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  1. I am having fairly major surgery in a few days. So far everything is on track. I'm self-isolating a bit more than usual, my shots are current, etc. My greatest fear is still that some unvaccinated dingus will take the ICU bed that's currently reserved for me. At a pre-op appointment on Monday, I asked this question and was assured that this would not happen. Still, I can't help but be nervous. Mind you, any person needing an ICU bed is going to be suffering and deserving of empathy. When they are put there through willfully passing up a vaccine that is now widely available, then my empathy is in shorter supply than usual.
  2. We sent our kids to private schools, but thankfully with less-asinine rules related to vaccinations and other Covid precautions. Once vaccines became available they were strongly encouraged (though not mandated). Any kids displaying Covid symptoms were required to self quarantine for 14 days. One such kid came to a Clay Targets shooting event anyway, and once he was spotted by the head coach, was sent home as fast as we could get a parent there to get him. He also got a good chewing-out, and oh boy was it a doozy since the coach is also a retired drill instructor.
  3. It very well might. That and we all know "con" is the opposite of "pro," so "Congress" must be the opposite of "progress." 😜
  4. "You do remember how to fire phasers?" [steely glare in response]
  5. You're only human, Doc. I have likewise lost family to Covid, and...well, you and I are pretty much in the same boat. I have dear friends and family who are in the anti-vax/anti-mask camp, and so far I've kept the peace by staying away from them and not bringing up this topic. I just...can't bring myself to feel much sympathy for them when they get it (one anti-vax family did, and in two cases it led to pneumonia). There are more words swirling around in the pea soup that is my brain, but right now they aren't taking shape. I just can't think rationally when I try to empathize with the anti-vax crowd.
  6. Until there's UNTIL...I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it took me a while for that joke to sink in. Can I blame middle age?
  7. That is...rather clever, actually
  8. That is terrible, Dr. Mid-Nite. My condolences to, and prayers for, you and yours. I have no better words.
  9. If I may, I'd like to retract my previous comment. After thinking it through (I should really do that BEFORE I type something), I wouldn't be angry at anyone...angry that this is happening maybe, but not angry at anyone. Above all else, I hope that your nephew gets through this, along with the rest of you. That is by far the highest priority. I don't know if you are a religious person, but I'll put you and yours in my prayers anyway, and hope that is taken well. "Sh*t gets real" for me when I can put names and faces on an issue, even names and faces of people I don't really know and may never meet. Take care of you and yours!
  10. My local classic rock radio morning show does not deny all the bad stuff going on. What they do is continue to mention what is still right with the world, often in simple day to day interactions at the grocery store, a restaurant, etc. Their frequent reminders that there's still good in this world are wonderfully refreshing.
  11. That such disclaimers are even necessary makes me want to crawl to the bottom of a bottle of whiskey and never come back out.
  12. Badger, I'm happy that you are OK!
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