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  1. CPAC had their annual conference this weekend. The theme of the event was how the election was stolen from Trump and the vast majority of the speeches were along that theme rather than promoting anything which was remotely along the lines of historical conservative policy points. https://cdn.ballotpedia.org/images/1/1f/CPAC_2021_Agenda.pdf The big thing for the last day of the conference is always their straw poll to see which potential candidate the people who paid to attend the conference would want for their presidential candidate next time around. OK, so the wrap up
  2. "Other countries" don't give employees a working wage. "Employers" there give a working wage. And employers in the vast majority of those countries aren't paying healthcare costs for any of their employees. And in many countries, the employers aren't paying unemployment costs or half of the social security costs. Countries can make almost any system work, if they tinker with enough aspects of their systems to make it work. and do it over enough decades. Many healthcare systems in western Europe went to some form of nationalized healthcare in the 1950's and
  3. Can you tell just by looking whether someone is turning into a Canadian? No, you have to test them: they may be eh symptomatic.
  4. I misplaced Dwayne Johnson's cutting tool for the origami workshop. I can't believe I lost the Rock's paper scissors.
  5. A guy walks into a bar, orders a beer, and lets out a heavy sigh. "What's wrong, Bob?" the bartender asks. "Oh nothing really," Bob replies. "I guess I'm just not myself today." "Yes," the bartender agreed. "I noticed the improvement immediately.”
  6. Robin Hood gave a poor man a bag of gold. “Here, poor man,” Robin Hood smiled. “Take this bag of gold, I took it from a rich man.” “Thank you so much!” The man said as he got a little teary. “Now I’m rich!” Robin hood turned back to the man. “You’re what?”
  7. I went to see an acupuncturist. When I got home I found that my voodoo doll was dead.
  8. What do you get when you cross a chimpanzee with a rhinoceros? A meeting with the ethics committee and swift removal of your research funding.
  9. It's 2002 and Elon Musk is on stage The entrepreneur prepares for the worst as he is about to reveal the name of his new space-focused company. To his surprise, everyone seemed to show plenty of support and excitement at his announcement. "Wow!" He thinks to himself. "They actually really like the name 'Space Sex!'"
  10. Five PC's walk into a bar. The sixth made his Reflex save.
  11. What are the 3 worst mistakes in business Over-promising Under-delivering
  12. Bob: "No, no, a tomato really is a fruit." Frank, confused: "So you're telling me that the ketchup that I put on my French fries is really a fruit smoothie?"
  13. Did you know most people don't know the opposites to these words? Always Coming From Take Me Down Congrats, you just got Rick-rolled.
  14. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? On the bottom of the page.
  15. The Vatican's space program confirmed an important discovery this week: You can still have mass even though you're weightless.
  16. The Prime Minister of Great Britain has decided that they will start driving on the right side of the road just like the rest of the world. To ease people into this transition, they will start with busses and trucks this week and normal cars next month.
  17. Humans are scared of hippos because they're violent and responsible for hundreds of deaths per year when in reality, people kill people way more per year... so that's just being hippocritical.
  18. Today I crossed the road, changed a lightbulb and walked into a bar I think my life is turning into a joke
  19. Earmarks have often been used for such things. Specifically, a lawmaker in the 1980's used it to save the military's smart bomb program which allows us to pinpoint bomb military targets rather than having to carpet bomb general areas (and incidentally inflict lots of civilian casualties). Those bombs were used, with great media fanfare, during the first Gulf War.
  20. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/540787-key-democrat-offers-bill-to-restore-limited-earmarks Under DeLauro’s plan, earmarks — which Democrats are calling “community project funding” — would only be permitted if lawmakers adhere to requirements like providing evidence of “strong community support” and only request funding for up to 10 projects. The funding could only go toward state and local grantees or eligible nonprofit organizations, and could not be directed to for-profit recipients. Lawmakers would have to certify that neither they nor their families
  21. I used to do that before I realized just how many people are completely incapable of adding up numbers to come to exactly 250 in their heads.
  22. "Only change between adventures" or "only change when has a few hours of downtime at his HQ" are both fine. There's been a number of published characters over the years with similar limitations. You especially see that with gadget pools as a couple of others have mentioned. I consider "you need all powers already written up for the GM's consideration" to be a +0 limitation which I'd require before allowing a PC to have a VPP. There's an absolute ton of GM's who don't mind PC's trying and failing to attempt to build powers on the fly. But I am not one
  23. Received my second dose of the Moderna an hour ago. All three of us suffered side effects from the first dose. I'm hoping that the second dose doesn't hit as badly. Mentally, I'm needing to go cat hunting tomorrow morning rather than laying around feeling like I'm coming down with the flu.
  24. IMO, it was still an original thought since it didn't originate from another source than yourself. I didn't get the chance to have an original thought about it since I first saw it in the context of people calling it the Republican's golden calf. Frankly, with some Christian leader's comparing the events of Trump's second impeachment to Judas's betrayal of Jesus then them rolling out the golden calf, it seems like the GOP is traveling back in time religiously. Next they'll be burning infants to honor Moloch.
  25. No wonder you never see Vulcans using guns: they're all so mini.
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