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  1. Does anyone have any write-ups for BattleMechs?
  2. How would one increase the range of a power without increasing its effectiveness?
  3. Here's a funny moment… This thread was started 8 years ago. The game I ran was super well received and bolstered my Epic City game to the point that it has yet to falter. Funny enough we've come full circle... The original game was a con adventure. Now, as part of the ongoing campaign, we've finally come to the point that the Walking Gods module fits the campaign perfectly! So, this thread is, once again, totally relevant to my Epic City campaign!!! What a surprise to see it at the top of my content list. It was like it knew.
  4. It's hard to believe this stuff is over 7 years old!
  5. Been away from art for a long time… Time to get back to it! Here's my latest:
  6. Needed a new *Sathar Jedi for our TGU game, so meet... Kirin Tul *Don't know what a Sathar is? Want to? Then read below. Sathar.pdf (413 KB, 1 views)
  7. In the previous post (#35) I'm getting little blue boxes with question marks, but clicking on them still leads to the pdfs I linked... However, in post #34 I get 1 question mark and 3 letters "a". The question mark still leads to a pdf but the letter "a" links lead to blank pages... What gives?
  8. Some more fun TGU things: [ATTACH=CONFIG]n44584[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]n44585[/ATTACH]
  9. Here are some of the new rules packets for our TGU game! As with most everything else I post these are a combination of original rules and existing rules culled from many other existing games, including art found on the internet. This stuff is purely for FUN and should NOT be distributed with any other intent. NOTE: These have not been properly edited. I'm aware of some pretty glaring spelling and grammar problems. Try to enjoy them regardless of my ineptitudes. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n44580[/ATTACH] Ships of the TGU (Not sure why the forum is displaying these PDFs thusly, Oh well, a
  10. Re: Space Dogfighting & Martial Arts It already exists: Piloting Maneuvers by Ben Seeman; Digital Hero #19 example •Martial Arts for Hotshot Fighter Jocks •Performing Piloting Maneuvers •Buying Piloting Maneuvers •Building Piloting Maneuvers etc.
  11. Re: Pulp Hero Resources Thanks!
  12. Re: NEMESIS SQUADRON: New Game Packet! Here's a little ditty I cobbled together for a player:
  13. Re: Herophile Fantasy art My latest commission for fellow Herophile FrankL TWINDOVE
  14. Re: NEMESIS SQUADRON: New Game Packet! The Crew of the SUNSTRIDER! [ATTACH=CONFIG]44985[/ATTACH]
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