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  1. I expect people here to not deliberately be condescending jerks. Apparently I was expecting too much. I'll address your lack of a response when I have the time.
  2. Once you start talking about and organization which is colluding to commit fraud, that's automatically a slam dunk RICO case, basically reason the law was passed. I don't really understand the government's willingness to go after individuals on RICO grounds on the flimsiest excuses that the might be involved in the illegal drug trade (by having a few thousand dollars of cash on them, for example) but do backflips to avoid RICO investigations of actual organizations which might be criminal.
  3. The sad part of the story is that the next morning was trash day....
  4. That's pretty easy, isn't it? Season 1 1: If you change your mind (Sheridan is posted to B5) 2: I'm the first in line (Ivanova tries to take over when Sheridan hesitates) 3: Honey I'm still free (Refugees arrive on the station) 4:Take a chance on me (Big gambling tournament arrives at the station) 5: If you need me (Spotlight on the doctor) 6: Let me know (Communications with Earth are cut off) 7: Gonna be around (Exploring the planet to find a site for a new subspace antenna) 8: If you've got no place to go (Stranded on the planet) 9: If you're feeling down (Garibaldi's daring rescue in the tunnels) 10: If you're all alone (Meanwhile a fighter stranded in hyperspace sees a strange craft) 11: When the pretty birds have flown (Backtracking the craft to a recently devastated world) 12: Gonna do my very best (Zack Allan is testing for a promotion) 13: And it ain't no lie (Bester arrives) 14: If you put me to the test (Bester's plan revolves around Lyta) 15: If you let me try (Psi Corp is foiled but Lyta leaves B5) 16: That's all I ask of you honey (A swarm of alien bees infest the station) 17: We can go dancing (A festival on the station) 18: We can go walking (Infiltrating a raider base by doing a long-range spacewalk insertion) 19: As long as we're together (Sheridan and Delenn get closer) 20: Listen to some music (Mysterious music is heard by some on B5. Introduction of Talia Winters.) 21: Maybe just talking (Garibaldi tries to help Lennier who is baffled when asked out by a human) Season 2 1: Get to know you better 2: 'Cos you know 3: I've got so much that I wanna do 4: When I dream 5: I'm alone with you 6: It's magic (Vorlon intervention) 7: You want me to leave it there 8: Afraid of a love affair (Delenn faces political trouble at home because she's interested in Sheridan) 9: But I think you know 10: I can't let go 11: Come on 12: Give me a break will you? 13: You can take your time baby (Delenn's water breaks at an inopportune moment) 14: I'm in no hurry (Vir lost in space) 15: Know I'm gonna get you (Londo makes his play to take out G'kar) 16: You don't wanna hurt me (A hostage situation turns ugly) 17: Baby don't worry 18: I ain't gonna let you 19: Let me tell you now 20: My love is strong 21: Enough Season 3 1: To last when things are rough 2: You say that I waste my time (Daffy Duck reruns grind the station to a halt) 3: But I can't get you off my mind 4: No I can't let go 5: 'Cos I love you so 6: If you've got no place to go 7: If you're feeling down 8: Baby can't you see 9: Gotta put me to the test (Note: Season three is shortened due to a writer's strike) https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/abba/takeachanceonme.html
  5. Why is it "nonsensical" to propose treating real property and intellectual property in the same manner? Real property is yours or your heirs (barring unlikely events like eminent domain or an earthquake sinking your property under the sea). Intellectual property is yours or your heirs as long as you never publish it in any way. But if you do, it is automatically taken away from your control at some point. I can see the point of that with patents for inventions. I but I see no rationale for it, at all, when it comes to artistic endeavors like Captain Underpants. The creator might be cornering the market on "Captain Underpants" but he's in no way limiting the market for children's characters. Or even children's superhero characters. And society isn't experiencing an undue burden from lack of Mickey Mouse cartoons because Disney is owning the character and other authors are not getting to use that one particular character. Mickey Mouse isn't a folk hero of some sort. The popularity the character has is because the corporation which owns it has spent huge wads of money keeping the character in the public's eye. Geez, I gotta get some sleep. Can't focus enough to finish making a point....
