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    My question has always been this: There’s this whole thing about abortion. But no one is willing to step up with daycare. Or the cost of healthcare. Or defund the military by a few million — against its trillions — to rebuild our public school system. You can’t save the children then forget about them. It’s not about being Christian; it’s code for racism and suppression of women.


    THANK YOU for saying that. I always ask this of Anti-Choice people, but they never give me a satisfactory answer.

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    2. Thia Halmades

      Thia Halmades

      The other thing that warrants mentioning is this: Anti-Choice is fine. Just as women didn’t want the right to vote, and fought against suffragists. I, myself, am PRO LIFE. I have a baby. I cannot imagine terminating a pregnancy. But I will FOREVER vote PRO-CHOICE. Why? Because it’s not my f’n place. It’s not my call. It’s frankly none of my GD business, and as a conservative (no true Scotsman fallacy, don’t even start me on the whole RINO blah blah blah) I am a HUGE supporter of individual liberty and an equally loud supporter of my right to make my own choices. So that’s the thing. 


      You don’t LOSE ANYTHING but giving someone ELSE a choice they very clearly need. I could go on like this for, frankly, hours. But you get the gist.

    3. Ragitsu


      I use the term "Anti-Choice" for two reasons.

      1. "Pro-Life" brings an asymmetry to a pair of definitions that should be accurate and focused on one single topic -> "Pro Choice" and "Anti Choice" as it relates to the option to have an abortion. The reasons as to "why" someone holds a P.O.V. can be brought forth in good time, but everyone should be on equal footing.
      2. Many "Pro-Life" people are for the death penalty, for imperialist/colonialist policies (i.e., offensive wars in general), for the "War on Drugs", for lethal means of self-defense, against universal healthcare, against universal maternity/paternity leave, against S.N.A.P., against subsidizing healthy food over junk food, resistant to green energy plans, et cetera. If someone truly is "Pro-Life" across the board, great: I applaud them for their consistency. However, because the discussion is not about the topic of life (and quality of life) in a wider sense, a broad term being used in this narrow context is inappropriate.
    4. Thia Halmades

      Thia Halmades

      I am very tired and should be in bed, but I’m watching the aftermath of the VP debate. I’m reasonably certain I agree completely with everything you said, but let me respond in more detail after I get some sleep.

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