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  1. Re: A Focus that can Shrink to be hid. Thanks for all the information. You have given me a lot to think about. The focus shrinks down to a pocket knife and it looks like a normal pocket knife, not a mini-sword. The idea is that it is hidden, but can be taken when not in fighting mode. IAF When in fighting mode it it can b e taken away. OAF
  2. I am the GM in a Supers campaign. A player wants a Sword that is an OAF. Simple right? But he wants it to be able to be shrunk down and easily hidden. Should he have to buy disguise or a power for the sword?
  3. Re: When to use larger than normal weapons Yes, they have shown that some of the heavy armors, such as plate, that people thought would be impossible to move in are actually easy to move in and don't offer that many inhibitions to movement. However, it has been shown that while movement isn't hampered sometime vision is and wearing the armor ALWAYS is very tiring. In truth, if you were going to realisticly do armor any DCV/DEX penalties should be small, but the END penalties should be high.
  4. Hello. Okay here is another question. When should creatures use larger than normal weapons? For example in my campaign players can play several races that have the "Large" limitation and the appropriate stats. If one wants to wield a Great sword should I let them wield a Great Sword or should they wield a Larger than normal great sword? In fact, my question alsw deals with the hands required. A Great sword is a 2-handed weapon. At one point in size should you be able to use it one handed? Should a large creature be able to use a 2-handed Great sword with one hand?
  5. Re: Graininess At least for STR I second the use of the Ultimate Brick. The UB also goes into damage from STR and gives each +1 STR an effect on damage. That said, I agree that there is a certain graininess to HERO. However, many games have this same graininess and many times things are overlooked in HERO. Take D&D for example 3-18 right. Not really because you only get modifiers to go up on the even digit so what you really have is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. 9 numbers. Now as you said with HERO you get 0, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20 9 numbers. Also, the effect of a +1 STR can effect PD and REC. A +1 DEX can effect when you go into combat and I have started using the rule that when characters are tied in DEX they use INT so that +1 in INT can have an effect.+1 in EGO and or PRE can have a huge effect on what kind mental abilities effect you. I have had players buy an 11 EGO just for this reason. Now I want to bring one thing up. Normal Character Maxima. NCM. 20 is not the max human score. Some humans go above 20. 20 is the point at which you start paying double and in many heroic level campaigs that double can be sooooo worth it. Take your STR for instance. If I pay doule and get that 25 STR. That means I am doing 1d6 more damage than anyone else. I have often thought of paying the 20 extra points for the Speed of 5. Yes, it is a lot, but wow. It means I am going one time more than anyone else. Yes, there is graininess. Not so much more than any other game and when you really look into the details you can find that a lot of that graininess goes away.
  6. A couple of things. 1) The leg thing. The idea is that the character has an artificial leg. It isn't as good as a "real" leg, but it isn't bad either. Here is how I did it. 5 pt Physical Limitation -1 Dodge/Dive for Cover -4" to normal running I then bought +3" running IAF artifical leg. 2) No Firefly Cannon I agree that it makes it somewhat easier. I wish they had run for one or two more season long enough to flesh out the universe without loosing some of the GM freedom I have now. I ham going to sit down with the group and go over some questions and see how they want the universe ran.
  7. That is pretty much what I am think as well. I have one player that is playing an ex-Independent fighter pilot that is missing part of his leg. Basically I am ruling that he has a "cyber-limb" that is not much better than his normal limb would be, in fact a worse. I really want to allow very low level psionics, but again feel as you do that I really can't.
  8. So funny, I found what I wanted, printed it off and that was that. Then I come back and find out someone else wants the link. Lucky for you I found it again. The websit is: http://www.nofusswebsites.com/staff/ianm/who-rpg/ It is actually a very neat website. The actual package deal is at: http://www.nofusswebsites.com/staff/ianm/ftp/other/HEROpackage.txt I haven't really looked at the package, just wanted it to get an idea of something to work from.
  9. Well, it looks like I have been roped into doing a campaign based on the, now defunct, FOX tv show FIREFLY. I love science fiction and since HERO is my system I am of course going to doing Firefly HERO. I know people have talked somewhat about it on this list and I have gone through the internet and found as much information as I feel I am going to reasonably find about the show. However, I do have a couple of questions. How cinematic do you feel Firefly should be? Should Hit-locations be used? Wounding? What would you reccomend?
  10. Ignore. I found it. Sorry, but thanks for looking.
  11. Somewhere out there in internet land I remember there being a package deal made up for Time Lords out of Dr. Who. Does anyone have/remember where this package deal is ?
  12. Okay bare with me here. I have a group that is...well...let us just say that they aren't to excited about playing a science fiction campaign. I on the other hand would love to GM a good sci-fi campaign my problem is that I don't know what campaign to use. The system should be obvious. No, I have Star Hero and Terran Empire. I haven't decided if I want to use Terran Empire or not, but I am thinking about it. So here I am planning to start a sci-fi campaign and looking for a setting when I thought this would be a good question for the HERO boards. What do you like in a science fiction setting? What do you look for as a player? What do you look for as a GM? What things do you like and what things do you dislike? In creating your own settings what do you include?
  13. Well, I like the "R" word, but we won't go into that. IMO it depends upon how you want to run the campaign. If you want to run it with a "larger" than life type of thing give the players lots of points and they have to spend points to buy their mechs. I would run it as more of a normal Heroic level campaign. In that case I would make the characters up on few points, well 75+75 and write up the mechs as vehicles. As such, the players don't have to pay any points for their equipment per a normal heroic level game.
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