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  1. I dislike the whole 'burning down the country in retaliation', but right now there's a real struggle to basically take over the country down or tear it down to pieces. It makes me feel like the (local) forces trying to do so think the general 'order of democracy' is going to collapse and they want to be on top when it happens. That's just my paranoia speaking, though.
  2. They are sure they won't die on it. They bank on limited attention span and supporting their overlords... who have much better attention spans.
  3. More interesting content. I definitely want to work on an rpg addressing this kind of topic. I try and avoid posting anything 'opinion' on here, but this IS "mr BITE" himself...
  4. Another thread prone to arguments and giving Dan headaches I've been working on writing a small RPG game involving your character being unknowingly part of a cult. Writing it is going to be... difficult. It's inspired directly from channels like Telltale and his various stories. ---- In general, I do appreciate all the attention the environment is getting from the younger generation. The big obstacle is the existing power base, and I think it's just going to take far too long for anything substantial enough to happen. But I'm more hopeful than I was a couple years ago.
  5. Not just bankrupting our children. Destroying the planet. The literal cost in damage from environmental degradation and other issues are going to easily cost trillions... because frankly, the country can and will abandon any location hit by 'too many' natural disasters or struggling too hard without external support. How much and how many times will we have cities repaired before the state or country says "eeeh you deal with it". Or "its too much work to maintain roads and ship goods to your little town, sorry." This is long before we consider food production, wars in remote locations. If you happen to be concerned about immigration from South America, boy howdy you haven't seen anything yet. And how will a government handle these costs and resources? By shoving them onto people and abandoning those people. The immigration thing is the early complaint, but it won't stop there...
  6. Given the context, I'm thinking this is "fear, uncertainty, and doubt" Iuz has it in one.
  7. The big reason for my concern (about violence in general) is there is literally radio shows in the US, popular ones in the right areas, that say the democrats are literal demons. That God is literally going to save them, and that anyone else is working for the devil, literally. And they have been saying this for decades. I'm not joking or exaggerating when I repeat this point. It's a small minority that buy into this, but it's a concentrated minority that can cause great harm. Multiple countries have been taken over by a smaller uprising. But to dispel some of the FUD... I do think that modern day accessibility has de-fanged some of this propaganda effort. Some. And there's a lot of vested (ie- rich folk) interest in avoiding this, unlike in our previous historical events.
  8. Ugh. True, he may think that. I highly dislike FUD, but I know it gets people to move when they need to. But I very much push against people suggesting anything should/would happen to a President for the very reason of pushing against FUD. None of my thoughts account for what he may be thinking, or his party as a whole turning against him.
  9. That could be said of any number of senators though. The whole reason to involve congressmen and others in boards that perform questionable governmental actions is to force the government to defend said decisions. Maybe I'm just seeing it from the perspective that there's no way he could be physically restrained while he is President. I may honestly be wrong on this.
  10. My main point/thought though is I doubt Trump has that fear, unless the Secret Service itself is moving against him. And the Republican party and its donors could easily help finance his protection. Even with the Republican party failing as a political party, even as it disenfranchises its members' own children, it still has plenty of power to (physically) protect Trump... if it chose to do so. I'm sure they could (and totally would) blame the Epstein incident as reasons to give him 'house arrest' at best, and we both know Trump isn't going to jail while in office. (All while pretending Trump and their own members weren't involved at all). Physically restraining a President while he is President would be a huge violation of National Security. So I doubt he's fleeing to Florida to stay alive.
  11. I should add that Clinton is not the only person who'd want Epstein out. Trump and he were very close associates after all... since Trump was a close part of the Clinton circle until he ran for President. All major parties probably wanted him out of the picture. I'm very disappointed it happened.
  12. Do you think the government, or the Republican party in specific, is unable to finance the protection of the President?
  13. I mean, an uprising (or literally a call to violence) concerns me, but this is the product of overwhelming decades of constant unopposed propaganda targeting religious or isolated people. It seems like the internet is beginning to convert and break those pockets up (to me, the evidence of global warming is damning enough on those propagandist sources that it's brutally cutting off a generation from this indoctrinated parentage). The frantic pushing is a measure of desperation because their kids are realizing how long they've been conned. This isn't to say they are 'blue', but they have every reason to resent everything these people stand for. And I will not hesitate to remind them of that. If we had more time, I'd advocate for a gentler approach... but we've already stalled on several important things for literally decades. None of my opinion even includes automation or economic forces, just environmental ones.
  14. Couldn't have happened to a better President. ... Okay but seriously. I hope there's enough to hammer nails in 5 inches long. It might be the only way to counteract the chicanery of the congressmen that's been going on, and I do not wish to give them any leeway at all.
  15. These are the ones that I find particularly notable, specifically. I wonder how much information there is available on #4.
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