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  1. I finally got around to watching Future Man. A slacker beats a video game and gets recruited by time warriors to prevent a future apocalypse. Hilarity ensues. I found it a mixed bag.
  2. That makes more sense. A (literally) star-crossed lovers tale is a better fit for a romantic holiday named for a pagan god.
  3. Why open Strange the week after Halloween? And they're opening Thor on a Monday?
  4. Thieves Steal Toilet Paper; Cops Have Nothing to Go On (variation on the old "thieves steal the police station toilet seat joke)
  5. Damn you, you primitive screwhead!
  6. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.
  7. Where does mommy out the dirty diapers?
  8. I was just rewatching Due South, and saw the episode where the leads are being chased by a carful of Canadian hitmen.
  9. Another well-timed signature. Like Roger Rabbit, he wears pants for a reason.
  10. Nowhere Man (1995). Bruce Greenwood's life is stolen. Everyone seems to be in on it. All the episodes are all YouTube.
  11. Great calls. I also recommend: 42 (Chadwick Boseman, baseball) Back to School (Rodney Dangerfield, diving) The Greatest Game Ever Played (actual cannibal Shia LeBeouf, golf) Cool Runnings (John Candy, billsled bobsled) Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler, hockey) Rookie of the Year (Gary Busey, baseball) and to a lesser degree Little Big League The Hustler (Jackie Gleason, pool)
  12. Y'know, I could really go for some finger foods.
  13. Food is our number one need. Toilet paper is our number two need.
  14. Yeah, you don't want to catch a disease with a regenerating factor.
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