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  1. They have to keep it locked up so Coca-Cola doesn't take over the world. After all, since Pepsi was once one of the world's greatest naval powers, Coca-Cola would certainly take over the missile defense system.
  2. I've always been partial to Tunnels & Trolls mind control spell Yassa Massa.
  3. I still think Roger Corman's unreleased Fantastic Four film is the best FF film, but that's damning it with faint praise. Which is probably the most praise it deserves, anyway.
  4. I've seen most. The Spirit, Jonah Hex, Elektra, ans Son of Mask are indeed horrific. I like Suicide Squad, both Ghost Riders, and LXG. I wish that BvS had better writing, that Chris O'Donnell's Robin had been in a better Batman movie, that Dinklage and Warburton had been in a better Underdog movie, that Jayne had a better villain, that Judge Dredd had a better star, I haven't seen Dark Phoenix yet, but plan to. I eventually mostly warmed to Apocalypse. Of the Punishers, my favorite is still Dolph Lundgren's.
  5. There used to be a group of us that would dress is costume and go to the big nerdy movies together. We'd have dinner beforehand, play some trivia and other related games, and also have a costume contest. When the Star Trek reboot came out, among the other entrants, there was an Orion dancing girl wearing full-body paint, and the jangly bikini! My own costume was based on an old joke. I wore a sombrero and carried a baseball bat over each shoulder. I was... Another guy had me beat on the comedy front, though. He wore doctor's scrubs and
  6. Great history on Siegel and Shuster. I'd love to hear a similar treatment on Ditko.
  7. I predict that the child's first word will be "Way."
  8. Thanks. I knew he developed a bond with Quicksilver, but I didn't remember him deputizing him.
  9. I'm a font of wisdom. But no one takes me seriously, because I'm Comic Sans.
  10. I think Hawkeye / Renner could lead the Avengers. He's got a tactical mind like Cap did, and he'd keep the team emotionally connected to the man on the street. But there's only one MCU character with the true gravitas needed:
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