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  1. We are pretty much watching climate denial in real-time and trackable. The literal lengths politicians will go to, etc etc...
  2. Seems like the official R party platform is now becoming 'we don't know who won the last election, and we shouldn't have certified the results'. So you understand, if you have one part of a country thinking one person is president, and another almost as large part saying another person is president, you don't have one country anymore.
  3. Yes. I had seen part of it when I had shared it and I thought it was the worst of it, but it got worse
  4. edit: content warning for understandable reasons Wouldn't mind finding more full takes of these videos >_>
  5. Best example of the 'texas abortion law' abuse I've seen yet - sure, women can drive, but anyone who sees a women driving a car can just sue the dealership or even auto manufacturer. Now of course they don't even need to see her driving, they can just suspect she's driving, or if that's too much trouble they can just accuse her of driving with no evidence at all. Now, before you get your constitutional britches in a hitch, we aren't saying she can't drive or that a dealership can't sell her a car, we are just saying you aren't legally allowed to say any of those things when someone sues you for it.
  6. “Never before have we seen a defendant so committed to thumbing his nose at the Court. By disrespecting judicial authority, Mr. Jones was playing was with fire, and now he has been burnt,” Bankston added. “In these lawsuits, Mr. Jones refused to comply with discovery orders on five successive occasions, produced child ****ography in discovery, threatened the lives of plaintiffs’ counsel, repeatedly refused to provide testimony, provided false and evasive discovery responses, submitted a fraudulent affidavit, and has continuously introduced chaos and absurdity into the proceedings.”
  7. hmm https://www.statesman.com/story/news/politics/2021/09/15/did-defense-secretary-lloyd-austin-order-court-martial-covid-vaccine/8336999002/
  8. never seen it. I more referenced it for the situation in Idaho... and the comments in the video do say that at least one of the health providers won't be doing the DNR... at least for now. I really wonder how bad this can get. How much more of the population in these areas can be spreading it before the whole state is infected?
  9. This is apparently more of the opinion that dropboxes in Georgia should be entirely discounted from the election process. So basically, discount the dropbox results that were probably perfectly legal?
  10. All this really is saying is Abbott is looking to stir up even -more- vigilantism in his state...
  11. There's a whole thing from Beau of the Fifth a few months or so ago about how, if there was a civil war, it would mean the 'protected classes' would be the ones especially abused and targeted, resulting in incredible suffering from black people in red states. Though this was his way to try and get people on the left to de-escalate tensions during the Floyd protests. This law seems like a legalized form of that abuse.
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