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  1. The government may take action over European Super League https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56810962
  2. I say chaps ! Lethal hairball here ! World Creation starts 3rd May Toodle Pip !
  3. the UAE are through 500,000 cases
  4. Lock up your livestock ! We've had a Mightybec sighting in the Videos thread !
  5. For the Europeans what is the significance of the date as it is not his birthday.
  6. Gilberto Simoni who won the Giro twice and Geraint Thomas who won the Tour de France in 2018
  7. Nairo Quintana winner of the Giro and Vuelta
  8. The second season has just started on British TV.
  9. India through 15 million cases
  10. Neutral Port As war breaks out the British and Germans are trying to find out what the other is doing. A merchant ship is sunk by a U-Boat and the captain vows to get his own back on the Germans. He steals a German ship and is promptly sunk. Arrested on return to the neutral country he escapes with the help of his crew, steals another German ship but lures U-Boats into a trap but is yet again sunk this time by carrier based bombers. Of its time. A Lifetime of Comedy Clips programme showing Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Ben Turpin and Bing Crosby all doing various ga
  11. Video Killed the Radio Star This set of episodes looked at the videos of Toyah Wilcox, Blondie, Neil Young, Robbie Williams, Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox and Duran Duran. All very nice in a 30 min format George Ezra Live at Baloise Session There are quite a few of these sessions and this one dealt with George Ezra. He is a newer artist and this was an entertaining set. The Rolling Stones: Sweet Summer Sun Live in Hyde Park The Rolling Stones play Hyde Park. Need I say anything more ? No. Satisfaction, Jumping Jack Flash, Gimme Shelter and Sympathy for the Devil were stan
  12. Luis Ocana who won the 1970 Vuelta and perennial French favourite Raymond Poulidor who won the Vuelta but never the Tour
  13. I always considered Ankylosaur iconic. He appeared in the first Enemies book, got revised in later versions but also appeared in one of the rulebooks in a cartoon But I agree with Jhamin in choices such as Black Paladin, Bulldozer and Firewing. The latter inspired the creation of The Protectors in the To Serve and Protect book. I keep Eurostar with the original lineup, Fiacho, Bora, Durak, le Sone and Pantera But that is just me. I do have Voice of Doom and enjoyed the twists in it.
  14. Dalmacio Langarcia (winner of the 1946 Vuelta a Espana and to make sure he is mentioned Eddy Merckx winner of 11 Grand Tours 5 Tour de France, 5 Giro and 1 Vuelta and the only man to win all five Monuments twice.
  15. Jan Janssen winner of the 1968 Tour de France
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