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  1. England has roughly half the number of cases as Germany but roughly 3.5 times the number of deaths. Which means whatever Germany is doing it should be looked at.
  2. The Anti-Magic Cone was (IIRC) neutralize magic no range only if in front of the eye does not work if flashed. Flesh to stone was a transform. Slow was Speed Drain Fear and the Charms were mind control/empathy Finger of death and Disintegrate were killing attacks Sleep was stun drain Inflict Moderate Wounds was an AP EB or AP KA Telekinesis was obvious. SPD was 5, Dex was 20
  3. I recall when Jerry Glanville was their manager. So I'm right to be scared.
  4. Technically he is not a cyborg. He is a beholder with modern weapons and working eyestalks. Choose from the following Inflict Moderate Wounds Charm Person/Monster Flesh to Stone Slow Sleep Disintegrate Fear Finger of Death Telekinesis Anti Magic Cone from the central eye I had him speak with a German accent. And he would appear to the strains of Ride of the Valkyries.
  5. I follow The Mighty Jingles and see the replays he features. There are less terrible players than i World of Tanks.
  6. Psionics was in Dungeons and Dragons so it was no problem
  7. You can be the god of malarkey but No Star Wars references during the draft. And no Sci fi references either.
  8. For those of you looking for villains or one hero:- Pike is a weaponsmaster dressed in red who appeared in the first WildCATs comic https://www.writeups.org/pike-wildcats-wildstorm-comics/ Coda write up and info https://www.writeups.org/coda-wildcats-wildstorm-image-comics/ Helspont https://www.writeups.org/helspont-wildcats-image-comics-daemonite/ Zealot https://www.writeups.org/zealot-wildcats-wildstorm-comics/
  9. If this is New York then I am picking Spider Man !
  10. BOAC Flight 712 returned to Heathrow after losing an engine in flight. The plane successfully landed but a fire broke out leading to 5 deaths. 122 people survived with 38 of those injured. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BOAC_Flight_712
  11. The World Creation Superdraft kicks off on Monday May 4th. I know that this is Star Wars day but there will be zero tolerance for science fiction malarkey during the draft.
  12. Having seen more people wearing masks in shops, or out and about, I had to restrain myself from asking them to do Bane impressions.
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