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  1. My friend Chris-Rachel's book was the first one recommended in this list from Tor! https://www.tor.com/2019/11/13/sci-fi-and-fantasy-cookbooks-fans-would-like-to-see/ Her other books are here, including the Dead Delicious horror cookbook. http://kitchenoverlord.com/book-shop/
  2. Nicely put. https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Hawkeye-an-Avenger-He-seems-to-be-useless/answer/Kevin-Yue-1
  3. That has a few songs that I really love. "I hope; I pray, for Hester to win just one more 'A'..."
  4. Eat cheddar, eat cheddar, with chips in November, or cauliflower, taters, or broc.
  5. I'm going back through The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Damn, that was a great show.
  6. Men in Black: The Animated Series. It's free on www.sonycrackle.com (along with hundreds of other cool things).
  7. I hold out hope for a Mices on Infinite Earths crossover...
  8. Killjoys had some of the best banter I've ever heard.
  9. There's a good podcast called Two Hundred a Day that goes through Rockford Files episodes, one by one.
  10. Have you ever seen its sequel, Murder Can Hurt You? It was all 70s cop parodies.
  11. Back in the late 90s or early 00s, in a post-apocalyptic campaign, my character found Foxbat's cybernetic armor. It was programmed with an A.I. of Foxbat's personality, who was "played by" Bruce Campbell!
  12. For Arkin singing, you need to check out The Return of Captain invincible. It also features Christopher Lee. He also sings. Songs written by Richard "Riff Raff" O'Brien.
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