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  1. This is really he center of it all... The INSEC investigator is INSEC's "mystical" agent - So I may play it off Thusly: 1) Agent Schonenberg comes off as a disheveled, bumbling person but, just like TV's Columbo, he's usually acting and/or trying to put others in positions where he has the secret advantage. Though unconventional, he's very good at what he does. 2) Agent Schonenberg KNOWS that the moment the PC divulged her knowledge of time travel was recorded, as is standard, in the INSEC HQ conference room. 3) Agent Schonenberg rushed out of the room in a seeming panic in order to shut the moment down before it got out of hand. 4) Agent Schonenberg rarely leaves anything to chance, so the papers that he left billowing in his wake as he rushed away actually contain a hidden message for the players to meet with him later at a secure location. 5) It's time to reveal that Agent Schonenberg is really an urban mage, maybe more. In doing so he has helped the PCs avoid any real complications from their slip-up and placed them in a sensitive spot where they owe him a favor (or 2)... What do you think Agent Schonenberg should say/do?????????? John Schonenberg.pdf
  2. These may be fun - Epic City Sanguine News teasers: Sanguine Newspaper#5(sm).pdf Sanguine Newspaper#6.pdf Sanguine Newspaper#7.pdf Sanguine Newspaper#8.pdf Sanguine News#9sm.pdf Sanguine Newspaper#10.pdf
  3. OUCH! Assassinate a main PC??? Dang, that's harsh! 😂... But not unthinkable. 🤣🤣🤣 Can't wait to hear your other idea! Here's a little more about the sitch: There are years of gaming I'm leaving out. Suffice to say my main villain Paradox (think Marvel's Dr. Doom mixed with DC's Epoch - and others) is stuck in a loop (of his own making) and must continue to replay history in an attempt to free himself by bringing total entropy to Reality (Reality as apposed to the echoes of Shadow - My multiverse explanation is similar to Zelazny's Amber Chronicles). Unfortunately, each trip through time is different, each reset altered by the independent actions of those in Reality (particularly our Epic Alliance heroes). Thus, ironically, though Paradox has infinite experience with the future, even he has no idea what will bring him to the moment where he succeeds... or fails. (He's always failed thus far) The heroes are no better off, and only a few have some recall of the future, which is diverging from actually Reality daily as they forge a brand new timeline thanks to free will. In the last go-around, Paradox was foiled by an accident; The Crimson Doors (long story) were left unguarded (The guardian Hoi Lung, one of the 7 Dragon Kings, was (stupidly) destroyed by our very own Epic Alliance as they battled him while he was mind controlled - no coming back - They threw him into the sun!!! This allowed the strongest of entities from Shadow to breach Reality and begin its corruption - Long story short: - The Crimson Doors were left unguarded - Loki and many other gods returned to Reality to restake their claims - Loki fools everyone (gods and man), allowing him to release the Elder Gods who've promised him...everything - Loki is double-crossed by the Elder Gods who were just looking for a way back to Reality (tricking the trickster) - Epic Alliance, who has been battling gods (who have been destroying Reality by battling each other), RALLIES the Storm/Hero Gods (including 100s of gods such as Adad, Perendi, Indra, Kapoonis, Shango, Orisha, Tawhaki, Haokah, Rai, and of course Thor & Hercules) to fight together and push back the Elder Gods and save Reality - The gods save Reality from the Elder Gods, but take over themselves - Due to previous game events, Athena brings Prometheus: Athena: "I have come to see the error in my ways and am here to offer the challenger of Zeus's omniscience and omnipotence; Prometheus. Listen to him for he wields the ray of the divine wisdom from God himself, source of the supreme Light of every man… Prometheus the Titan: NOTE: Prometheus was a challenger to Zeus's omniscience and omnipotence. Pandora (all gifts) was created by Zeus (as the first woman) to punish Prometheus. Prometheus derived from the Greek prefix pro- (before) + manthano (intelligence) and the agent suffix -eus, thus meaning "Freethinker". “I once again come, full throated, to the aid of man. Zues and the other gods have no sight of me if I wish it, and, as before, I will give you the one thing they have withheld for eternity… I am Forethought, the one virtue of Pandora’s never released… until now… Sleep in your minds eye, when you awake you will have had the time to know what will come and prepare…” - Our Heroes fall into a living torpor and move through the next 8 years as if sleepwalking. Finally they awake with the gift of Prometheus (foresight) and the knowledge of how to right Reality - Paradix's involvement revealed - his machinations even above those of the Elder Gods - Our heroes defeat Paradox, but set in motion the destruction of everything (the first time it wasn't Paradox's fault) - Our heroes go back in time to correct their failure, returning to the very moment when Hoi Lung was wrested from his position as Guardian of the Crimson Doors - Hoi Lung is saved, but the Crimson Doors were open for a short while, who knows who or what if anything got through - Ongoing campaign........ Sorry if that's hard to follow. 🤣
  4. Epic City (and INSEC [my PRIMUS] for that matter) is full of scientist NPCs that could advise or condemn the PCs. There are even and even a few mentalists around foe INSEV to call in. The advise you suggest could come from one while another argues the opposite. It could lead to an interesting situation, but I'd hate to take the game over with NPCs. Yah, I'm looking for options that logically allow me to avoid locking down the PCs. Breaking with the Gov would be hard , but not an impossible option. They might also be able to lie their way out of this conundrum as they are currently hot on the heals of a mentalist that messes with memories... INSEC is totally ignorant for now. But if they go down the interrogation path I'm afraid that more will come out than the heroes can simply hand wave off. Treason being the worst indictment, distrust and blame the least of that equation. Both would detract from the game or, at the very least, require me to rewrite reams of established history and relationships. At some point, the work wouldn't be worth the return, leading me to a partial (or even total) TPK as I arrest, detain for questioning, study, put in a hole and throw away the key, the PCs with knowledge of the future.
