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  1. Yes! Very similar to how I make character sheets for convention games; effects are on the sheet, I have the build in case it becomes relevant. I ran "Nazi Death Zombies of the Congo!" this way. What the player cares about the elephant rifle: It hits *hard*. Accurate at long range. Two shots, then takes time to reload. So make those shots count.
  2. I was re-reading 4E Viper last week. There is a (small) section on playing Hogan's Heroes Viper. Unfortunately, I'm travelling at the moment and don't have it handy.
  3. Well I'll be darned. You can't Haymaker a Maneuver (other than Strike), and I was sure a Called Shot was a Maneuver... but it's not. New tactic! When evaluating this, keep in mind that a Haymaker misses if the target moves or the attacker takes Knockback or is Stunned or Knocked Out.
  4. I'd use Presence vs. Ego for this. Presence is intimidating the other party; Ego is keeping your cool and not drawing first.
  5. This! Most of the changes between editions have been in design or clarification, not actual game play. With a few exceptions, such as "is END 1/5 or 1/10 Active Points?", "is range -1/x" or -2 per distance doubling?", "is it 2xEGO or EGO +10?". And we do like to debate design (I know *I* do!), but actual play hasn't changed that much. When I ran Pulp Hero at cons, I had the weapons play specifications on the character sheets that I handed out. I had the builds on my side of the GM screen, just in case it mattered, but it wasn't generally relevant to the players. Al
  6. 11 days remaining and $6,250 to go... unless there's a push at the end, I don't think it'll fund. (Disclosure: I've pledged.)
  7. Thanks! My group is playing a golden-age Champions campaign, after finishing up a FantasyCraft campaign. (Based on Champions Complete ruleset)
  8. Hi Chris! I have backed Champions Now, not sure if it'll fund though... Rules question (I have downloaded and read through the playtest doc): I didn't see anything specific in the playtest doc, but in Champs I-III the X1.5 and X2 damage for Martial Arts were done by multiplying the character's Strength. By that method, I get 18*1.5 = 27 5d6 Martial Punch and 18*2 = 36 7d6 Martial Kick for Greenstick (like the name!). How did you derive 6d6 and 8d6? (Am I missing something?) -SCUBA Hero
  9. Aye. Sucked when SCUBA Heroine was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, too. We're still standing - glad to hear you are too.
  10. Rhinobunny used to keep a list of all Hero System products, but AFAICT that no longer exists. Is there any current list of Hero System products? Or even one of 6E products? -SCUBA Hero
  11. So I am reading through The Widening Gyre. On page 79 it says, "All of the firearms for the Nineteenth Centry, as described in the Hero System Equipment Guide, are available in the world of The Widening Gyre." That refers to the 6E version, which I don't own. I do own the 5E version, but it doesn't have 19th century firearms listed. Two questions: 1) How different are the 5E and 6E versions? (Is it worth buying the 6E pdf?) 2) Are those firearm write-ups (or similar ones) available somewhere else in the Hero System library, in an earlier edition perhaps? -SCUBA Hero
  12. Semi related: I tend to use Hero Action Points (always when running an convention game, where one bad roll shouldn't derail the entire evening). One thing a HAP can do is change the hit location (when running genres where that is used) by +/- 1. Actual game example: Enemy hits a hero; GM rolls hit location 5, "The knife plunges into your face..." Player hurredly tosses a poker chip [used to track HAPs] to GM "...at the last moment, you manage to get your hand in front of the knife... it slices into your hand." Rolls damage with location 6. In a con game I don't allow players to spend HA
  13. Is there a better place for me to post this so that the authors will see it?
  14. So what more / less is there in this CD vs. the old print TH1 and 2?
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