes. JLA or Avengers would be appropriate analogies... These things are true: 1) The group is government sanctioned and their bylaws make them adjunct members of PRIMUS (or your standard national government agency that deals with meta stuff) 2) The Earth was recently invaded by aliens leading to tens of millions of innocent deaths 3) The solution the heroes of Earth came up with was to shunt the Earth and the Mood to the Microverse (don't worry about details - this game thread took a very long time) and the result was the
  6. True, but I'm not worried about point totals and Focus is the best way to describe the crown and include its other granted powers that are all bought Unified Power (I forgot to add it to the Transform). To be sure, I could probably hand wave the entire thing. But, fortunately or unfortunately, my players are quite advanced gamers and may come up with a way to utilize the crown. Better safe than sorry. Story of my GM life. 😅
  7. Well, I want it to be able to be worn as well. Seemed like an easy solution. Actually, it makes sense even if its just sitting there. To clear the AoE all you need to do is grab it and throw it 7m.
  8. How about this? Empress Fealty's Crown: Major Transform - Her Little Kings 3d6 (Free into Enslaved, Healed back by Magic or Prolonged separation from the Empress Fealty's Crown [1 year]), Area Of Effect (6m Radius Explosion; +1/4), Difficult To Dispel (x2 Active Points; +1/4), Constant (+1/2), Invisible Power Effects (Invisible to Hearing, Smell, Touch, effects of Power are Inobvious to other characters; +3/4) (82 Active Points); OAF (-1), No Range (-1/2), All Or Nothing (-1/2)
  9. Along the lines of the Crowns of Krim, there exists another crown in my Epic City, Champions 6e game. Like the Crowns of Krim it imbues upon its wearer many powers... That's no problem. However, it has another ability that has me a bit confused... In any state, upon the brow of its new owner or simply sitting on a shelf, the crown is constantly trying to possess an army of followers. In a radius (that is reduced by range) the crown creates a... field(?) of possession. Over time, those within its range for extended periods (especially at close proximity) become slaves of the cro
  10. Does anyone have any write-ups for BattleMechs?
  11. How would one increase the range of a power without increasing its effectiveness?
  12. How can a character simply change its skin color without spending too many points on a purely self affecting, non-combat power? Something like this would still cost 3 Points, cost 1 END and require 2 ZERO PHASES to activate: Change Hair/Skin Color: Cosmetic Transform 3d6 (9 Active Points); Limited Power - Self Only, power loses about half of its effectiveness (-1), No Range (-1/2), Gestures - Must shake out hair (-1/4). Seems a bit much for just changing your color...
  13. How would you build a shotgun that exists in London 1886??? - Steampunk quirkiness is a bonus!
  14. How would you build a shotgun that exists in London 1886???
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