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E-Sports are quite popular; they even have their own section on the msn.com homepage.  That popularity, combined with the current fighting in Ukraine and some Cyberpunk ideas, produced the following RPG idea today (warning: this can get really dark really fast).




Imagine today or the near future, but with a neural implant and software that allows a remote ‘Gamer’ to control another person through that implant.  The person with the implant must give over control (“HotShot357 is requesting control.  Accept?”) and can resume control (with some difficulty).  This is used willingly by ordinary people to be more effective in local conflicts, mostly in third-world countries, or in desperate situations (a sudden, full-scale assault on a country), with oversight to minimize any potential abuse.


At first.


Inevitably, the software is modified so that control isn’t required and resuming control is very difficult.   Repressive regimes then put implants in unwilling subjects (first their own ‘undesirables’, then on ‘enemy’ civilians).  Now you’re fighting your own mind-controlled cousin trying to kill you.

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Same idea, but now it's available (if not common) tech.


Wouldn't have to start out military, either.  Remote surgeons.  Carpenters (any skilled craft, really).  Actual E-Sports leagues with regular Joes and Janes; the participants would willingly play for the money and/or fame.  Boxing/MMA.  Performances - probably not human voice, but instruments.

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2 hours ago, Steve said:

It’s like a type of timeshare, I suppose.

How much would you pay to be a boxer for an hour? You’d feel the thrills and pains of the fight for that time, then the recovery would be felt by the body’s owner.

   That was a movie as well. “Strange Days”, Ralph Fiennes was an addict of and dealer in wired memories. The plot thickens when one of his memory chips includes a murder.

     “There is nothing new under the sun.”    A phrase originated during the Roman Empire.

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