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  1. PART ELEVEN- The Secret of the Prince: THE CONCLUSION As the ground fell into the abyss, Zara’s eyes displayed the utter fear and shock that was ripping through her heart. Shaking, she was too consumed with terror to even say a word. “Mom.” The single word broke the silence, sending a wave of relief washing across her as Jessup worked his way from the dirt. She rushed to him, throwing her arms around Jessup and pulling him close. “Praise be,” she said, finally able to catch her breath. She kissed him on his forehead and then on the cheek. “Good job, kid,” said Wyldsyde. “What happened to Chaos?” asked Zara. “He got buried by the falling rocks. So did the dragon. I do not know what his fate was, but, if he returns, we’ll deal with him.” A deep gasp drew their attention to the wounded Ogden Wetherby leaning back against a tree. Jessup hurried over to the warrior. It was obvious to the boy that he did not have much longer. “I… am so … happy ...you survived, my Prince,” said Ogden, struggling for each word. “Take it easy,” said Jessup, kneeling down beside him. “I have… to say this...to you,” he said, tears scattered across his cheeks. “I was… foolish. Lost...myself. I’m *cough* sorry for …*cough* my ...betrayal.” Jessup placed his hand on Ogden’s chest. “When push came to shove, you did what was right. You sacrificed yourself for my mother. You are forgiven… Elder.” Ogden weakly smiled. His eyes closed and, with one final breath, Ogden Wetherby died as the Elder. Jessup patted his chest. “Your majesty,” said one of the soldiers, “What do we do now?” “This has been a terribly tragic day for Galadral,” said Zara, “and the truth behind my rule will need to be revealed to everyone. It is now time though. For me to abdicate the throne because Galadral has a king. His name is King Jessup Stanton.” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Next day. Jessup knelt beside the sinkhole where the city of Syn nearly devastated the world. The boy was lost in his thoughts of what had happened and what could have been. His life was forever changed from the events of the conspiracy. “What are ye doin’ boyo?” The bald-headed old man, hunched over, limped his way over to Jessup. The old man’s body rounded, his neck tilting to the side like a turtle. “Oy, what happened here?” “An underground cavern collapsed, sir,” said Jessup. “Ah… no. Anyone hurt?” “Sadly we lost a lot of good men,” said Jessup. “That’s such a tragedy,” he said. “Yes, sir, it was,” said Jessup. “You seem familiar to me, boyo,” he said. “Do I know you?” “I am Prince Jessup of Galadral… soon to be the King,” Jessup said. He had no desire to hide the fact. Lies were over. “Soon to be king? Inconceivable,” he said. Jessup snapped his head to look at the old man. His words strange, but somewhat familiar too. The old man twitched his head back and forth and he had a smirk on his face. “It may be inconceivable, sir, but it is true,” said Jessup, turning back to the sinkhole. “Is there anything I can do to help you?” “No...no… I am fine,” he said, smiling. “King? Your father must be very proud of you.” Jessup looked back at the old man who was standing straight, with a presence that had changed dramatically. The glimmer in the old man’s eyes showed an unspoken secret. “I never met my father,” said Jessup, slowly and cautiously. “Oh my… I would not be surprised to know that he is watching you, Prince Jessup, soon to be king.” the old man said. Jessup stared closely at the old man. Inside his heart, he knew who this was. “I don’t know about that, sir. That seems to be inconceivable.” The old man laughed. “Good luck, son. Remember, the world is a chaotic place...and that is a good thing.” Jessup turned back, but the old man was gone. He glanced around knowing that he would not find him. Those few words were enough. “I’ll remember.” END
  2. PART TEN- The Secret of the Prince Spoilered for length TO BE CONCLUDED
  3. Optional Character: Wallace Shawn (character yet to be announced)
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