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  1. 'Aww, Mum !' 'When I say wash behind the ears, I mean wash behind the ears !'
  2. I have that issue of the Dragon with the Dragon being taken to school.
  3. I'm just wondering whether there will be new face mask penalties this year.
  4. I tend to go with Modern but it is also the case of how. Spontaneous mutations ? Yes. The Gestalt waves as it is stated in the Gestalt book. Then there is the good old alien intervention/manipulation and Weird Science.
  5. Objective Burma ! was 1945 but U571 was 2000 and Independence Day was 1996. It's a persistent Hollywood problem..
  6. One criticism that is bang on is films where with it is up to the Americans to win and no-one else can. Or they have to wait for America to join in. Objective Burma ! is one of the worst examples with Errol Flynn as this was mainly a British and Commonwealth area of fighting although Merill's Marauders were in action.and there is a separate film which did detail that better. But Independence Day is another example with non-American countries waiting for America to lead them. U571 is another as the Enigma machine had already been captured by the Poles at the start of the war and the crew of a British destroyer had retrieved a naval Enigma machine from a U-Boat. There are others but these three are major examples.
  7. Most of the films I list are screened on the Talking Pictures channel in Britain. This was one of them
  8. Logan could have the Hart Foundation Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart who were known as the Pink and Black attack in the WWF that was.
  9. A lot of us grew up with Star Trek Original Series and the Pertwee/Tom Baker Dr Who. Those who came later had Next Generation or DS9 Trek. I feel sorry for those who had Voyager or Enterprise.
  10. One of the scenario books had a theme park so I would look at that as well.
  11. Just got through level 750 of Candy Crush Soda. The new system that they have in place is a great incentive to play. Bearing in mind I am not spending money. First weekly leader boards which gives you boosters if you are in the top three. Secondly if you get through an episode 1st trough 3rd you get gold 10, 3 and 1. And third if you cooperate with other players and get through four tasks between you you get boosters.
  12. To be clear there are not three ghoul assassins. It's that computer error again. Absolution This member of the apostles is one who is the most powerful. He calls himself David Bennett but that may not be his real name. He embraces an opponent and gets them to face what they have done. And this is then cancelled out by the power of the Lord. Of course some people will never face what they have done or become but even those who lack humanity have been brought low and destroyed by Absolution's power. Certain groups like Infernal Affairs, The Corruption and the Dreamstealers have tried to have Absolution killed to little or no effect. There are unconfirmed reports of what happened when Father Stevens and Absolution joined forces but the forces of evil give them a wide berth nonetheless. Next one posts a new team
  13. Morgan Woodward was in two original series episodes. And then he turns up in the X-Files second season.
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