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  1. I like it. My namesake character, Boll Weevil, would be literally too crazy to die.
  2. I'd like to see a simple knockback calculator. Input distance traveled and what lies behind (wall 10 meters, 5pd 10 body). Calculate total distance traveled and damage.
  3. Thanks for the explanations. I guess my confusion was that it was always mentioned as a martial maneuver and not listed in core rules. I like the idea and it does simulate something I see in comics often. Like many of the "brick tricks", I plan to allow it in my games as a thing anyone with the right set of powers/skills/situation can do.
  4. Then it is settled. Champions Battleground II shall include Pee Wee's Playhouse.
  5. I wonder if anyone here has tried to build an object (walls, floors, computer banks, bank vaults, etc) as a character in HD? I understand that walls would be difficult since you would need to make a separate record for each location but it would be an interesting experiment. You could then include the elements of the environment into a Combat Record and have that available as a target in the Combat Manager. Since an object wouldn't have a SPD, it wouldn't come up in the combat order. All you would need to add is PD and ED with any applicable rDef or Power Defense. You could eve add Powers like force fields and such. Sure, the "character" would have the default characteristics of STR, SPD etc but those can be ignored. Is this a weird thing to do, I can't tell any more.
  6. Forgive me if this is a distraction from the thread but could someone please explain what exactly a Flying Dodge is? In real world terms, what is it a character is trying to do? I have seen Flying Dodge talked about but never knew what it was. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Steve. It just occurred to me I have been on this board since the beginning and have never posted a question here I have been using Hand Attack adders (eg. +4d6 HA) for years and, for some reason, this question had never come up. Say I have a character with 10 STR (so, 2d6 punch) with a +4d6 HA adder defined as an electric shock gauntlet. My normal punch would be defensible with PD but my HA is defined as vs ED. Do I now have a 6d6 punch vs ED or do I have to split the damage between PD & ED?
  8. There was an Elrod of Melvinbone in the Cerebus comic. Always one of my favorites.
  9. Hi, Heroes. I am in the process of making some battle maps for some games I am planning. These will be very specifically battle mats, meaning I will use them for epic battles. For the inside of buildings or subway tunnels (most of the game, really) I am happy to rough sketch the area on a piece of paper. For a full on battle royale I enjoy the old school battle map of a city block or giant temple. I used the hell out of the map that came with my 3rd edition game. That bank and Rosie's Diner still can't get affordable insurance 30 years later. If I make a battle mat say 4x3', one that takes up most of my gaming table, what scale would you suggest? I don't really use miniatures much so I'm not familiar with their general scale. I also use 6th ed so this will be my first map without hexes although I may keep them for nostalgia purposes. I can easily scale the squares (or hexes) to be 1/meter or so. So, if I make a map with a pretty good overhead view of a city block or some such how many meters would you fit to an inch given that the overall map is 48x36 inches? For users of traditional miniatures, that scale may be proscribed by the size of ur doodz.
  10. My usernamesake, Boll Weevil was based on Howling Mad Murdock from The A Team. That show started in 1983 when I first started playing Champions. Who knew ol' BW would be around longer than the biggest show on TV.
  11. I just downloaded the app and it works great. I love the features it has now even as a work in progress. Great job!! I haven't tried uploading a character yet but the hero-specific dice roller alone makes me happy.
  12. It's been a while since I checked for locals. Anyone in Cincinnati looking for players or interested in learning how to play? I'm in West Chester now but I'm pretty open to playing anywhere in Cincinnati.
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