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  1. Sorry all that I had been away from this thread for a bit. Had some unexpected medical stuff come up. Unfortunatly Tuesdays are out for Me and my son right now due to school and work. Friday nights, and Saturday afternoons are best. Beast, I have put feelers out on a few platforms (here and a couple pages on facebook). I am hoping to get some in-person gaming soon as it looks like covid restrictions are losening or nearing the end. For right now I am about to start some training sessions with my son. I am basing the training on short combative scenerios in a halographic room. It is akin to the X-Men's Danger Room. We will start off with lower level thugs (common muggers, gang members, etc.) so my son can get use to the process of combat (dice rolling, phases, etc.). We shall work our way up to more difficult challenges such as henchmen, lower level bad guys, and progressing through more challanging villians and super villian teams. This will get him more adept to the Hero system of play and allow me to get back into the feel of being a GM again. That way when we do get some people together for adventures we are a bit more proficent.
  2. What days and times are you considering?
  3. Am I understanding correctly that this would be an adventure comprised of teen agers?
  4. Is anyone a Champions 6e player that lives in central Arkansas? I am looking to connect with people nearby to communicate with about Champions and take part in adventures. Online is good for now, but I am hoping to connect with people who my son and I can play adventures with in person eventually. I use to play the original Champions when I was a teen and am now introducing my teenage son to Champions 6e. We are kind of stumbling along with it by ourselves. I am the GM for him and me, and we would like to get others involved.
  5. I am very pleased with this. It does what you say it will do. Nice and clean with proper page breaks. I feel it will be MUCH easier to introduce new players to Champions with this verses others that don't fit pages properly or break at the end of a page while in the middle of information on the sheet. Thank you for this.
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