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  1. I'm listening to the rather noisy (but blessedly effective) air handling system in our building at work.
  2. "If you weren't my cousin I'd marry you." "That's never stopped anyone in this family."
  3. https://variety.com/2018/film/news/gary-kurtz-dead-dies-star-wars-1202954316/
  4. The ESB trip to Bespin didn't bother me too much...in part because of a game mechanic quirk from the old West End d6 Star Wars RPG. Most ships larger than fighters had some form of backup hyperdrive. Backups were always hideously slow compared to the main drive, and weren't meant to be used for more than one or two jumps before needing an overhaul, but could help a ship limp to port to effect repairs. I wonder if they came up with that mechanic from that very scene, because it made more sense that way.
  5. Hello all, I keep fairly rigorous backups of my files at home (external hard drive), and am looking for a good cloud-based solution to augment this. I want my ideal cloud service to do two things. Provide an off-site (online) place to backup files exactly as I currently do with the external hard drive. This includes "active" videos (i.e. video files that are part of current projects). Provide an off-site (online) place to archive large files, especially older videos, so I can get them off my hard drive and free up space. Once I'm done with a project, I would like a place to store video and project files for possible future use. Additionally, I would like to digitize my camcorder tapes while this is still possible (and before the tapes degrade). Maybe I will never touch that footage again, but maybe not. Already I use One Drive to store/sync some files, via my Office 365 subscription. It's all right for syncing, but if there's a way to make it do an archive as well, I don't know how. I have Google Docs storage via my Gmail accounts and find it generally easy to use. Neither of these feels quite right when I add in item #2 on the list above. I have done (and will continue to do) some solid research on my own, and figured I'd tap the Hero boards for advice from my more computer-savvy (doesn't take much, I admit) board-mates. I've also done some searching on these boards for similar topics and have not found anything yet. Cheers, BarretWallace
  6. Rey would have been more interesting to me if she had joined forces with Kylo Ren. She went to incredible lengths to find Luke only to be rejected by him, so to find someone actually willing to mentor her...well, it might have been fun. I did crack a grin at a legendary Jedi Master being spooked by an angry Wookiee bashing down his door.
  7. Last-minute sacrifices that are supposed to be tragic and noble, and maybe sometimes are, but that you can see coming a long, LONG way off. Bruce Willis's death in Armageddon jumped out at me in this regard. The odds of death go up about 10,000% if said character has children or other close family, and are 99.9999% certain if the character shows a picture of their kids (this last one can also apply to non-sacrificial death by any throwaway character who shows his/her teammates a picture of their kids and/or talks about them to any great degree). Bruce's death also illustrates how you should never, ever promise to come home to your kids after "this job" is done.
  8. That's why I enjoyed Last Action Hero so much. In and of itself it wasn't a great movie, but it had so much fun poking fun at the action genre that I couldn't help but like it.
  9. Such septic humor. I need to scat away from this discussion.
  10. I was surprisingly fond of the Solo movie on a couple of levels. First, it showed us the underworld of the Star Wars universe instead of another stab at an epic Jedi/Sith or Rebellion/Empire type of story. The characters were more ordinary, sort of like "Firefly meets Star Wars", just trying to make their way in the galaxy. I found the change of pace refreshing, sort of like how I felt after seeing Rogue One. Second, I echo Old Man's opinion of the story: reasonably well written, with no massive plot holes. Third, I had a few nerd moments when the characters dropped little references to the classic Lando Calrissian and Han Solo novels, and when a certain Ewok kinda showed up. It certainly has its flaws and nits to pick, but overall I found it to be an enjoyable popcorn flick, and will probably buy the Blu Ray when it comes out.
  11. "Come to Australia; you might accidentally get killed. Blood is sure to be spilled. Your pants will soon be filled."
  12. I am so sorry to hear this...better words escape me. Rest well, Hyper-Man, and may you always roll low except when rolling damage.
  13. Who knows if Hulk will make it to Asgard or just help Thor escape...but he might be a decent weapon against Hela. "I have an army." "We have a Hulk."
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