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  1. In case you forgot what concern trolling looks like:
  2. The combined spending limit, yes. but my memory may be fuzzy on that. A separate issue that definitely can be mitigated by the right kind of lawsuits. But that's another animal entirely.
  3. What about a total spending limit on political ads for a campaign and restrictions on when they can be shown? The style of laws that I seem to recall existed once upon a time. Edit: Of course, the system would fight like hell to prevent that, but they also fought like hell to have Trump be the primary candidate... and we all are still paying because of that outcome.
  4. I personally feel it's far too late to watch what's happening in the US and have any ability to steer people from it. The only way to even see the beginning of tragedies like this is to see the BS building in the UK and other countries.
  5. Georgia's made it official that early voting closes at 5 pm, that it's outright illegal to give water or food to voters waiting in line Nebraska's GOP has been advocating for a new "United States exceptionalism" curriculum Ohio almost explicitly made illegal punishment for 'religious answers' in schoolwork even if it's content is wrong Kansas forced almost a million occupants of Dodge City to use a single polling location during the 2018 election and had near-literal entire-day waiting lines to vote. Trying to legalize driving into protesters in a number of states now, it l
  6. As angry as I am, and still am, about Trump. I value the talk about Brexit the most as a reflection of how our own politics influenced it, and how it reflects our own issues.
  7. I don't think they'll be upset. Because the game to the 'mood of the trolls', the ones who are pushing this stuff the hardest, is 'do whatever it takes to win the war'. That's the thing here. People who are apologizing for those people among their own party don't understand that those people are legitimately trying to start a civil war and to suck them into it. There's no concept of fair play or running a shared country, there never was. It's them 'destroying the enemy at any cost', and if we dare treat them anywhere the same it's "see? they are oppressing US! now we 'have to
  8. Fun times 😕 https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2021/03/06/kyrsten-sinema-minimum-wage-vote-sot-vpx-ebof.cnn/video/playlists/this-week-in-politics/
  9. Had two friends receive pieces of glass in their meals, IIRC.
  10. Apparently it's been a continual complaint that services like grubhub and door dash already siphon so much money from restaurants that they are considered a liability over in-house drivers. Restaurants actually found they were losing money after adopting those services. I don't imagine that changing. Would be interesting to see some investigation on that though.
  11. Literally why I've been posting the most doomer-y comments for the last four years.
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