  6. A hackers look inside the anti-vaxx group named "America's Frontline Doctors" https://theintercept.com/2021/09/28/covid-telehealth-hydroxychloroquine-ivermectin-hacked/ Includes data on how many patients have paid them for consultations and quack remedies. Also includes text of the new disclaimer on the doctor's small role in the process which absolves the doctor of any blame if the patient actually takes any of the "cures" that the salesmen recommend. (The process appears to be the dupe pays $90 to talk to a salesman who sees which variety of snake oil the dupe is open to purchasing. The salesman then recommends that snake oil cure. The patient then fills out a form to request a doctor write a prescription whenever the recommended "cure" is some prescription medicine which doesn't affect COVID.)
  7. If I make a beautiful hand-carved chair, charge people for the use of it, and they gladly pay each time for the length of my life because the chair is so breathtakingly beautiful...my chair doesn't pass into the public domain after my death. People are free to make different chairs. But the public is never entitled to own my chair. So some artists, such as wood carvers, are protected to a greater extent than authors because tangible property is considered more valuable than intellectual property.
  8. Too much serious news is happening so how about a story which is otterly ridiculous? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/otters-attacking-people-dogs-anchorage-alaska/
  9. I really liked the Centauri mode of dress. That's one thing I really hope carries over into the reboot. It gave a sense of "old world" charm mixed with comic opera which the actors for Londo and Vir pulled off flawlessly. And there's not reason for alien cultures to not dress fancy when compared to most Earth cultures. There's certainly endless alien cultures in TV and film who all wear military paraphernalia or uniforms of some sort (even when not in a military). I also really liked the physical appearance of the Narn's head and eyes. I don't know how expensive or uncomfortable that was for the actors but it looked like believable skin. (On the far end of that spectrum was the appearance of Delenn in the first episode where they made her nosepiece too large and she spent most of her scenes cross-eyed trying to see past it.)
  10. Yeah, my wife's wanting to go visit a cousin in TN who told her that there wasn't anyone in her county who has COVID (when on national hotspot maps, it's showing that area covered up in new cases). So I found the TN health department's website which shows a county-by-county breakdown of cases and it showed her very rural low-population county with hundreds of new cases per week. Turns out she wasn't aware because it isn't mentioned in her local news sources. She and her husband both has COVID last year and he's been one of those long-haul permanently damaged cases. Their local doctor is anti-vax and advised neither of them to get vaccinated because of the "dangers" of the vaccine...with her husband having on-going breathing problems. Personally, I'm getting more in the mood for torches and pitchforks than with "increased sanctions by social media outlets" as a way to deal with anti-vaxxers....
  11. So let's say I'm an author. If I'm understanding the stance of some people here, the only way to stop whatever I write from going into the public domain, regardless of my personal wishes or how many contracts I sign, should be to burn the manuscript immediately after writing it. Because otherwise, I should have no permanent control over my own creation other than completely destroying it before anyone reads it. That seems so wrong on so many levels (place the emphasis on whichever word or words seems most appropriate).
  12. Quitting the team mid-game is a pretty high-profile way of doing things.
  13. Also as noted before, making sure your mask has a tight seal around the nose is very helpful. I try a couple of hard exhales after putting on the mask to test how good the seal is. I keep a cloth mask and a disposable mask on me then switch between them whenever fogging starts to become a problem. Even with a good seal, your mask is going to get uncomfortably moist if you're projecting your voice. Talking while wearing a mask creates problems for me because I have a full beard which makes the mask ride up and ruins the seal around the nose. The only way to fix that is to touch the mask and refit it while resealing around the nose. If you have to do that, I'd recommend having some hand sanitizer on your desk and using it before touching your mask.
  14. Well, the South China Sea is relatively close. But conventional subs move more slowly and can't stay in place to patrol as long after they get there. From Australia to the South China Sea, the estimates I've seen is that a conventional diesel sub would only be able to stay there for 11 days maximum before having to turn around and head back home. A nuclear sub, in contrast, could stay on station something like 83 days if I remember correctly. That's a vast gap in the utility between the two types of subs. And that's not even taking into account the fact that nuclear subs can remain completely submerged at operating depth longer than a diesel sub. I could try to find the study again and post it up if anyone is interested.
