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  1. The series is quite funny! I laugh out loud several times per episode. The Vampire Council in The Trial episode was outstanding.
  2. Thanks for lending me your robe. It smells funny, but it's very warm and comfy.
  3. The premise sounded fun, but the trailer was painful. If there's ever an edited-for-TV version, I might see if it's worth continuing.
  4. Sounds cool. I'll check that one out.
  5. Same. But I actually preferred him as Daredevil.
  6. What We Left Behind, the Deep Space 9 documentary. It was in theaters across the nation for yesterday only. Quite good. It felt more like a bio-pic than a documentary.
  7. It's not true. He's just in IMPASTA.
  8. ...and you can make it sink.
  9. The difference being that all life everywhere was about to disappear and remade in Thanos' image. Combat-ready or not, there's not much to lose by being in the battle.
  10. Rewatched all of the Question episodes of Justice League Unlimited.
  11. Spoilered for language. Cap doesn't like it when we talk like that.
  12. Mmm... Darcy... I hope they bring her back for something. Maybe she could join X-Con and team up with Luis!
  13. Moon Knight (introduce him in Black Panther 2, later give him his own film) New Warriors (introduce Nova in GotG 3, and Speedball in an upcoming Spidey movie) Squirrel Girl (introduce her in the next Avengers film as leader of the west coast group) Gwenpool
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