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  1. The Injustice Scientists of America.
  2. I’d like to think that Annie paid for your tuition at Greendale by taking a part time job as a Gorgeous Lady Of Wresting.
  3. Probably not. Based on a previous case you drink hemlock if you do two things: corrupt the youth and impiety. Perhaps introducing log-log plots is equivalent to corrupting the youth and is impious, so maybe you’ll get to drink after all?
  4. @Cancer At least you are teaching the family! Whether it is a valuable skill (sleep through lectures) is another thing entirely.
  5. So basically a “half-pick”: picked but not yet assigned a slot to be considered a “full pick”. He’s in limbo.
  6. nope. Just a way of saying “insert name of law firm” here.
  7. Barney: Lily, like the new look. Where’s Marshall? Dark Willow: Who is “Marshall?” Antagonist/Bad gal: (Dark) Willow Rosenberg
  8. I’m guessing he was a fun guy.
  9. “Good morning, XYZ Lawyers, this is the receptionist Sue speaking...”
  10. “Good morning, XYZ Lawyers, this is the receptionist Sue speaking...”
  11. Chiron the centaur. “Chiron was known for his knowledge and skill with medicine, and thus was credited with the discovery of botany and pharmacy, the science of herbs and medicine.”
  12. Adding to Cancer’s: “... and social media”.
  13. Tolkien's tales from Lydney Park http://www.bbc.co.uk/gloucestershire/films/tolkien.shtml
  14. Hope returns. The Long March ahead.
  15. If you thought 2020 is over guess again. We still have 9 more years. This is 2020 + 1.
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