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  1. Was there ever a character pack made for the Equipment Guide of the 5th Edition? If not, did anyone ever make their own version?
  2. Nevermind. I found out what I was doing wrong.
  3. I'm trying to create a disease using the Drain power in HD6 (but using the 5e rules), and want to simulate it with the Gradual Effect limitation. When I go to add the limitation to the power, I can't find it in the list of available limitations. It's also missing from the unavailable limitations list as well. Does anyone know if it is hiding under a different name, or is part of a different limitation in the software? I know I could create my own custom limitation, but I'd rather use an official predefined one if possible.
  4. I hadn't thought of doing gods up this way, but it is an interesting idea. I don't mind doing house rules (just ask my players...).
  5. The d20 Modern system has a mechanic where different things, services, etc. are valued in different categories. When a character tries to buy something, he makes a roll based on his buying power. The higher the item is rated, the more difficult (and less likely) the character can purchase it. I imagine you could do something similar with Hero's wealth Perk. Instead of it being an actual dollar amount (or whatever currency your campaign uses), have it reflect a purchasing ability. Of course, you would have to decide how easy or difficult various things are to acquire. You could also award c
  6. Working on my Fantasy Hero campaign setting for Hero v5.

  7. I'll have to take another look at the AI rules. Of course, spirits would be fully sentient, as opposed to standard AI's that need to succeed in an EGO roll before initiating independent thought. If you use spirits as a sort of truly independent/sentient version of an AI, how do you have them interact with the "real" world? AI's are computers, so they have a hardware component to "interface" with people. But spirits don't necessarily have that. I know that the 4th Ed. Horror Hero made use of containers (which could be defined however the GM wanted). For example, living bodies were container
  8. Does this take place on our "Earth", or an "Earth"-like planet (I'm assuming planet here, the FH campaign I'm working on exists more like the old geocentric model of existence...). If on our Earth, is it modern day (or close enough like say +/- 50 years)? Also, if our Earth, does it share current history, or are there significant changes to the past (outside of whatever brought faux-divinities here)? Is it an alternate-reality or parallel-universe kind of thing where it Earth, kind of - sort of? Are the players allowed to play these fae-beings, required to play them, or are the PCs humans
  9. So do these angels and demons retain their divine heritage (i.e. their celestial and fiendish powers)? Do they now naturally appear as mortal beings, or do they use magic to blend in (or do they need to blend in)? Are these beings now known Now that they are mortal, is there any moral ambiguity in their behaviors? That is, can they switch sides so to speak? Can the mortal angels be tempted to the dark side, or demons be moved by the preaching and teachings of the church? What sort of feedback are you looking for here?
  10. So if it's a dragon with an overbite, maybe the gal (because I don't see him as a guy) about to fix it; and everyone else is looking giddy because something went wrong with the laughing gas.
  11. The hot tub heater kicking on right outside my bedroom window (just as I'm getting ready for bed).
  12. I'm in the process of revamping my 5th ed. campaign, and am looking at dealing with spirits. Although ghosts and spirits designed as using Desolidification is workable, I was attracted to the spirit rules presented in the 4th Edition Hero Almanac 1 and Horror Hero. I tried reworking those rules a little bit by adding a new primary characteristic called SOUL (defined as a spiritual version of BODY), and a figured characteristic called STY (Sanity - defines as a spiritual version of STUN). I also ruled that MD would be a figured characteristic along with PD and ED (which meant that everyone got
  13. This sort of feels like a picture from a "write the best caption" contest. Looks nice, but seriously--why is the dragon happy?
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