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  1. Come August and September, depending on what date you are using, it will be the 2,500th anniversary of the Battle of Thermopylae
  2. I've heard of new ideas for police partnerships but this is a little ridiculous
  3. It turns out that I have missed entering quite a large number of films etc from last year Captain America: Civil War Surprisingly I missed putting this one down. Very enjoyable and a good lead in for Black Panther. They may hav missed a trick by killing odd all the other potential Winter Soldiers but still. Ghostbusters 2016 The fault in the film is not that it replaces all the men with women. The fault is that it does not engage the audience. It is not bad, the effects are great it just does not hold the attention. Worth seeing once. The Imitation Game Part of the tale of Alan Turing and how they built a machine to decrypt the German Enigma device. It made a great leap when Turing and his team worked out that a salutation to the Fuhrer was included in most messages. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Turing. Star Trek Beyond It is not bad but it is not Star Trek. And they destroy the ship before the end of the five year mission. Yet more sacrilege. Again worth one look. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows I have not seen part 1 of the reboot. I liked this. Seamus the wrestler becomes one of the goons fighting the turtles. Interesting take on Krang. Terminator Genisys In this version of the saga they reboot the first film and also turn John Connor into a villain. Not really the right idea.
  4. Optional Character: Michael Ironside channelling. well Michael Ironside. He is the General
  5. Pariah invented grants. That includes President Grant
  6. More like recalling killer prehistoric birds from the series Primeval and Deadpool mocking Black Talon
  7. I don't see why this can't be the choice. It is scary enough as is with Boris and Nigel
  8. The gnomes use artillery but their enemies do try and shove them into the cannons
  9. The Ringmaster This member of the group has an armoured suit which protects him from gunfire and knives. He is then able to launch rings via the magnets in the suit which can cause all sorts of effects. These can carry flash grenades or energy blasts for example. They can also act as a shield but it is not that reliable. He cannot fly or move very fast. The current Ringmaster is Gary Blade.
  10. No, L. Marcus, you cannot claim icebergs as submarines or capital vessels for Scandinavia
  11. The Thing From Another World 1951 A crashed spaceship and its occupant cause havoc for an Arctic station at the North Pole. Kenneth Tobey and James Arness star in a Howard Hawks film. The music is good and chilling and people talk across each other which is unusual for almost any film. Goldfinger 1964 James Bond is tasked with finding out how Auric Goldfinger is smuggling gold out of Britain. Goldfinger has an efficient henchman called Oddjob who has a hat that he slings at people causing them injury or death. He also has a pilot called Pussy Galore. The film has the first appearance of the iconic Aston Martin DB5; The unusual method of death in painting someone all over; Bond overmatched physically by a normal human for the first time and having to find a way to stop him; And one of the most iconic lines in Bond. 'You expect me to talk ?' No, Mr Bond I expect you to die !'. From Russia With Love 1963 SPECTRE come up with a convoluted plan to steal a Russian cryptography device from the Russians, blame the British, kill the 'thief' and his inside contact. It is so obvious a trap that James Bond will be sent and is. The theft is to take place in Turkey and SPECTRE decide to heat up the Cold War in the Balkans by setting the locals against each other. Bond makes contact with the Russian pawn and they are observed by SPECTRE who kill the local KGB and set off vendettas between the Bulgars and Gypsies. The film has the first appearance of Q; Robert Shaw, Vladek Sheybal, Walter Gotell and Lotte Lenya as SPECTRE personnel; A punch up between Robert Shaw and Sean Connery in a train compartment; SPECTRE making multiple attempts to seize the cryptography device and kill Bond.
  12. Another change of avatar ? Why oh why ? Will this madness never end ?
  13. God is always on the side of the Big Battalions and they have heavy artillery Original film vs Remake film throwdown 26 A Guy Named Joe 1943 vs Always 1989
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