  5. Assume you're running a City-Based campaign of superheroes. JLA or Avengers would be appropriate analogies... These things are true: 1) The group is government sanctioned and their bylaws make them adjunct members of PRIMUS (or your standard national government agency that deals with meta stuff) 2) The Earth was recently invaded by aliens leading to tens of millions of innocent deaths 3) The solution the heroes of Earth came up with was to shunt the Earth and the Mood to the Microverse (don't worry about details - this game thread took a very long time) and the result was the successful emancipation of the plant after grave losses. 4) other standard super-campaign successes and tragedies have occurs (as one would expect). Now it gets messy... 5) The heroes are currently on their SECOND trip through the timeline. Previously, the heroes made a choice to travel back in time to change the future in order to avoid a cataclysm that they were unable to stop 6) There are now a selection of heroes that retain their knowledge of the future, though it is becoming evident that every second they move away from their re-emersion point into the time stream that they are creating an alternate timeline. The result is that their memories are becoming less and less accurate as they progress. 7) The supers have decided to hide their knowledge as they think it would only make things worse. However, they aren't beyond using it to help themselves help others. 7) In a moment of absent thought, during an official debriefing at PRIMUS, one of the group accidentally spilled the beans about being from the future and retaining that knowledge. The officer in charged is beside himself with this revelation. He immediately leaves the group to meet personally with his leaders in order to sort this new revelation out... WHAT NEXT>>>>> For context - I recwived this from the OC that slipped up this morning: "BTW, Anna want/isn't overly worried about the whole future-past thing causing her to get locked up because two things have happened very recently. One is that our planet was INVADED BY ALIENS! The other is that THE WHOLE EARTH WAS SHIFTED TO ANOTHER DIMENSION AND WAS BRIGHT BACK AGAIN IN ORDER TO SAVE US FROM THOSE ALIENS!!! There's also the fact that supers are flying around everywhere. If time travel is a logical leap too far, there's some willful cognizant dissonance going on. And if the guy that's supposed to be in charge of handling the strangest of the strange is undone by that... then INSEC can't be any help in dealing with the coming storm." I replied: "It's less about the possibility of time travel, and more bout the duty of INSEC to do everything they can to maximize the value of such a tool. A duty that would redound to Epic Alliance - You'd all become desk jockeys as you're tasked to record every future event in excruciating detail. There's also the flurry of questions that would come that would lead to INSEC discovering that EA members were aware of Invasion before it even happened. Is not revealing it (and all of the other events EA members are hiding) treason??? Preemptive knowledge of the Amlem 3 Extinction Wave could have save tens of millions of lives. Worst of all... What will INSEC (and anyone who attains knowledge of the future) do with such an incredible advantage? can you really say you trust INSEC to aways do the right thing? Can they even hold on to such knowledge?" Please help - My campaign could go in any number of directions and I want to choose the best, most entertaining one. However, I want a relative "real wold logic" result.
  6. True, but I'm not worried about point totals and Focus is the best way to describe the crown and include its other granted powers that are all bought Unified Power (I forgot to add it to the Transform). To be sure, I could probably hand wave the entire thing. But, fortunately or unfortunately, my players are quite advanced gamers and may come up with a way to utilize the crown. Better safe than sorry. Story of my GM life. 😅
  7. Well, I want it to be able to be worn as well. Seemed like an easy solution. Actually, it makes sense even if its just sitting there. To clear the AoE all you need to do is grab it and throw it 7m.
  8. How about this? Empress Fealty's Crown: Major Transform - Her Little Kings 3d6 (Free into Enslaved, Healed back by Magic or Prolonged separation from the Empress Fealty's Crown [1 year]), Area Of Effect (6m Radius Explosion; +1/4), Difficult To Dispel (x2 Active Points; +1/4), Constant (+1/2), Invisible Power Effects (Invisible to Hearing, Smell, Touch, effects of Power are Inobvious to other characters; +3/4) (82 Active Points); OAF (-1), No Range (-1/2), All Or Nothing (-1/2)
  9. Along the lines of the Crowns of Krim, there exists another crown in my Epic City, Champions 6e game. Like the Crowns of Krim it imbues upon its wearer many powers... That's no problem. However, it has another ability that has me a bit confused... In any state, upon the brow of its new owner or simply sitting on a shelf, the crown is constantly trying to possess an army of followers. In a radius (that is reduced by range) the crown creates a... field(?) of possession. Over time, those within its range for extended periods (especially at close proximity) become slaves of the crown, bent on its protection and finding it a perfect user. It's very similar to Tolkien's One Ring. Once possessed, the victim is totally under the power of the crown. They also display a crown of their own, though it is only a psychic projection that will disappear if the victim is released from the crown's control. I've looked at Transformation, Mind Control and a few other things but can't come up with a good build... How would you build Mother Fealty's Crown???
  10. Does anyone have any write-ups for BattleMechs?
  11. How would one increase the range of a power without increasing its effectiveness?
  12. How can a character simply change its skin color without spending too many points on a purely self affecting, non-combat power? Something like this would still cost 3 Points, cost 1 END and require 2 ZERO PHASES to activate: Change Hair/Skin Color: Cosmetic Transform 3d6 (9 Active Points); Limited Power - Self Only, power loses about half of its effectiveness (-1), No Range (-1/2), Gestures - Must shake out hair (-1/4). Seems a bit much for just changing your color...
  13. How would you build a shotgun that exists in London 1886??? - Steampunk quirkiness is a bonus!
  14. How would you build a shotgun that exists in London 1886???
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