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  1. My current golden-age speedster is named DoubleTime! (with the exclamation point, yes. ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  2. 50 STR (50), Does not Add To Existing STR (-[custom, figure the appropriate value for your campaign]), No Effect If Existing STR is >50 (-0)
  3. You jest (I think), but this is the concept I'd run with if I was GM'ing a modern campaign... Well done! ๐Ÿ‘
  4. That feels very comic-book to me. ViperNinja either *allows* Mookbasher's shield to hit (I'd give him a PER roll to see the incoming attack and allow it to hit, otherwise his instinct is to use full DCV against the attack) *and* probably pretends to be KO'd, or uses his DCV to get out of the way of the attack - thereby revealing himself. I don't have an issue with that. Heck, even if the attack hits verses full DCV and he doesn't go down, that reveals him as well.
  5. I never did understand the reasoning behind the "you can't buy PSL's to counter the effects of x". Meh - just buy 5 point CSLs and make a custom Limitation that makes the overall cost come out the same as a PSL. Technically rules-legal, I would argue, but counter to the spirit of RAW. Then again, as GM, I would probably allow PSLs on a case-by-case basis (our group looks for balance and exciting challenges and bases decisions on those criteria). But for my Speedster, AOE Non-Selective simulates his Punch-A-Group! well. He goes into such a frenzy of striking that he (tries to) hit everything in range. Perhaps at some point he'll get the experience (points) to buy Selective, once he gains more control...
  6. This is the route I used for my WWII speedster - "Punch a group". The thing is, he doesn't have enough Active Points in the MP to add the Selective Advantage. At some point, I think he's going to have to use that on a mixed group of mook allies and opponents - and then turn himself in to the UCMJ for assaulting friendlies. Hopefully none of the affected friendlies will want to press charges...
  7. Nedoking, You can use Move Through and consider the character Surprised (page 151). I think that does what you want.
  8. Yes! Very similar to how I make character sheets for convention games; effects are on the sheet, I have the build in case it becomes relevant. I ran "Nazi Death Zombies of the Congo!" this way. What the player cares about the elephant rifle: It hits *hard*. Accurate at long range. Two shots, then takes time to reload. So make those shots count.
  9. I was re-reading 4E Viper last week. There is a (small) section on playing Hogan's Heroes Viper. Unfortunately, I'm travelling at the moment and don't have it handy.
  10. Well I'll be darned. You can't Haymaker a Maneuver (other than Strike), and I was sure a Called Shot was a Maneuver... but it's not. New tactic! When evaluating this, keep in mind that a Haymaker misses if the target moves or the attacker takes Knockback or is Stunned or Knocked Out.
  11. I'd use Presence vs. Ego for this. Presence is intimidating the other party; Ego is keeping your cool and not drawing first.
  12. This! Most of the changes between editions have been in design or clarification, not actual game play. With a few exceptions, such as "is END 1/5 or 1/10 Active Points?", "is range -1/x" or -2 per distance doubling?", "is it 2xEGO or EGO +10?". And we do like to debate design (I know *I* do!), but actual play hasn't changed that much. When I ran Pulp Hero at cons, I had the weapons play specifications on the character sheets that I handed out. I had the builds on my side of the GM screen, just in case it mattered, but it wasn't generally relevant to the players. Also it was easy to describe in words what they did to someone not familiar with Hero System. "This is a big-game rifle. You get two shots, then need to take time to reload. Whatever it hits tends to go down and stay down. You may want to make sure the two chances you get before reloading hit the target." Someone with Hero System experience can read 3d6 RKA, +1 STUN, +2 RMod, 2 Charges, Extra Time (1 Phase) to reload. It worked well. And of course I have my own preferences, but at the end of the day I'll play whatever Hero edition game is out there, with whatever house rules. If I'm running, then I'll run my own preferences. But IMHO the edition holy wars are a BAD thing for Hero Games, especially given the relative scarcity of players.
  13. 11 days remaining and $6,250 to go... unless there's a push at the end, I don't think it'll fund. (Disclosure: I've pledged.)
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