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  1. Is this one of those Newton cradle revolutions?
  2. Bummer. Okay. I'll see if i can download them and put them on dropbox or something.
  3. Could be a country permissions thing.
  4. Pariah, as you like music, I'd like your opinion on two songs. The first one is the original, and the second is a cover. Which one do you like better?
  5. Blind Freddy the rocket scientist can see where this heading by the end of the decade. It’s not a left/right thing but a pro-survival, pro-freedom thing.
  6. Clark: T'Challa. You were supposed to be gone. T'Challa: Was. Couldn't let you have all the fun. Diana: But if they see you, they'll capture one of us for you to turn yourself in. T'Challa. They have to see me first. I don't plan on that happening. Besides, they need me alive. Bruce: So here is the plan. Tony: Who made you "plan guy" *Bruce intensely glares at Tony* Tony: Okay what's the plan, scary glary guy. Thor: Hope it involves smashing things. *everyone looks in Thor’s direction* Clark: So what’s the plan Bruce? Bruce: Okay, we are going to need assistance from Coach Rogers and Mr Parker... We break into teams….
  7. Summary: Terrorists have taken over Midtown High...and they're about to receive a lesson they will never forget. A group of boys & girls decide to take a stand when terrorists seize control of their science school. We can be superheroes, just for one day. Plot: Darkseid and a band of goons have taken over the local high school looking for student T'Challa who was supposedly, evacuated the day before because his father, the king of Wakanda, is holding Darkseid's dad for trial as an international terrorist. The school principal, Victor Von Doom, is sympathetic to Darkseid and has allowed control over the school. The students, given covert assistance by varsity coach Rogers & science teacher Parker decide they need to take back the school before it is too late. Thus begins 'The Siege at Midtown High' (Think Toy Soldiers with superheroes)
  8. Title: Double Trinity Location: Midtown High School (also known as the Midtown School of Science and Technology) (Spider-Man) Mentor: Steve “So you got detention” Rogers (Coach of Varsity team) Superstar: Clark Kent Popular Kid: Tony Stark Teacher’s Pet: Diana Prince Troublemaker: Bruce Wayne Free Spirit: Thor Odinson The Antagonist: Darkseid The Dragon: Victor Von Doom (School principal) Option: T’Challa (New kid) Option: Peter Parker (Science teacher)
  9. Can someone advise which round we are up too? Ie location and how many picks?
  10. Waiting for next rosters update before I jump in (likely)
  11. Well, the universe has other ideas. literally. 😛
  12. Most of society today is built on illusion.
  13. But can they run the pants of a kangaroo?
  14. Think you mean ARSE. advanced robotics strategic equipment.
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