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  1. As I understand it, the damage of Move By and Move Through type maneuvers is based on velocity, so it would be an issue for a leaping character using them. Currently I'm working on a jedi PC for a Star Wars game that has Leap 40m and Passing Strike. Without Combat Acceleration/Deceleration, the PC would have to be at least 8m away from a target to deal full damage.
  2. In Hero 6e, does a leaping character continue to accelerate once they are airborne? "Acceleration with Leaping, whether it’s a single-Phase or multiple-Phase Leap, is the same as for any other form of movement." - page 243, Volume 1: Character Creation "A character can add or subtract up to 5m velocity per meter he moves, up to his full Combat Movement velocity." - page 156, Volume 1: Character Creation So would a character with Leap 40m need to travel a distance of 8m before reaching maximum combat velocity? This doesn't square with my conception of how jumping typically work
  3. Re: Villainess Romance Appeal? Evil is sexy
  4. Re: A good character addition to a team, or just too 'wierd' for a team? There's nothing inherently wrong with the concept. After all, the first superhero, Superman, is an alien who fell to Earth. Your character is not that different from Warlock, formerly of the New Mutants. The problem I see is with his personality. He doesn't seem much of a team player and not just because of the berserk. Why would the other PCs invite this guy to join a superhero team? Now probably they will, because players usually observe the 'PC halo' and are kind that way. But it seems pretty obvious you're r
  5. Re: Military Eye for the Civilian Gal
  6. Re: Military Eye for the Civilian Gal Yes
  7. Re: Military Eye for the Civilian Gal SimComm, you've taken on the US military! You got some stones, girl. Respect.
  8. Re: Real World Books in Fictional Libraries I'd prefer to use imaginary or legendary books. Great stuff here - List of fictional books. Wikipedia is getting more and more awesome. A Treatise on the Binomial Theorem, by Professor James Moriarty At Long Last Lust by Daphne Farquitt The Sigsand Manuscript The Conversation with the Man Called Al-Mu'tasim: A Game of Shifting Mirrors by Mir Bahadur Ali -- Illustrated version A General History of Labyrinths by Silas Haslam Axaxaxas Mlo The last three are from Jorge Luis Borges. I think his imaginary books sound particularly w
  9. Re: How does your world handle Magic/Psi? Maybe because John W Campbell coined the term in 1956.
  10. Are these guys cool or what? "time-travelling micro-city of the Morlockoi" - beautiful poetry
  11. Re: How to make the Loner feel not so Lonely? You say that like it's a bad thing.
  12. Re: How does your world handle Magic/Psi? I guess my world is much like the Marvel/DC universe. The general public know superheroes, super-science, aliens, other dimensions and weird terrestrial species like the moloids (mine are called the Sub-Men) exist, but don't believe in ancient gods, ghosts and magic. The PCs defeated a J-horror ghost early on in my campaign. They didn't call it a ghost at the press conference though, I think they termed it an 'extra-dimensional entity'. You have an interesting idea there, of a secret world within the standard superhero universe, it does look
  13. Re: A Dark Golden Age game Check out these Captain America covers from the WW2 period. There's a really leering, lurid quality to many of them. Lots of bondage and torture implements. Cap's girlfriend is tied up, being threatened with a brand in #15 and #23. #28 has some wonderfully OTT torture devices. The depiction of the Japanese as inhuman monsters is, of course, deeply racist, but it gives an insight into the darker side of the GA.
  14. Re: A Dark Golden Age game You could certainly set an Iron Age game during the GA period, 38-50. It might be easier to get an IA feel outside the WW2 segment because during WW2 there's a strong feeling of togetherness, everyone together against the nazis, and a certainty about what's right and wrong. IA has Gray and Black morality. The nazis are obviously Black. The PCs could be Gray by making them Dirty Dozen style criminals, or possible former nazis. Make the PCs nasty, nasty people. They break the rules of war, torture, kill prisoners and enemy civilians. But they're still the 'go
  15. Re: How to make the Loner feel not so Lonely? The player kind of sounds like a dick, tbh. He's only interested in violence and sex. He sounds like he's got a mental age of 14. The sort of person who really likes Wolverine because he goes snickety-snick and reads Gor books. He reminds me of Beavis & Butthead or Jay & Silent Bob.
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