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  1. Not sure how the Republican party expects unity after this list. Like, openly accepting bribes as President? I'd love a good 24 million...
  2. Fun set of videos I wish I found sooner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3E2FdedPwU "Facts and Logic" is the first of the list, goes bottom up https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwCiRao53J1y_gqJJOH6Rcgpb-vaW9wF0
  3. Today is about the fact that I decided to try to start to run my first hero game in a decade this spring or summer
  4. Well, yes. I expect they will vote, which is fine... but we do need to push for that voting too. Given the forces at play on Inauguration Day, I'm not surprised there wasn't anything more. Given that it appears Trump didn't pardon anyone who was at Capitol Hill... I'm not sure what'll happen next
  5. You have my sympathies Like every doomsday cult, this will eventually pass.
  6. I'm glad nothing happened, but with the presence there I wasn't too surprised. I was curious if Trump had pardoned any of his Republican peers... or any of the Capitol Hill crew. It seems like he's largely abandoned his protesters and anyone in Congress (whether they backed him or not)?
  7. Good political historical discussion relevant to recent things. I'm curious to find more resources on this
  8. She sounds positively lovely 😕 Can't imagine why she might feel uneasy about 'white supremacists' being considered evil >_<
  9. Yep. Exactly 😕 And in general, a lot of people who aren't as deep in the hole just say "oh that doesn't pass the sniff test" because the general Q bs is to take advantage of everyone's suspicion of everything to make it all seem 'relatively even', excusing literal sedition in favor of monarchy/dictatorship because 'them riots were bad'. Or just suggesting 'those people weren't really trying a coup'. Even when there's literally hundreds of videos of the event, and many people chanting/saying they want to 'overturn the election' and/or punish the traitors, etc...
  10. Literally the sentiment I'm running into is "everyone is lying. All of them. Every single one. You don't get it. You never get it. etc etc" summing up as 'you are a fool for listening to anyone trump/oan are the only people telling the truth!' There's a lot of people I'm running into that don't believe this yet, but are rationalizing in the exact same way as these people. Which means they are literally on that road, right now, to becoming those people.
  11. Literally still see half the people I know are 'on the fence at best'. I think we are underestimating the effect of propaganda over years, let alone the two weeks its been.
  12. Pretty interesting that it's Russia that's stepped in. I was only half-in-the-pool of them being closely involved (deniable but possible), but that pretty much clinches it for me. Hey now it's the US that's the subject of proxy wars of foreign countries! yaayy... 😕
  13. Unfortunately it's been less than two weeks and I already get more pushback about BLM and the Floyd protests than I do about the Capitol Hill riot among almost half the friends I have.
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