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  1. Secondary Domain #3: Music & Poetry Kulan wanted to spread more beauty across the land and he knew the quickest way was through sound. He found the sound or the words could touch hearts.
  2. I think you could already find this on the Internet... depending on which websites you go to.
  3. Mythic monster or Guardian: the winged Unicorn
  4. "Weird Al Yankovic" by Weird Al Yankovic
  5. Second domain: The Sun, sunrise, sunset The darkness encompassing the land was not beautiful. There was an ugliness to it and Kulan could not continue to ignore it. He turned away from his own loveliness and turned to that of the land. "The sun's light shall clear the darkness from the land, but there shall be more. The arrival of the sun during the day and the retreat of the sun as well shall take the breath from those who gaze upon it. The colors. The warmth. The feel of the beginning or the end. It shall now be."
  6. He is Kulan. He moves quietly. Words are not usually needed. All eyes are on him. He is the God of Beauty
  7. Master of Puppets by Metallica
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