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  1. A lot of people don't have any understanding beyond basic talking points. There's been a lot of 'memeing' since before it was a hobby for internet people. I can say this about any particular movement or political party, but it's hair raising how destructive and galvanizing it has been for Trump in particular.
  2. And in general, it's much nicer to argue about that than, let's say, what policies your donors / lobbyists are writing for you. It wouldn't surprise me if they encourage it, just so they don't have to talk about taxes/etc. There are a number of voters who seem to know that and like that it's a distraction... but they either are really happy with the concept of the Voting Teams (because politics is now football) or they must -really- like those tax cuts... It's frustrating. As a diehard environmentalist, it's especially frustrating.
  3. This is the world they wanted, the world they created.
  4. I'm going to have to start reading this properly again... 😛
  5. My problem with a federal job guarantee program is that it's an indirect method to provide benefit; essentially, it's much easier to deny someone a federal job or disability benefits than it is to deny straight money, no conditions attached. For example, they are trying to say my brother's physical disease has been filled out by someone as 'mental', and then have taken doctor's scripts to demonstrate that "there's nothing mentally wrong, therefore no disability".
  6. I really like this moment for the characters. I don't like what the Russo's are saying after the fact, because it doesn't feel right. The reason I liked that is that Thor was worried in that scene that Cap could potentially lift the hammer. He was almost sweating bullets. But in Endgame he was filled with -delight- that Cap could. So as a story, it sounds much better that both of them became better people through everything they've been through. Cap can become worthy (even the desire to rest, now, may be part of that), and Thor has become happy for someone else rising up to this stature. That's a really important moment for both characters, who don't show a lot of direct, positive character growth in their movies.
  7. I'd love the deep dive on the details of what this does and would undo. I see a lot of voices trying to say that it allows for citizens to unite their funding to get heard, but all I've heard of in the years since is wealth pouring into SuperPACs from the top.
  8. Unfortunately a political party with no challengers isn't exactly going to be known for best behavior. I vote. But someone wake me when I get a political party that will talk about the realities of global warming.
  9. Literally what I was trying to tell my brother.... The entire setting is based around him. Yet that was what we saw...? The prince thing was just the icing on the cake of obnoxious... Princess or not. It's just that it was handled so... Boringly.
  10. My brother and I were complaining about that quite a bit...
  11. I'm glad Underdahl said that. I wholly agree with Black Widow being the one to decide that outcome... And that's why having a variety of people review/edit your writing is so important I also like that Loki is 'back' in a sense. Because the actor is well appreciated and liked, and he was badly wasted in Avengers 1 and 3.
  12. I was really happy to see the Ancient One, and that she had a fairly good bit in the movie. I liked seeing her and Dr Strange, though I didn't see much of Strange getting the chance to work with the other major heroes...
  13. After all that, I have to ponder how I'd want to adapt some of the ideas to write a long term super campaign from the ground up... 😛
  14. I want to say I really admire how they took the "look back" concept and made it a core feature and point of the entire movie. They did it specifically in a way that really sold it, and I could have easily suspended disbelief if they hadn't done it so well. I also read a thing a year ago about how "Infinity War" was meant to be "a heist movie", and I realized that was more in reference to this movie than anything else.
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