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  1. Very cool! I always liked how magic was handled in Skyrim and so I'm glad to see a HERO version of it so that I can try it out. Thanks for providing the mana cost as well. :-)
  2. Awww, I didn't realize that Aaron Allston had passed away. That's too bad, he was an excellent writer and storyteller. I'm sure that I have that Strike Force sourcebook still in a dusty box in my garage. It was a great resource for Champions players and I'm glad to hear that his collected writing on his campaigns have been passed along. From what you wrote, it sounds like his Twilight Falls campaign lasted a good long time as well - what was the general theme of that? It sounds like campy horror.... Good luck with modernizing the Strike Force material!
  3. Excellent art - I have the book and it's great to see this picture in digital form in all its glory. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for this thread, I was wondering what the difference was between FH6 and Fantasy Hero Complete. I'll check out Narosia.
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