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  1. Re: (Spam) I am Selling many classic 4th ediition Hero Books Some of these are very much classics. it is almost hard for me to part with them, but I am getting married in a couple of months so am trying to cut down on things and get some extra money.
  2. Re: (Spam) I am Selling many classic 4th ediition Hero Books Yeah, basically I put Supehero in there because that is what people think of when they think the HERO System. I on the other hand have always thought of the HERO system as a lot more than just supers. Oh and cutsleeve....that is only about half of what I plan on ending up selling so save your money and in a couple of weeks I will be putting up the other half
  3. It has come time to divest myself of many of the classic Hero Games books that I have collected over the years. So, on Ebay I am selling the following. 8757436554 Superhero RPG Hero Games The Island of Dr Destroyer 8757436562 Superhero RPG Hero Games The Great Supervillain Contest 8757436574 Superhero RPG Hero Games Champions Presents I & II 8757436585 Superhero RPG Hero Games Challenges for Champions 8757436595 Superhero RPG Hero Games 4th ed Kingdom of Champions 8757436604 Superhero RPG Hero Games 4th ed Golden Age Champions 8757436611 Superhero RPG Hero Games 4th ed Dar
  4. Re: Package Deals in 5ER I too agree that it should be called "Packages" and not "Package Deals." You ask, "Why bother?" Well I will tell you. Imagine your player comes to you with the character he wants to play Lt. Col Sampson a US Army Ranger. You start playing your game and into the campaign you need the Lt. Col pull some rank on some NPC's in order to get the party into the secret military facility. However, you discover, that the player didn't want to spend any points on Military rank. What do you do? a) just give him free points thereby shorting the other players.
  5. Re: Is this android "anatomically correct"? This may sound stupid, but the answer to your question is how often does this come into play. Does the NAC or QAC have a big (ummm sorry) advantage of the other? If a player came to you and said I am making a character up and that can't have sex. What would you reply? That is you answer. In most campaigns the "can't have sex thing" wouldn't be worth any points or would be woth VERY few. However if the player would get some points from it then the NAC should get some points in either a disadvantage or requiring the QAC to take a perk. N
  6. Hello all.... I am looking for some examples of luck. Not the power itself but the effects of the power. What would be an in game example of 1 point of luck? What would be an in game example of 2 points of luck? 3 points or over seems well defined. It is pretty much anything completely amazing. So, if your player rolled 1 or 2 points of luck what could you have happen. Give me an example. thanks in advance
  7. Re: Bubble gum crises to hero I love the original BGC and have seen some of the 2040. I have the Fuzion version of BGC and have looked at doing some kind of conversion, but everytime I start I run into problems with things completely out of whack. I have came to the conclusion that doing a straight Fuzion-Hero conversion (even though they say you can) is a mistake. Instead, I use it purely for resource material. Now, so I have really looked into doing a game based upon it and let me tell you some things that I have found..... 1) Get Kazei 5. It has some great information on
  8. Hey, does anyone have any good pulp hero artwork resources?
  9. Re: Questions and Suggestions for my next campaign. Okay, I am finally getting settled down and starting to get back into some work on this campaign. First let me say again that I really appreciate all the help that you guys are giving me. You are making my campaign better before it even starts and I am really hopefull that someone, besides me, is getting some use out of this information. As for the helium-hydrogen debate as I stated I had thought of using the rubber science device. However, I am now leaning towards the idea of inner helium bags and out hydrogen bags. The helium
  10. Re: Questions and Suggestions for my next campaign. First things first. Thanks for all the information. I appreciate all the suggestions. I am currently recovering from Gen Con and trying to get my work back in order. I will be updating this soon, but have a lot to do right now.
  11. Re: Gen Con and HERO @ the ENies I have more, but right now I am getting a document contains no data error and have to figure out why.
  12. Re: Gen Con and HERO @ the ENies A picture of the plaque
  13. Re: Gen Con and HERO @ the ENies This is the VIPER beer stein given to me by the Mistress of Duchess Industries
  14. Re: Gen Con and HERO @ the ENies Darren accepting the award
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