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  1. Champions - Return to Edge City : Geomancy 101 I realise it's been quite a while since the last Edge City post, but between COVID-19, lightning strikes, Weldun somehow nearly getting his ears blown six feet into his skull by an audio glitch, and more, we haven't actually got many hours in. The same has applied to the Pathfinder game, to a slightly lesser degree. Cleaning up after Humanity First tried to prepare deadly chemical weapons to use against the Moreau population. After Scooter nearly murdered one of the racist mooks at the chemical plant, he’s going to have to face the music fro
  2. Pathfginder: The Mummy's Mask : How To Win Friends And Influence People Despite nearly dying in an assortment of horrible ways, we DO unbox somebody who’s been stuck down here for thousands of years, and for SOME reason (can’t think why) is a bit upset with the Sky Pharoah. Jeshura: Hakotep's lapdogs! All of the sky pharoah's underlings will die a thousand times over before I am done! Nemat: In the name of Wadjet BE QUIET! Zenobia attempts to Banish her, helped by the fact that Onka was still wearing the Mummy’s Mask, and Banishment is assisted if you are wielding something the target hate
  3. Do I remember correctly that you and your group are in Australia or thereabouts?

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