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  1. I have avoided POD services because I believed they were too expensive. If you can get something of this quality at that price...it is well worth it for me to look into. I am definitely interested in which service you used.
  2. I am not drawing out every tree to model line of site for a number of reasons. The party will have vastly superior firepower but would like to give the natives a "home team advantage" in regards to terrain. The weapons will be firearms for the playing party, and bows for the home team. Regardless of the specifics of the scenario, this is something I have thought about for awhile. I think the 2/2 rule is very simple to remember and utilize ... and it also makes sense. A reduced maximum range is in order too..but it may not come into play. Great stuff, guys!
  3. It appears that environmental movement rules pertain to modifiers to DCV and OCV. The question I have is, what about imposing movement penalties for such environments and allowing and Environmental Movement ability to negate it? If so, what would make sense. Also, shooting in woods can be difficult as there are plenty of obstacles (trees) in the way. Waht would be an reasonable OCV penalty for shooting through woods (say -1/5 meters)? Or does that even make sense?
  4. Re: Scion Hero - One more time For the Others, those that chose to intermingle with society had to give up an aspect of their race (or kind)..becoming much more "mundane" but still having that aspect within their personality that works itself out in interests and occupation. While the Others do intermingle with man, they also try to maintain a safe "distance". They will be on police forces join legal firms, but rarely will they ever take high government office. While some are state congressmen, the Others would use all their means to keep another Other from achieving a higher office
  5. After putting this down for a while I picked it up again today. I posted stuff in the past that was hazy but now it is time to get things firmed up. I wrote this in one sitting and is probably full of grammar spelling mistakes. Take a look at it and give me your thoughts and questions. I will post more as the days progress.... Scion:Hero Thousands of years ago the world shook from the battles of ascendant men and monstrous creatures and stories of those epic times passed from generation to generation down to us. While historians have always suspected some sliver of truth in those ta
  6. Re: Microverse : what did you do with it ? After looking through my old Micronauts comics I looked to see what other had hopefully done and came across this thread. The comic series was decent, and as was mentioned, doesn't jive with modern understanding of matter. But the background is somewhat like Star Wars (no surprise there considering it was written in the late 70's), and the characters/races are memorable. The fact that it is supposedly at the atomic level could be ignored -- but simply allow for planets to be connected together like atoms. Yeah that does play havoc with reality..y
  7. Re: Has anyone tried doing an Hyborian/Conan game using Fantasy Hero I ran a S&S game....and it went fairly well. I think it would have been more fun for me if the players were more engaging with the world, but they had fun. I put the players into various situations and would present a sort of "moral dilemma". The lack of instant (or even quick) healing makes people think twice about the actions they take.
  8. Re: NBC Revolution Preview doesn't look too bad. Generally, i don't like Abrams work, but this might be good for visuals for a post apoc game.
  9. Re: Post apocalyptic HERO I would like to..but I am not sure which direction I would take.
  10. Re: Fantasy worlds you had to "rework" years later once you've grown up and knew bett I have a logic problem with most settings. My head gets in way much too often. I have am thinking about doing one from "scratch" using google maps, pasting some greyhawk, and throwing in some odds and ends.
  11. Re: Scion Hero Conversion Tentative Plan Scion Hero On Dec. 21st, 1979 a strange phenomenon occurred all over the world in which women, who were not previously pregnant, suddenly (and without warning) gave birth to a child. Needless to say, this had profound effects on the lives of these women. Some women, after giving birth walked away in shock and disbelief. Some took the children to be a divine gift, and cared for them. But for the vast majority of these children, they were given up for adoption. While news of this event did make the tabloids, this went mostly unnotic
  12. Re: Starting a Hero System Podcast .... who is interested? If you are interested in helping out...i need you to sign in to Google plus link (given above) or suggest some other means of collaboration. I am doing a lot of commuting in my new job, getting a home ready to sell and finding a home to purchase thus need to make this process as efficient as possible and this thread isn't feasible.
  13. Re: Starting a Hero System Podcast .... who is interested? I got a google page set up....still not sure...but it is a start. I think for those interested...you must get connected via this site....https://plus.google.com/103035855587067835459
  14. Re: Starting a Hero System Podcast .... who is interested? Suggestions on the platform.
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