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Mind Control - How to do an attack on Machines that do not have EGO

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I have a player in my game that has Mind Control over machines - Primarily Droids and what not.

Mind Control is typically an attack vs EGO, but as it is a Robot, the target only has INT, not EGO.


In this case, do I simply substitute INT for EGO?  (I can't seem to find the ruling in Player Guides 6E1/6E2, APG I/II)


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Chris thanks for the response...fortunately, I did find the same item in 6E1, P. 149, under Classes of Minds:


A character who wishes to have Mental Powers that affect, for example, computers and other machines must buy the Powers at full cost, defined as affecting that class of minds. He cannot buy Mental Powers that affect Human minds and take a Limitation on them (such as Only Affects Computers). When using Mental Powers on machines that have INT but not EGO, substitute INT for EGO as appropriate.


I best guessed it, just wanted RAW...

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Why bother?  That's limited to self-mobile robots, and still tends to be relatively limited in action.  If you control its mind, you control its body...and it works against immobile computers.


And overall, I'd say no.  It feels wrong...and this holds true for people.  How does the target resist?  His mind, or his control systems that replicate "mind."  I'll grant that I have seen cases of it body control by muscle control...and the writers generally made it Not Pretty.  It was a great way to do quite a bit of damage to the target's muscles...strains, even tears, to muscles and tendons and ligaments.  

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