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Most of the gaming resources are, naturally enough, over in the Gaming forums on this site, largely organized by genre (through the title of the Hero Games products bearing on that genre).  Depending on what genre(s) you're most interested in, you may end up finding one (or more) those more helpful or of interest to you in getting started with the system and seeing some discussion of how it works, tips for character design and/or campaign structure, and so on. 


This forum ("Non-Gaming Discussion" or NGD-land) tends to be junk, at best only remotely related to role-playing games, though snarky comments with references to RPGs tend to be salted into some of the non-gaming topics.  AFAIK there are no "looking for a game" threads here in NGD-land.  Being a member of a stable (and if anything, overfull) group myself that's been going since at least the 1980s, it's been years since I've gone looking for a new gaming group.

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16 hours ago, Blindman said:

So I'm new to TTRPGs outside D&D's and Pathfinder's. I heard about this via twitter, it seems really creative. I'm visibly impaired into video games and anime.


Hey, looking forward to find a game and trying this system.

Welcome to the realm of Madness! I hope you enjoy this hobby as much as I have. :)

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I don't know about a discord, but I only started using discord myself about 13 months ago.  My group has yet to play anything HERO since we started using that as part of our remote sessions in lieu of ftf meetings when the pandemic restrictions came out.


Since I've never played Pathfinder I have no context for comparison to the Archive.  There are some users here with great sites with Hero stuff (and more).  Killer Shrike is one; I know there are others even if their names escape me.

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