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Origins 2021


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Standout moments:


Monster-Hunter All-Stars: Ghost Rider leapt onto the Scorpion King's back and "possessed" him as a vehicle. Scorpion King lit on fire, and Ghost Rider rode him into battle against Lo Pan and Beetlejuice.


Cereal Killers: Sonny the Cuckoo was almost "zoggied" (zombie Soggy) by the lactic undead (only 2 points of transformation BODY left out of 13), and with no apparent way to cure him (Lucky the Leprechaun's magic kept backfiring on him), Count Chocula slit his own wrist to force-feed Sonny some undead chocolate blood. (Some Chocoholics Anonymous sponsor he turned out to be!)


Meep on the Borderland: Squawk (Big Bird as a Gladiator) was airborne out of reach of most attacks, so Polearm (Sweetums as a Monk) leapt up and took a swing with his giant staff, but barely connected. Savage (Animal as a Barbarian) leapt on Sweetums and ran up the staff at just the perfect moment of its swing, and took out Squawk with a well-placed war club.


Spideys on Infinite Earths: Being hunted by extra-dimensional Inheritors who eat spider-life-energy, Agent Venom: Space Knight (legless Flash Thompson bonded with a cured symbiote) decides that since the weird multi-space vampires are used to hunting only Spider-Men types, that he should approach the situation is as un-Parker-like as he can, so he sets up with his alien sniper rifle and pegs Morlun in the back of the head.





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