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  1. What days and times are you considering?
  2. Am I understanding correctly that this would be an adventure comprised of teen agers?
  3. Is anyone a Champions 6e player that lives in central Arkansas? I am looking to connect with people nearby to communicate with about Champions and take part in adventures. Online is good for now, but I am hoping to connect with people who my son and I can play adventures with in person eventually. I use to play the original Champions when I was a teen and am now introducing my teenage son to Champions 6e. We are kind of stumbling along with it by ourselves. I am the GM for him and me, and we would like to get others involved.
  4. I am very pleased with this. It does what you say it will do. Nice and clean with proper page breaks. I feel it will be MUCH easier to introduce new players to Champions with this verses others that don't fit pages properly or break at the end of a page while in the middle of information on the sheet. Thank you for this.
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