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  1. I really like this moment for the characters. I don't like what the Russo's are saying after the fact, because it doesn't feel right. The reason I liked that is that Thor was worried in that scene that Cap could potentially lift the hammer. He was almost sweating bullets. But in Endgame he was filled with -delight- that Cap could. So as a story, it sounds much better that both of them became better people through everything they've been through. Cap can become worthy (even the desire to rest, now, may be part of that), and Thor has become happy for someone else rising up to this stature. That's a really important moment for both characters, who don't show a lot of direct, positive character growth in their movies.
  2. I'd love the deep dive on the details of what this does and would undo. I see a lot of voices trying to say that it allows for citizens to unite their funding to get heard, but all I've heard of in the years since is wealth pouring into SuperPACs from the top.
  3. Unfortunately a political party with no challengers isn't exactly going to be known for best behavior. I vote. But someone wake me when I get a political party that will talk about the realities of global warming.
  4. Literally what I was trying to tell my brother.... The entire setting is based around him. Yet that was what we saw...? The prince thing was just the icing on the cake of obnoxious... Princess or not. It's just that it was handled so... Boringly.
  5. My brother and I were complaining about that quite a bit...
  6. I'm glad Underdahl said that. I wholly agree with Black Widow being the one to decide that outcome... And that's why having a variety of people review/edit your writing is so important I also like that Loki is 'back' in a sense. Because the actor is well appreciated and liked, and he was badly wasted in Avengers 1 and 3.
  7. I was really happy to see the Ancient One, and that she had a fairly good bit in the movie. I liked seeing her and Dr Strange, though I didn't see much of Strange getting the chance to work with the other major heroes...
  8. After all that, I have to ponder how I'd want to adapt some of the ideas to write a long term super campaign from the ground up... 😛
  9. I want to say I really admire how they took the "look back" concept and made it a core feature and point of the entire movie. They did it specifically in a way that really sold it, and I could have easily suspended disbelief if they hadn't done it so well. I also read a thing a year ago about how "Infinity War" was meant to be "a heist movie", and I realized that was more in reference to this movie than anything else.
  10. I've always had a more difficult time running games in Champions. Largely, the 'isolated villain battle' seems to dominate imagination, and it's actually hard to conjure some of the scenarios in mind. Then again, when I look at the other games I've run, maybe it's them and their mindset (stab and kill?) that is just impacting my ability to run Champions. Originally I did a much worse job of that than I probably do now... Boy, it's hard to find good ways to indirectly encourage my DnD group's overly pragmatic (but not evil!) paladin. Compared to that, Champions might not be that bad... ?
  11. And probably terribly cynically of me, any politician isn't likely to have a donor with any major loss based on either outcome of this battle. The only losers are the people, and politicians' reputations... not the companies. Though that's just my dubious thoughts, and eat them with a grain of salt, maybe some alcohol.
  12. My expectation of their interpretation of this was this as well. Frankly I think he's forgetting how many Christian "sects" clearly, cheerfully, and willingly murdered and went to war with other Christian "sects". A proper historian could tell me if that oppression was part of the motivation in fleeing to America to begin with... My personal thought is just that if your uncle thinks a Christian country is going to be more united, more strong, he is in for a really bad surprise. If politicians have no outsiders to target, they have to look towards insiders... like the Irish. I'm pretty sure I've started hearing those slurs in the media again...
  13. I see that sort of thing on my friends' FB posts all the time. Mostly people being smug about the shutdown being a "negotiating tactic" and "why can't you understand". I'm not fond of the dogmatic aspect of the back-and-forth, but there's a good subset of people who definitely fall into "flat earther" territory. It's good to see news organizations from other countries are as interested in this as we are.
  14. Thanks! I've finished up what I hope is the serviceable version. If there was a game you were in on Hero Central, you can now message me and I'll send you formatted threads! I have no idea how you'd watch them on a phone, but any computer with a browser should handle it.
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