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  1. Re: Hero Talk Magazine As always I'm looking forward to who the sexy lady is?
  2. Re: Your Definition Of A Super Hero? Super; 1. above, beyond, or over in place or time or conceptually. 2. to a great or extreme degree. 3. extra good or large of its kind. 4. of a higher kind (i like this one). Hero; 1. a person noted or admired for nobility, courage, outstanding achievements, etc... 2. Chief male character in a poem, play, story, etc... Well I was just looking to see what others thought a "hero" might be. I just always thought that it was more heroic to risk everything in helping others. I see that my scale was off. I've just been thinking too small. A cop risking his life stopping a speeding drug dealer while wearing a bullet proof vest. Is obviously not as heroic as Wolverine going toe to toe with the Hulk in the Canadian wilderness. Silly me.
  3. Re: in the spirit of christmas! I like the fact that Incandescent is just sort of whisling like he's just seen something really cool. Or he's waiting for something to occur.
  4. Re: Your Definition Of A Super Hero? I guess I may have not explained myself enough. I didn't want to bias the thoughts I'd been "fishing" for. My argument against Superman was that he's immune to 98% of the things out there that can hurt every other "hero". Is he really "risking" his life when 98% of the time things don't affect him? He can't even get a paper cut. Is he really taking a chance on stopping crime. I mean I'd still appreciate it if he caught the airplane I was in when it's engines fail. But still is it a personal risk to him?
  5. I like to ask new players this question & so I ask you; What is your definition of a Super Hero? I've always felt that a super hero is somebody who is willing to take risks challenging villains more powerful than themselves to save others. But by this definition Superman doesn't qualify. He's immune to everything, more powerful than everyone else & thereby isn't "risking" anything. What do you think?
  6. Re: Deconstructing Self Well the Heroes I play would step up & attempt it. Hoping they'd survive the ordeal. If they come out of it altered, thems the breaks! Isn't that what is being a hero means? Making the sacrifices others aren't willing to make?
  7. Re: Fae Court/Hellfire club idea You might also want to read some of the books by Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files. His Mage hero deals a bunch with the different courts, along with an interesting variety of Vampires.
  8. Re: Shadows into Light Sounds a lot like the Hellboy B.P.R.D. ? Maybe read a bunch of H.P. Lovecraft for ideas?
  9. Re: UN Supers headquarters If I were going to headquarter a super team for the UN. I'd like it in Greece! 1. It's pretty centrally located (especially to the middle east). 2. Lots of "little" islands that could be easily converted for use as a meta base. Let alone a semi-volcanic area (see powering the base). Thereby a controlled population versus massive attacks from villains. 3. Why stay in a second world country that'll have to "struggle" to host the team. 4. It is basically a "western" based culture. Thereby more women in spandex friendly. 5. I'm assuming that you'll keep the team "hopping" with all sorts of political fires. So they'll need somewhere that they can blow off steam. 6. Finally the team could probably have Brook Burke from E! stop by & do a Wild On special.
  10. Re: in the spirit of christmas! Exactly, He's always been one of my favorite characters. I just did a Canadian twist Eh!
  11. Re: in the spirit of christmas! Great art! I love it & since you're offering I've got a character named Gunnodoyak. Who's an Iroquois Brick based a lot on Wonderman. He's 6'2" tall, 250+ lbs long black hair & glowing red eyes. Physically he's built like Colossus, not Hulk big but big. His costume is based on The Mounties, red coat & black pants. He also has a pair of jet packs on his belt. I look forward to see what you come up with.
  12. Re: First role playing memory I was approached in Jr. High by another kid I knew from around the block. About playing a game called D&D. I'd never heard of it. Que after school, I go over to his house where there's a group of guys at least 2 years older than me. They're all sitting around a room talking about going out to some caves (I'm pretty sure it was the Keep on the borderlands). They're also discussing the pros & cons of getting a wagon. I'm sitting there in suburbia Orange CA trying to figure out where they've got horses stabled in their house (maybe by the pool?). After a while, maybe 1 hour? I finally work up the nerve to ask them about where they're going to keep the wagon. They then went into hysterics trying to explain to me that it was all imaginary. I was hooked from there!
  13. Re: Biggest Shock! This sounds like something our GM would do... I hope he doesn't get any ideas...
  14. Re: Hero Talk Magazine So,,, Is #184 a collectors' Item Now? I think I've got a copy in the john...
  15. Biggest Shock! A little preface, I'm currently in a ongoing game & have been playing for the past year & 1/2. We just discovered a week ago that the entire storyline & campaign background was a false reality! We now find ourselves in a new world with a different history & have to rediscover all that we knew. I have to give KUDOS galore to my G.M. for carrying this charade off for over several years & not breaking stride. So my question is this, what's been the biggest shock to you that you ever received in a gaming scenario?
  16. Re: Sex and the Single Superhuman Gunnodoyak; Brick P.E. Teacher at meta school is currently sleeping with the Headmasters' assistant (without his knowledge of course). He also regularly has to fend off other random females he encounters. Dr. Wonder; Super Scientist Gadgeteer is usually too busy saving the world with nuclear powered toasters to actively date. Though He'd like to, he just doesn't want to have to build her. Rush; Teen Speedster, he's afraid to start in case he finishes before they know what's happened.
  17. Re: Does your character keep a journal? I don't have the time to keep a "journal" but I do keep notes on the campaigns I'm in. My g.m. runs very in depth campaigns. I find it's easier to keep track of plot lines & my characters' reactions to situations. Let alone locations & personalities I've run into.
  18. Re: ideas/name for my character? Strobe?
  19. Re: Songs that inspire(d) you to make a Champions Character Black Betty by Spiderbait!!! Or anything by AC/DC!!!
  20. Re: Earth 83 Ravenswood Campaign and Ideas for Sharing I'm looking forward to this story line developing more!!!
  21. Re: Super Transportation I like the V-22 Osprey for a modern day feel to Champions. I forgot to mention the reason I liked this vehicle was that is plenty of room to carry personnel & equipment. I.E. containment set-ups for super villains that you don't want to hand over to diabolical scientists in the employ of the government.
  22. Re: Royalty Character Player strengths I see for a royal character; 1. A huge group of followers, with a wide range of skills to be tapped when needed. 2. Diplomatic immunity. 3. Large amount of contacts associated with home country. 4. Public image that a creative player can apply to a game. Weaknesses for a royal character; 1. Traditional enemies of the country & royal family. 2. Public image. 3. Constant legal repercussions for actions done by character. 4. Paparazzi constantly pursuing PC. Just a few thoughts...
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