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  1. Here are some of the links I mentioned. Star Hero - General Star Hero - Bead And Dart Guns Star Hero - Discussion - Higher Damage Weapons and More Protective Armor Star Hero - Laser Weapons 2300 AD Hero 2300 AD Hero - Weapons Dragonstar Hero Dragonstar Hero - Cyberwear Gamma World Hero Gamma World Hero - Wasteland Hero - Artifacts and Equipment Gamma World Hero - Wasteland Hero - Weapons Judge Dread Hero Judge Dread Hero - Lawgiver Stats Hammer's Slammers Hero Hammers Slammers H
  2. Thanks, vhoffmann. I think the Shadowpunk Hero Shadowrun conversion used to be hosted on starherofandom.com. The website still exists but doesn't have a lot of the material it used to have. (https://web.archive.org/web/20080520074851/http://www.starherofandom.com/h_shadowrun/index.php) Here is a direct link to the file you mentioned on a different site: http://arcanearcade.com/Downloads/SHADOWPUNK_091.pdf The author is Justin Richt. I haven't read all of it yet but the cyberwear and bioware conversions are pretty cool. They're a ni
  3. Thanks, Duke Bushido! It's a darn shame about the Ultratech conversions. I still remember fondly getting the GURPs book as a Christmas present 20+ years ago. The thought behind it impressed me a lot. It would be really cool to see some of it translated to Hero. I've honestly gotten a little maudlin at times realizing how much fan created content is gone now. When I was younger, I assumed anything online would be around forever. I'm planning to share the links I did find. It's still going to take some work. I saved dozens of links. But I didn't sort th
  4. By 'ancients', I mean people my own age, really. I've spent a lot of time reading old forum posts lately. There is a wealth of really interesting and amazing content. I've been using the 'search' feature and then working my way through dozens or even hundreds of pages of old posts. I've been particularly interested in conversions from other SF RPGs and original designs for cyberware and bioware, weapons, armor, battlesuits and mecha. One problem though is dead links. The Waybackmachine helps with some of it but not everything. There are a couple of thing
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