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  1. Best wishes for a smooth recovery, and I'm sorry that a vacation turned into abusive hell. I am trying to come up with good words for both things (sickness, abuse) and I don't think there are any. I wish we could rally a throng of Herophiles to your support beyond these forums (though even on these forums, this remains one of the coolest groups of people I've ever found).
  2. One of our local theaters was having "retro movie" nights, and were showing Ghostbusters and The Empire Strikes Back. I very....very...............nearly went to see both of these, but chickened out--in ESB's 40th anniversary year no less! I am still so twitchy about going into a theater that I will even pass on seeing beloved childhood classics on the big screen.
  3. "That's the bedroom, but nothing ever happened in there." "What a crime."
  4. I grew up not far from Maplewood Mall in good old Minnesota (ya sure you betcha). In my childhood through young adult years, that was a thriving shopping mecca, with everything from video arcades to book stores (two!) to clothing shops, a rotating roster of kiosks, and a wonderful food court. I can't even remember the last time I was in there...probably around the time Sears, a formerly invincible anchor store, closed its doors years ago. To me, it seems like the pandemic is simply accelerating some trends that were already in motion. Shopping malls have long been in decline (an
  5. "I can't lie to you about your chances, but...you have my sympathies."
  6. There is a lot I could say, but the flotsam and jetsam rising to the top of my brain is pretty much this: at this time next year, I hope all of us are still around and commenting on these boards. Maybe some of us are getting to be old codgers, but this is a damn wonderful community. I've never met any of you in person and maybe never will, nor am I the best or most prolific writer here, but dang, this is a great community of nut-jobs to be part of. Stay safe and I look forward to your next posts!
  7. For my part, I still find some comfort in this. At least it's a timeline of some kind. Although it can (and probably will) change, it sure beats being totally in the dark.
  8. Barrett tempts fate and throws a swarm of Ewoks back at Badger. They have their intended effect and give the demons something to gnaw on besides the faces of the fair members of this board. Unfortunately, one or two get past the demons and land within striking distance of Badger. Barrett blanches and prepares to take cover. (+5 points)
  9. Hey, baby, whew I know that you believe in me That's all I ever need, uh huh No, no, nothing's gonna stop me Nothing will be scaring me, oh no Hey baby, it's the only way out Oh, little darling C'mon what's it all about? Standing on top of the world For a little while Standing on top of the world Gonna give it all we got Oh, I know it won't hurt I gotta have a little taste I just wanna sink my teeth in that Fine piece of real estate, yeah Hey baby, make it nice and sweet Oh, little darling Let's take a walk down easy street Standing on top of th
  10. That problem isn't unique to old folks. I'm annoyed a lot more often by clueless middle-aged folks or even young adults who are being assimilated by their phones and remain unaware of the rest of the world--like the people trying to use the aisle or buy the merchandise that they are blocking. No matter how wide the aisle, these people can somehow arrange their carts and themselves to block it anyway. Of course, if this is my worst problem during the pandemic, I count myself lucky.
  11. Well, dang.... https://io9.gizmodo.com/ron-cobb-a-designer-on-star-wars-back-to-the-future-1845130929
  12. What is a good place to go for reliable Covid data now? My first instinct always used to be CDC, but with the recent...meddling, I'm looking for other options too.
  13. As someone with heart issues to begin with, this is...well, scary, but it confirms something I've already heard from another reliable source. [checks to make sure mask is close by] But yeah...scary stuff
  14. Good luck BoneDaddy, and take care of yourself. It sounds like you are doing the best you can with the resources you have available. May that continue, and may the dice ever fall in your favor.
  15. I had a "ScottishFox" moment and read "beware of the spam" the first time I read that....
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