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  1. This is great. Thanks for sharing!! What are the 1/2, 1/4 etc columns in the DC summary?
  2. Re: Change Environment: a dangerous weapon
  3. Re: Change Environment: a dangerous weapon Sorry, folks, for the thread necromancy but Cincinnati is fearfully awaiting the Icy White Death (3-5"...seriously) and I am once again impressed that an entire city can grind to a halt with about 40 points of Change Environment. When it is 4F and windy I am painfully (literally) aware that I have not given ice/cold powers their due. As a GM or a player, I resolve to play icy cold CE's to their fullest. Winter weather, especially when ill-prepared, is a bitch. On those really cold and really windy days, you can barely keep your eyes open as you s
  4. Re: That Mechanon fella jest ain't right: a roleplay question Hee hee, you are correct, oh lagomorphic one. I picked up a copy of Book of the Machine at Origins. Nice! I did a forum search for Mechanon and had forgotten about this thread. Somehow I had missed the last couple of posts.
  5. Re: That Mechanon fella jest ain't right: a roleplay question Agreed...and repped.
  6. Re: CU - The Monster: Story Ideas Has a version of The Monster appeared since CKC?
  7. Re: News Headlines as Plot Seeds Thread Sorry, I know this is not "funny real headlines" but once here in Cincinnati, a tank truck carrying Olestra (faux cooking oil) overturned on I75 during rush hour. The actual headline the next day in The Enquirer was "FAT CLOGS MAJOR ARTERY".
  8. Re: from little plot seeds, mighty games do grow: Share your ideas!
  9. Boll Weevil

    The Destroyers

    Re: The Destroyers But, alas, still no death Commando
  10. Re: Super City WPDR (Plot Device Radio) - The local radio station formats it's news in such a way that all one need do is turn on the radio and hear the most relevent news. No music, no commercials, no unneeded news, just plot points 24 hours a day.
  11. Howdy all. I was curious if anyone ever affixed some perception modifier to your characters for specific powers. For instance, jetpacks with enough thrust to propel a person or having a sonic blast capable of melting metal. Powers like these should be able to be heard from far away; farther than, say, an ice-blast when used. You can buy all the Stealth you want and disable the alarm, but if you use your sonic scream to melt the bank vault, SOMEONE is going to call the cops. Anyone?
  12. Re: If You Draw It...They Will Come I colored the Doc Power pic by using Stamp Tool. The silver/blue parts were made using a photo of some silver bowls. The highlights were colored blue to make it more metallic. The gaunlets and such were taken from a pic of gold bars. I tried to make it look like they were reflecting the fire but I didn't think I had accomplished that. Thanks! I used the Burn tool around the original lineart lines for shading.
  13. Re: If You Draw It...They Will Come My Doc Power
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