  15. It is eight. But he only pulls out the additional two legs for formal occasions.
  16. Did you at least pick up on the product placement?
  17. Ukraine's president compares UN to 'a retired superhero He argues that the organization doesn't do anything and just looks on from the sidelines while countries like Russia, which guaranteed the sovereignty of Ukraine's borders forever in the 1990's, invaded and seized a large part of the country in the 2000's. https://thehill.com/policy/international/573543-ukraines-president-compares-un-to-a-retired-superhero?rl=1 One of the commenters observed: "He's not wrong. UN is toothless now..." So I replied: "When did it ever have teeth? Until there's a United Nations Tribunal on International Law which sends out heavily armed agents to deal with nations, leaders, or rogue actors who get out of line, there won't be any international defenders of freedom."
  18. Just ignore the thousands points of light. Even if they are red....
  19. Troll on highway, Troll on alongTroll on Daddy till you get back homeTroll on family, Troll on crewTroll on Momma like I asked you to doAnd Troll on eight semesters, Troll on(Troll on!)
  20. If they didn't want us to eat them, they shouldn't have been made from meat....
  21. Yeah, I had way too many "LARPing" experiences as a young child playing soldier with the "I shot you!"...."No, you missed."..."No, I didn't."..."Yes, you did." If I'm going to just collaboratively write an interactive story with virtually no rules, why am I paying for a set of rules rather than just collaboratively writing an interactive story?
  22. Neutral Evil - Lex Luthor In one of the versions, I read an essay or article about how "evil" in D&D meant that you were in it for yourself and that you saw everything through the lens of personal gain. So I'm playing a Neutral Evil character and the DM complains that I'm not being "evil". I'm not backstabbing or robbing my fellow party members. I'm not slaying NPC's at random.... I ask the DM how that killing or robbing the person who guards me while I'm asleep is going to get me ahead in the world. There's a million people out in the world who I can take advantage of but only a limited number of people who are willing to make sure I stay okay. So to me, I can't accomplish being evil if I'm not taking care of my teammates to the point that they're happy that I'm around. Because dead people don't get to be evil, in most circumstances. My thinking on "evil" in D&D spiraled out of that event. And I think neutral evil is the natural bent for most of my fantasy characters. Because I can give money to the poor and take care of orphans when it'll give me some advantage that'll get me ahead in the world. And by acknowledging that, it puts me a step ahead of the paladin player because at least I'm being honest with myself (as both player and PC).
  23. Most people assume they live in a kind of stasis, whether they do or not. They have vague ideas that some places are older or younger than the place that they live. Or that some places are much more wealthy or much poorer. But they assume that people live much the same way as they themselves do. I remember back in high school that an illegal immigrant from Mexico was discovered half-starved locked up in the back of a trailer of an 18 wheeler. The police took custody of him but none of them could speak any Spanish and the guy couldn't speak any English. But on the trip from the freight yard through the more squalid parts of the tiny town to the courthouse (which was built in the 1930's and looked more ancient and run down than that), the guy kept saying dahleeze over and over. The police eventually had to resort to sending for the high school Spanish teacher because no one knew anyone who could speak Spanish. So the teacher eventually showed up and talked to the guy. He was under the impression that because the "vast city" he was driven through on the way to the police station was so magnificent, that he must be in Dallas. He knew that vast wealthy cities existed because he'd been told about them. But he lacked whatever it was that it'd take for him to grasp the scale of difference between a town of a few thousand people with paved streets, modest homes, and electricity vs a metropolis with a million people and (comparatively) unlimited wealth. Because apparently, he'd had no experience with either a tiny modest middle-America town or a thriving metropolis. . . . If you take away TV, public education, and yearly releases of new versions of the I-Phone, why would anyone assume that they were living in anything but an eternal stasis, whether it was true or not? People don't automatically know stuff. Most people aren't motivated to find out stuff even when the knowledge is easily available. People see and people accept what they personally see. What they don't personally see might as well not exist and certainly isn't very important. You could have vast upheavals in social systems in most eras and within 30-50 years, most people would accept things as they are and not think about things as they used to be or about how things might be....
  24. Personally, I'd just move the academy closer to the city. Or perhaps on the other side of a body of water. The Great and Powerful Turtle would do his hero work primarily in NYC then head out over the water, usually at night, and people would lose sight of him. The public never figured out that he was based in Bayonne, NJ and neither did any of his fellow heroes until he chose to share the secret with someone after his first couple of decades adventuring. Among other things, it saved him from the stigma of being from New Jersey.
  25. I once went to England, Scotland, and Paris without even leaving the Southwestern Conference.
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