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  1. I've reminded some people (no one I know, just people at security conferences) that, as much as you wanted to wax nostalgic of 'why doesn't anyone do anything about this', how do you think a person in question would behave if someone attempted something like that (and statistically, failed)? That's liable to have a much worse outcome for everyone. Even if someone succeeded, the blowback would not be great. Our current president is frustrating as hell. But that's one outcome I do not wax on for.
  2. 😕 edit: I'm glad of the tone Sunn m'Cheaux took in highlighting it. I feel that's how these circumstances should be treated. It's a tragedy, and only in a few cases does the tragedy fall on the heads of the confused one themselves. Making fun of them for that circumstance does no one any favors, just teaching them and others is the correct response for this.
  3. Happened to me a few days before you or so, back molar.
  4. I doubt the current model will continue for much longer. But locations will have to 'wind things up' in a way that's slow and deliberate, otherwise it'll tip over and you'll begin to have scads of deaths after a month or two.
  5. I grasp that about the congressmen. I'm talking about the rest of the mechanism of the government here. Maybe I just haven't been paying attention, but I've never heard of disaster relief on this scale being refused because of politics. Or has this happened before? ...I mean other than Puerto Rico (which I still think was inhumane)
  6. Wait, can we confirm this? Is the Federal Government okay with this? I'm just shocked. Or does this sort of behavior happen all the time? Isn't this essentially an act of sabotage against your own country's citizens because they didn't vote for you?
  7. Keep in mind that that the confirmed corona cases lags behind the actual cases. It takes a week to show symptoms, but you are still infectious for at least some of that week. It takes up to another week to get symptoms that will land you in a hospital and get testing, and then get the results of that testing. So right now it's 1 in 3500 people as of two weeks ago at best, because that is confirmed only. At a rate of doubling every 5 days or so... It's not that the panic is overblown, and isn't overblown. You aren't going to die from it. But even at this very moment, the 'rate of doubling' rule above means that we are roughly close to 0.15% who've probably got it right now, and will themselves be spreading it within a week. I did just share a video explaining this modeling. 2% isn't a lot, until it's 2% of 3 million or so.
  8. I mean, those plagues did have the power to end countries that they entered. We aren't at that level.
  9. The rationale falls into the "you should be thankful not ungrateful" type thing. You have to understand that people who speak/talk like this are acting like they are at war with 'your society', viewing it as both hostile and dysfunctional. It's literal decades of propaganda, and you'll see both those themes constantly. 'Your' society isn't legitimate, nor functional, it's scary and a threat but can't possibly win. It's the same rationale that has people support things like 'how dare California have all those forest fires'. It doesn't matter which side we are talking about, but for the specific type I am talking about, the words are very much mirrored in certain wartime propaganda... edit: (You can tell I particularly hate the way certain radio and television programs have created a populace that not only gets information from them, but are essentially dependent on them for their entire worldview... and how that relationship has been horribly abused for decades...)
  10. My state (AZ) is running out of test kits and is likely to shut down testing entirely.
  11. The general 'mood' I've heard is "If you don't vote for trump in november than you shouldn't take 'his' check."
  12. As always, I greatly appreciate hard data. Thanks for sharing this!
  13. I still run into people on my friends' FB walls (meaning their friends and family) arguing that "the libs / welfare queens / etc" are all "stay at home lazy people" and should want to get back to work. I'm sure a lot of people want a paycheck, shockingly enough... I wouldn't be so concerned about this, but I want people to be completely aware of what this administration is arguing for, right as we hit the pandemic eruption. I took that screenshot myself. I think some models suggest a gigantic US infection rate as of two weeks ago (given it takes a week so show symptoms, a week to get test results) based on the amount of critical+ people admitted to the hospitals - almost all of our testing is hospital testing, so for every 1 positive test we have, we likely have 5-10 who never went to the hospital for symptoms. Of course, I'd love to know where we are in the range of "5 to 10"...
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