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  1. Literally was comparing Trump's 'run america like a business' to my last job to a friend. A friend who was fired for disagreeing with the boss from that job. People like Trump because he's destroying what they view as the current corrupt government. Trump is really good at destroying things. But it's really easy to destroy things. That's not an exceptional or valuable quality. It's easy to end up with an even more corrupt government by destroying a current government. Literally happens all the time...
  2. Chris Wallace "Americans want to hear about 'substantial subjects'" has so little to do with anything trump said... and Trump's 'challenge' about Roe v Wade was so unimpressive it was practically muttering.
  3. Locals wearing new proud boy shirts from Trump's quote last night were bothering one of my past coworkers, calling her a sheeple for wearing a mask at a gas station.
  4. Nothing good? I appreciate you saying this, if nothing else it helps attack the constant rhetoric that 'the police are all for Trump no matter what' type garbage.
  5. That's because those people eat Fox News. This is why I've blasted the right news media for years now. Trump is a symptom of them.
  6. The alternative is someone who doesn't understand how viruses/vaccines work, and/or doesn't care. One takeaway I had from this is that I think Trump genuinely thinks he can yell at scientists to make a vaccine come faster, and it will. It's the whole 'run govment as a business' model. Someone not finishing fast enough? Yell at them! Problem come up? If it's easy, solve it, other wise just damage control and obfuscate! Don't bother trying to fix a complicated problem, you'll fail anyway. And of course, my favorite: Someone disagrees with you for any reason? Fire them!
  7. Unfortunately Joe Biden had to show he was at least competent enough to answer questions and talk to human beings. Keep in mind my 'basic human competency' requirement is being pushed, as I think Harris is probably the most there, with Biden following. Pence I don't know how much is allowed to do anything with Trump there.
  8. With places like Florida suppressing their testing, who knows how much they could add to that...
  9. The stuff I find interesting out of all this has been the "hundreds of millions of debts" bit. That is like, a serious problem. So serious that it immediately invalidates you from access to TS information. Like, for real. Knowing people with TS access, that's like a giant red flag. And everything else is the stuff I wish the impeachment had actually been about. If I wanted to be generous I'd say the strategy was not to include anything they would prefer to drop to damage his election (because the impeachment was likely to never pass for political reasons)
  10. I'll do what I can to search that. That's more involved than knowing the name of the game by far.
  11. I'm with you there. This has officially ended any idea I had that we (humans) had a future.
  12. That's actually much better rate than I would have guessed... but as you say, the US pop is much higher. It sounds like it would be close to 1% here... literally actually close to the Spanish Flu, but more for the aged. Though the Spanish Flu had its own lockdown... so coronavirus here without lockdown is close to the Spanish Flu with. That's all supposition and gross estimation, though... but probably a closer guess than my earlier estimates.
  13. I don't really like that at all. Making him a martyr for the rest of the political party seems like a disaster. And I think it's still hard to get through to people just how much he's done.
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