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  1. I grew to view the series of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea with apathy because of the scripts not the acting. But that was the series that most people know him from. I have seen the original version of The Fly which has Vincent Price in a surprising non-villainous role with David Hedison as the scientist. I have both the Bond films which has Hedison as Felix Leiter, the first actor to repeat the role. David lived to 92 which is no mean feat. May he rest in peace.
  2. Missing French submarine found after 50 years. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-49068823
  3. Actually I like the F4 Phantom as Dinky toys did an blue RAF version. A joyride for Cancer is a trip to the shops on a mobility scooter
  4. I was thinking maybe October or November. I have something written up akin to the World Creation Superdraft frontpage and just want that critiqued or other options put forward.
  5. An update. We are waiting mainly for Cancer and Lucius Enforcer84 Dagna, Godess of Lands and Stone! Geography. The Floating Islands of the First Walkers Sentient Life. First Walkers Gift to Civilization. Music and the Arts Flora. Eyes of the Earthmother Interference. Mythic Monster or Guardian. Terrash the Behemoth Secondary Domain. Mining Secondary Domain . Rune Magic Secondary Domain: Adventure. Death Tribble, Olos, Lord of the Heavens! (Sky) Geography. The Sky Prison Sentient Life. Skyborne Gift to Civilization: Navigation Fauna. Birds Interference: The Sea in the Sky Mythic Monster or Guardian. The Storm Secondary Domain. Weather Secondary Domain. Knowledge Secondary Domain. ScottishFox, Har’Ak God of the Hearth and Hospitality! Geography. Gardens, vineyards and open fields Sentient Life: Cyclops Gift to Civilization. Ripe Meat off the Bone and Strong Drink Fauna: Traveler’s Mercy/Delight/Lament Interference: An opposite exists for any good Mythic Monster or Guardian. The Dour Man Secondary Domain. The Benevolent Flame Secondary Domain. Glimmer of Hope Secondary Domain. Symbiosis Old Man, Grorarr God of the Wild! Geography. The Jungle of the World Tree Sentient Life. Deinonychus Gift to Civilization. Civilisation is a lie Flora, Fauna, or Ore. Feather Serpents Interference. All beings can eat meat Mythic Monster or Guardian. Chaofeng Keeper of the Inner Fire Secondary Domain. Survival of the Fittest Secondary Domain. Freedom Secondary Domain: Courage L. Marcus Doomsayer, God of Justice! Geography. Babylon, The World City Sentient Life. The Civil Beasts Gift to Civilization. Grey Outriders Flora, Fauna, or Ore. Horses Interference: The Wilderness Nice and Orderly Mythic Monster or Guardian: The Blind Judge Secondary Domain: Cities Secondary Domain / Option: Trade and Transport Option. Tea Logan.1179 Rebastia, God of Water! Geography. Mount Kedge Sentient Life. Amamaun Gift to Civilization. Prophercy Fauna: Tunalok Interference: The Undead move slowly. Mythic Monster or Guardian. The World Serpent Secondary Domain. Time Secondary Domain: Winter Secondary Domain / Option. Cookery and Culinary Arts Cancer Tziruu, The God of Decay and Unmaking! Geography. Wormlight Sentient Life. Fsh’mrrm Gift to Civilization. Restful Peace Flora, Fauna, or Ore. Wormroot Interference:Telepathy via Earworm Mythic Monster or Guardian. Sandworms Secondary Domain. Worms Secondary Domain. Empathy Secondary Domain: Diseases and Plagues Lucius Arepo, Goddess of Death and Rebirth! Geography. Jurmunganger, the Long Land, a single continent. Sentient Life: The Undead Gift to Civilization. Priestcraft Flora, Fauna, or Ore. Eaters of the Dead Interference. Food that talks is not food Mythic Monster or Guardian. Secondary Domain / Option. Secondary Domain: Interference: Secondary Domain / Option. Hermit, Concinnant God of crafts and Invention! Geography. The Riddledark Sentient Life. Engdweorg Gift to Civilization. Steampunk Technology Ore: Atherite/Coppersong Interference. Zinnchapeau (tin foil hats protect your brain) Mythic Monster or Guardian. The iron Giant Secondary Domain. Metals Secondary Domain. Restoration Secondary Domain/Option. Technology (Interference with Magic) Sociotard, Pandemonium God of Chaos and Madness! Geography. The World is a Torus Sentient Life. Pictclock Engdweorg Gift to Civilization. Parliamentary republics with Professional Bureaucracies Fauna/Flora. Esuvee Interference. No writing only know worms Mythic Monster or Guardian. Trustbreaker Secondary Domain. Drugs and Bacchanalia Secondary Domain. Magic Secondary Domain/Option. Food Production is done with the Ritual of Howlers Plenty Psybolt, Academy, God of Lies and Trickery! Geography. The Stage Sentient Life. Humans Gift to Civilization. A Common Language Flora. Canabis Interference. Everything that you believe about the gods is a lie Mythic Monster or Guardian. The Sphinx Secondary Domain. Comedy and Humour Secondary Domain: Acting Secondary Domain: Improv
  6. I have a specification for the dungeon draft but would appreciate someone giving the choices the once over. Any takers ?
  7. I am already thinking about next year and one rule that will be implemented is that you cannot use the same primary domain two years in a row.
  8. As Hermit had a secondary domain pick free he gets to use a second Interference. I am making this clear as some people may read the lists and say 'But X already did that'
  9. Olos wondered about what he could create. True he had made a sea out the air but it was Rebastia's realm and that god still had dominion over it. He wandered for an age until he became aware of a certain problem. All the peoples could break laws but they could escape punishment or evade capture. There was nowhere that could hold anyone securely. And that was what gave Olos an idea. People could swim in the sea or walk on the land but only the Skyborne and birds could fly. So Olos created a prison in the sky so that there would be no escape from the justice of the gods or anyone else. Geography Pick: the Sky Prison
  10. Bird watching as you can do it gently or seriously Oriental Dragon combat T'Ien Lung vs Yu Lung (Celestial Dragon vs Carp Dragon)
  11. Again in Italy the continued mystery of a disappearance https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-49055783
  12. Make coffee in Venice and get asked to leave. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-49054042
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