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  1. This is (part) of what irks me about discussion of herd immunity on TV news. They said early on that COVID-19 was just as infectious as measles which needs the 80-95% to reach herd immunity...and that was before they discovered that COVID-19 had mutated so that the current strain going around only needs 1/10th the amount to infect someone compared to the original strain did. But the doctors who talk about herd immunity on TV talk about 60% of the population being the needed threshold as if COVID is one of the not-very-contagious diseases. And that's even on real news channels rather than FOX. I know they don't want to scare people to the point that they turn off TV news but they aren't doing anyone any favors by soft-petaling the truth.
  2. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/04/trump-joe-biden-campaign-door-knockers-391454 Trump’s campaign says it knocked on over 1 million doors in the past week alone. Joe Biden’s campaign says it knocked on zero because they don't want to worry voters about getting COVID-19 from answering the doorbell. That story says Trump campaign workers are using masks while knocking doors. However, this other story says that at Trump campaign headquarters that you get made fun of for wearing a mask. And that there's pressure to not tell your co-workers if you test positive for COVID-19. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/10/trump-campaign-office-social-distancing-356439 This is shaping up to be a very different campaign with one side focusing on digital and electronic contacts and the other doing a more traditional campaigning to contact people in person (which in previous elections has been seen as more effective in moving voter opinions).
  3. https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/510742-cdc-warns-against-ingesting-hand-sanitizer-after-reports-of-poisonings CDC warns against ingesting hand sanitizer after reports of poisonings, deaths
  4. https://thehill.com/policy/technology/510777-facebook-removes-post-from-trumps-page-it-said-featured-false-claims-about Facebook removed a post from President Trump because it contained “false claims” about the coronavirus. The post included a video of Trump on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday morning saying schools should resume in-person classes because young people are "almost immune" to COVID-19. “If you look at children, children are almost — I would almost say definitely — but almost immune from this disease. So few — they’ve gotten stronger...Hard to believe. I don’t know how you feel about it, but they have much stronger immune systems than we do, somehow, for this. And they don’t have a problem. They just don’t have a problem...But the fact is, they are virtually immune from this problem and we have to open our schools.” Maybe Facebook should read the president's posts more often.... Edit: Twitter is also sanctioning Trump. It's requiring that he remove his post containing the false information before he will be allowed to Tweet again. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/05/facebook-removes-trump-post-for-spreading-misinformation-on-coronavirus-392014
  5. Watch your entire costume shrink into nothingness.
  6. Deputies accused of being in white supremacist secret societies cost L.A. County taxpayers $55 million in payoffs to victims. Members are accused of using intimidation, threats, and violence to keep other police officers in line. https://news.yahoo.com/deputies-accused-being-secret-societies-230851807.html
  7. My wife and I bought a square inch of Abraham Lincoln's farm. The deed cost $5 a few decades ago. The owner of the 35 acres was selling it one inch at a time. You're actually purchasing permanent "access" to the land rather than the land itself. But the deed was a neat enough souvenir to be worth the price to us. I guess I could argue in the court that for "my" Mars property that I should have the permanent right to access the property, even if they someday make a landing pad out of it or dump their toxic wastes there.
  8. My impression was that was their "marching weight" rather than their preferred "fighting weight". They'd fight wearing a full pack if surprised but the plan was always that they'd make camp then approach the enemy in formation without carrying their camp gear on their backs. But I'll admit that it's been 30+ years since I've read anything authoritative on the subject.
  9. I really enjoy Puffin Forest but it's plain that he hasn't gamed extensively in anything crunchy.
  10. Not at all. NASA doesn't service the Brooklyn Bridge.
  11. The deed to your property costs $50-500. You have to contract separately with NASA for the $87 billion to put a "No Trespassing" sign on it.
  12. That's why I specified super-Velcro instead of Velcro.
  13. No. The villain would be educating the reporters one at a time when they'd google to find out what the hell kind of name that is. I think that'd appeal to her.
  14. Could go for Boline which is their white-handled ritual knife. Or naming after one of the more easily-pronounced Wiccan holidays: Imbolc (Candlemas) Ostara Beltane Litha Lammas Mabon
  15. You could in theory put a college football team all in one dorm under 24 hour curfew and require them to take their classes remotely. Colleges are pretty open-ended in what they can require of their sports players if the player wants to remain on the team. The risk of infection would be from players living their normal lives much more than on-the-field contact with players from the other teams. NFL is another matter entirely. The teams can't even effectively control the players' on the field behavior when the player is on the clock, much less dictate terms on what the players can do during their time off. But regardless, I think college and professional sports both would be better off not having seasons.
