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  1. Yep. And I appreciate the perspective of people outside my circle. It's how you learn more about the problems that your in circle don't know about. Edit: Not to mention it's hard to be on the opposite side of a crowd's opinion and still stay measured. I appreciate the hard work you are putting in with that.
  2. That's sort of the problem. Inciting anger and hatred of 'your political opponents' is the 'goal'. And pleasing your base that you are inciting anger and hatred in 'their political opponents'. There may never be any cooperation in this country over issues over things like 'global warming' or 'health care' for decades now. And I can't even imagine what to make over the politicization over issues like... "Do we want a war with Iran? Y/N?" I'm not saying this to hold you up or take it out on you. I know you have little to do with it. It was sort of interesting to hear one of the Ukraine officials say that their great concern was the 'politicization of ukraine aid'. Puts some things into perspective.
  3. I'll be one of the last late ones, US wise.
  4. Pretty much what Kavanaugh has been proposing, right? Which sounds great, but makes me ask 'and replaced by what exactly?'
  5. This is a little dated... 2014. I'm sharing it because I think Chomsky's words were quite prescient on an 'out of control' base. Kyle, the talker-guy... I mean take it as you will.
  6. That's an extremely rough thing to do professionally. You have my admiration and sympathies. That's a good life goal I wish mine was as wonderful. I'm definitely in that despair right now, to the end of my 30s. We can only hope for the current generation.
  7. Good thoughts I also wonder on the data for the above information - how much of that money is going to 'services' instead of 'ownership' and 'support of dependents'.
  8. Were you a homeowner at the time? You did have children (well, at least one). I'm not sure how common either is for the younger generation today. The birthrate is lower, and I know the owning of homes is. It's only anecdotal, but the 'struggling people' I know are renting, and less than half have children. Both of these scenarios are expensive, but they are also an investment. There is a 'return', so to speak. Many are renting instead of owning a home because of the cost to do it. Many more aren't on a career track that would net them any kind of stable career between 30 and 40. But that's all anecdotal, and there are a fair few that do simply because they are my coworkers. Just my guesses and observations at why the current generations feel hopeless and desperate.
  9. Though problems, specifically global warming, are definitely something that the new generations are fighting the prior generations about. Then again I'm a diehard environmentalist, so I'm always looking at those conflicts through that lens...
  10. I mean, I know which side of that range I'm on. I do want to keep it civil though I have my sympathies for what the elder generation went through. As much of a grudgematch it is, the worst that's been slung out has been "Ok Boomer", so I'm sure it's not that bad ;D
  11. Yeah, unfortunately everyone I know under 35 is basically struggling to make ends meet. I don't think I know a single person who wasn't (very) wealthy to 'start' is cruising on by in our economy. But that's how it is... edit: and that's probably why people in that age range are having the problems they are. I should dig up studies about that...
  12. It bothers me how close we are to the brink of climate disaster, and how impossible it is to get any progress on the environmental front at all. By any government. So I don't know about "always shall be"... 😕
  13. It's supposed to protect you from shards of glass. If the bomb went off far enough away, your windows were the most dangerous thing to you.
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