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Vulnerability Question/Opinions

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So here I am again with another strange question:


Still converting 3 edition characters and a special effect has stumped me. "Vulnerability to Cosmic/Primal Energies". Would a Solar Flare special effect count? I am literally at the coin-flip decision stage.

Plot wise is irrelevant as this game is "Mostly episodic, with some continuing stories".

We're just to pass time between D&D campaigns. DM is working out of area for a few more months with no internet access.

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Hmm... well, those times I've seen "cosmic/primal energies" referred to in Champions SFX, or in the comics, it's usually for things comparable to the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic, Darkseid's Omega Beams, Green Lantern's green energy, the Infinity Gems/Stones, and the like. Implicitly, something grander and more fundamental than even stellar plasma. But for your game, of course you can define it as you like.

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Special effect based on real world sciences is usually fairly easy to understand.  Fire or cold is something that is pretty obvious.  Special effect based on rubber science on the other hand is something that needs to be defined before it is allowed in the game.   Cosmic/Primal energy is rubber science so the person creating the vulnerability should be the one defining it. 

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