  16. Might be cleaner and more thematic to have the limitation "only places that are connected to the power grid".
  17. Don't know if anyone is in the mood to be horrified but there's a very graphic sexual harassment lawsuit which has been filed against Fox News and their on-air personalities Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Howard Kurtz, and Ed Henry. The lengthy allegations against Ed Henry include some violent rape which he was kind enough to document the aftermath of with a series of texts to the victim (some of which are included in the article and the attached lawsuit). There's no NSFW images included but I wouldn't leave the story up on your screen if you have a boss or your kids around. https://www.showbiz411.com/2020/07/20/huge-new-sex-harassment-lawsuit-against-fox-news-anchors-ed-henry-rape-propositions-from-hannity-tucker-kurtz
  18. Would it being noticed and reported on actually stop it? Or would it just make more people aware it was happening and perhaps motivate more people to participate in order to "level the playing field"? I'd expect those some people with itchy trigger fingers to be more motivated to be roaming around tampering with the vote than to be safeguarding neighborhood mailboxes.
  19. Boy to priest: "Why is there sin, suffering, and crime in the world?" Priest: "Without sin, suffering, and crime, there would be no Batman." Boy: "Praise the Lord!"
  20. I thought people here would appreciate this article on how school principals are the key to safely reopening schools. https://thehill.com/opinion/education/509964-school-principals-are-key-lever-to-ensuring-safe-and-successful-school Yeah, consulting people who have no health expertise and who may themselves believe that the pandemic is a hoax is going to be the key to making sure that schools open and operate safely. 🤪
  21. In any rational country, Trump would no longer be president. But setting that aside for the sake of discussion in order to talk about mail-in balloting: The best feature of in-person balloting is that the ballots are secured all the time. Someone is supposed to have custody of them or they are supposed to be locked up at every point in time. Frankly, I've irritated a lot of party people over the years by pointing out how wide open for fraud our current system is to anyone who is smart, who wants to take on some minor risks, and who wants to put in some effort. And my suggestions for changing ballot security have never been well-received. Changing over to mail-in balloting is taking out the need for someone "to be slightly intelligent" and "to take some minor risks" in order to defraud the election. It's great that there hasn't been detectable levels of ballot tampering in places in the US which have used mail-in voting in the past. But we're in a much more politically charged election this time around than in the past which is going to change the level of motivation for people to want to tamper with things. With mail-in balloting, in many places in the US, people will be putting their ballot into their personal mailbox, lifting a flag, and the ballot will sit in the mailbox unattended overnight until the mailman gets there the next day to pick it up. All anyone needs to tamper with that system is to go around to mailboxes in the middle of the night and collect ballots. There's YouTube videos on how to open envelopes without being detected. Open them up, trash the ballots who voted "wrong", fully fill out the other ballots in all the down-ballot races which the voter probably didn't bother to finish, reseal the envelopes, drop the envelopes into a post office drop box. If the fraudster is slightly smart, he could look at traditional voting patterns in precincts and go out of his way to steal from mailboxes in whichever places are most likely to vote against his preferred candidate. All of the "signature matching" and "bar codes on ballots" in the world aren't going to stop filled out ballots from being taken out of individual's mailboxes in the dead of night. If Trump pulls out a win, I'd suspect something like that to be the cause. It's the kind of low tech solution that would spontaneously occur to and appeal to a bunch of Luddites. There wouldn't even have to be an organized effort. Just the idea occurring to a large number of highly-motivated people at the same time might be enough. My preference is: 1) mandatory voter registration for everyone in the country. 2) no excuse absentee voting for people who request that. 3) 24 hour early voting for a couple of months before the election, which caters to people who work odd hours and lessens congestion at polling sites. 4) have "poll workers go to homes" rather than have "voters go to polls" to take care of the elderly and those who have disabilities & mobility problems of all kinds. 5) have election "day" be a three day weekend in order to lessen congestion at the polls. 6) pay poll workers as if they were professionals working a dangerous job rather than as if they were volunteers getting a tip. Hopefully that would get an adequate number of workers. Of course, my preferences are very rarely catered to. . . . I don't have a problem with mail-in voting in small amounts. But having everyone in the country being aware that there are tens of thousands of ballots laying around in mail boxes every night, that's too much like depending on the honor system for my tastes. In my experience talking to people from various parties who are avidly interested in politics and working inside a political party for a few decades, there's vanishingly few people who are avidly interested in politics who I would be comfortable trusting with an honor system.
  22. Yes. Yes it does. That's the exact reason why the Experimento example is so absurd.
  23. Time-travelling teens arrive from the future to invite the group to join the League of Super-Dudes. Being a member of the LSD includes perks such as getting a flight ring, living in the future, and having lots of groupies. The group takes the medicine to protect their bodies from the ravages of time, enter the time bubble, and they're off to the future. After an indeterminate amount of time adventuring in the future, the group discovers that they really just been high on a hallucinogenic drug for a very long time. Your call on whether their adventures with the LSD have all taken place completely in their minds or if they've gallivanted all over the city while fighting "future-villains".
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