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Communication Wonders


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People have always been attempting to improve upon their ability to communicate.  In times past,  they used voice,  writing,  animal,  painting,  smoke,  and (more recently) electronic method.  All of these are in the effort of making it so that people can communicate greater information,  more clearly,  with better speed. Each form has its problem that people are trying to overcome.  The electronic method is our current best method,  but there is the problems of energy efficiency and speed (that of light speed). As there becomes more people and we spread to more planets,  both will become greater issues. People will need to look for other alternatives for their communication issues.  SF has created many that might work,  others that are flight of fantasy.  What are some possibilities to foreseen future communication problems that you can imagine? How would they operate? What issues do they manage to solve? If there is anything else that you would like to mention,  feel free to say. 

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Though with Real Physics it might not be workable except in long-set-up contrived circumstances, a push into rubber science extrapolations into quantum entanglement ("Spooky action at a distance") could be something one could write into a story.  More info about the real physics here.  (This is related to the work for which the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics was given.)

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