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  1. Harshal would grab his go-bag, and bag of precious stones, and get the hell out of town. Zenobia would attempt Banishment on the demon turkey (although finding a large enough bottle of cranberry sauce for the rite might be difficult), and cutting the Achilles tendon on the mutant. She's not really equipped to deal with mecha. She would certainly try and keep their attention away from civilians. Jrska would find a bottle shop, loot an armfull of stuff, climb onto the roof, and cheer them on. Vitus would cast Boil Blood on the mutant, Destroy Metal on the mec
  2. *facepalm* forgot to include Hero Shrew. Hero Shrew: ...Well, I hope you're not some alternate or time travelling version of me, because I'm about to punch your head in. (although if we're being honest, the team's underground base is probably going to be trashed in the ensuing fistfight even if it IS an alternate Scooter of time traveller)
  3. hmm, I forgot how ROVER would react. Not shoot at him, obviously, which is the result of a programming shortcut that his creator installed to avoid having to programme in self-recognition in a world that still has mirrors. 'Don't Shoot At Anything That Looks Like This Even If It Has A Gun'. If the dopple IS a duplicate, somehow, then I expect considerable mutual confusion and lots of whirring of their tape memory. "QUERY: Identify Yourself?" "This Unit Nomeclature ROVER, Mobile Personal Defence Automaton" "PARSING: +++ ERROR+++ This Unit Nomeclature ROVER, Mobile Person
  4. This has probably been a WWYCD? before, but what the hell - Your character is off duty at the base, or at home, when an apparently exact duplicate of yourself opens the door and walks in. They certainly seem surprised to see you there. Wot Do? Harshal, from the Streets of Magnimar game, would immediately knife them in the throat, since there is no good reason for a duplicate of himself to be coming in. His actual allies would know better, magical and monstrous duplicates are a thing, and if it's some good adventurer who investigating organised crime in Magnimar, using D
  5. Sure - he might look like an 8ft tall anthropomorphic orca, but he's a cheerful guy that doesn't hurt civilians and would rather end a fight with one hit than terrorise people. Even better are the missions where he can be in and out in seconds without hurting anybody. Seduction also works, but takes longer.
  6. I dare say that's accurate. Jrska, of course, would slam that button the moment she saw it, but I wouldn't want to be any Eldar Harlequins she ran into in future, since her idea of a suitable retaliatory prank isn't printable. Vitus would be too suspicious to fall for it, which is just as well since his revenge would be bloody. Zero would probably guess the nature of the prank and wave at the cameras, and would warn off his teammates, but leave it in place for the next schmuck. Felix from Shadowrun would be traumatised if any of that paint got
  7. Well, let's see - Hero Shrew would print off a list of the more noteworthy events in SoCal, and then track down somebody from the previous Edge City campaign. Zenobia would be a frozen by indecision - ten years ago, she was just another monster, and it might be a bit difficult to leave important clues for the Covenant of Wati anywhere where she wouldn't get shot on sight. And she'd be afraid that anything she does would change history enough that she never meets Asrian. Jrska, of course, would just take the opportunity to f*** herself. She IS a Slaaneshi cultist.
  8. Champions: Return To Edge City : Do Not Poke The Synchronoclastic Infundibulum Hardlight’s player: I tried for Lord of the Flies for my new Twitter handle, but apparently Mike Pence already had it. Me: I can clearly picture some of the comic panels from Antihero Shrew in the Liefeld Continuum - Shrew handcuffed and beaten in some kingpin’s penthouse, villain is monologuing, Shrew says “I have one question - who has two thumbs and can bench-press a truck?”. Then he snaps the handcuffs, and the next panel is the kingpin with two bloody eye sockets, being thrown from the penthouse wi
  9. The Pharaoh’s pyramid has spikes, and lightning. Nemat: Oh god, he’s gone full edgelord. He also has colossal scorpions as guard dogs, which does him no good at all since the entire party is invisible and flying. Doesn’t stop the slightly-built woman that appears out of thin air and a blast of trumpets at the top of the pyramid and strolls unconcerned down the side towards us. It’s the same woman who was doing the illicit research in the secret library, months ago. She addresses us, the entire area, and, as we’ll learn later, is doing the same from smaller pyramids hovering over every majo
  10. Weldun wanted us to come up with Alternate Universe versions of all our characters, for upcoming sessions. Naturally, one of them is simply Mirror Universe. Time to break out the sticky-backed goatees. Me: Well, obviously Mirror Universe Scooter is Antihero Shrew. With absolutely no compunctions about using lethal force. Hardlight's Player: Putting you down as Liefeldian Antihero Me: There are probably pouches involved, yes. Presumably full of live snacks.
  11. Champions - Return to Edge City : Geomancy 101 I realise it's been quite a while since the last Edge City post, but between COVID-19, lightning strikes, Weldun somehow nearly getting his ears blown six feet into his skull by an audio glitch, and more, we haven't actually got many hours in. The same has applied to the Pathfinder game, to a slightly lesser degree. Cleaning up after Humanity First tried to prepare deadly chemical weapons to use against the Moreau population. After Scooter nearly murdered one of the racist mooks at the chemical plant, he’s going to have to face the music fro
  12. Pathfginder: The Mummy's Mask : How To Win Friends And Influence People Despite nearly dying in an assortment of horrible ways, we DO unbox somebody who’s been stuck down here for thousands of years, and for SOME reason (can’t think why) is a bit upset with the Sky Pharoah. Jeshura: Hakotep's lapdogs! All of the sky pharoah's underlings will die a thousand times over before I am done! Nemat: In the name of Wadjet BE QUIET! Zenobia attempts to Banish her, helped by the fact that Onka was still wearing the Mummy’s Mask, and Banishment is assisted if you are wielding something the target hate
  13. Weldun: I've image-filtered my way into cheesecake territory - f*** my life.
  14. Champions : Return To Edge City : Scooter vs. The Human Pretzel A warning in advance - events in this episode have been planned months in advance, and it's total coincidence that they happened the same week that the protests kicked off in the States. The parallels certainly upset some of the players, but were not intentional. The Magus has used a spell to locate the salvaged Black Smoke Projector, and tracked it to Bayside Industrial, an area of Edge City that boomed before the whole ‘fusion reactor went BOOM’ situation on S-Day, and now has lots of derelict chemical storage facilities and
  15. Pathfinder : The Mummy's Mask : The Scent Of Burning Feathers Nemat’s Player: Apparently we’ve missed a lot of stuff in this campaign because we actually talk to people. And aren’t psychopaths. Onka’s Player: It’s like we actually get paid to do our job - archeology. Zenobia’s Player: Although I don’t think we’ll be returning some of this stuff to the people that made them - under any circumstances. On the way to the final activation point, we nearly have a major dust-up between a Phoenix, a Roc, and a Sphinx land on top of us. A feather-dust-up, as it were. Nemat: Onka? Fireball that.
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