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  1. I'd just assume that every character with a soul was capital-c Created with a 0-point Complication that their soul goes to whichever appropriate place upon death.
  2. That's why it's always been my favorite Bond movie. Peter Sellers meeting Peter O'Toole? Genius!
  3. I haven't seen The Frighteners in a long time. I remember quite enjoying it.
  4. I did not at all expect the Ezra cameo. That was entertaining.
  5. Done the Impossible, The Firefly/Serenity documentary. I was taken aback by seeing interviews with my late friend and Hero-phile Michael O'Connell peppered throughout.
  6. Ages and Ages - Divisionary (Do the Right Thing) "Do the right thing, do the right thing. Do it all the time, do it all the time. Make yourself right, never mind them. Don’t you know you’re not the only one suffering." Spottiswoode and His Enemies – I’m Back Up "I read my name, and the following lines: ‘Get out, get out. Get away from here. Don’t look back. Have no fear.’ So I walked away, pace by pace, ’til I felt the sunlight lick my face." King - Unity Song "They can’t take away what you are." INXS - Dancing on the Jetty "Watch the world argue, argue with itself. Who’s gonna teach me peace and happiness?" Video links here:
  7. Pete Ruttman had a HERO Combat Simulator in the mid-90s or so. Ken Zarifes (maybe?) was working on a Champions video game around that time, but I think only the costume designer made it past the design phase.
  8. I'm a couple sessions into a Starfinder campaign. I play a rat-man with a combat computer in his brain. I was captured and handcuffed (they even had a three-prong cuff to trap my prehensile tail), along with our human psychic. We were trapped in an elevator at gunpoint. Our psychic can fire off two brain blasts a day, and hits one of our captors hard.I scream about a headache, too, to possibly confuse the other guy, but it didn't work. He's about to shoot our psychic, so I bite down on his gunhand. Chaos ensues, with the two of us doing surprisingly well for being cuffed and weaponless. Earlier, our lizard-man Solarian (Jedi with the serial numbers filed off) has been knocked out by some heavy weaponry. Four had carried/dragged him (he's large) to the elevator doors, when the doors opened with ratman and psychic chewing through their other two guys. Unbeknownst to them, our lizard-man had been slowly recovering, and was powering up his nova blast that takes his three prep rounds before he can turn into a living fireball for one round (and would also drop him unconscious again). Since the guards were all facing the elevator commotion, they didn't see him stand up and explode. He came close to knocking them all out, and left them all singed. So I'm pinned under the guard I was biting; lizard-man took himself out; psychic boy was all out of mental mojo. We're still facing five armed injured thugs. So I use my brain computer to hijack lizard-man's comm unit, and start a countdown. "Secondary detonation in 10... 9... 8..." I can't believe it, but it actually worked!
  9. Is Kevin Bacon kosher?
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