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Pulp Heroes


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Now that Pulp HERO is on the horizon I thought it might be fun to create and post some characters that could be used in a Pulp HERO campaign.


So how about it Heroes, are you up for the challenge?


Who knows, if he likes them Steve might use some in the Pulp Hero book.


I'll start with one of mine...




Val Char Cost Roll Notes

15 STR 5 12- Lift 200.0kg; 3d6; [1]

17 DEX 21 12- OCV 6 DCV 6

15 CON 10 12-

11 BODY 2 11-

13 INT 3 12- PER Roll 12-/14-

13 EGO 6 12- ECV: 4

15 PRE 5 12- PRE Attack: 3d6

14 COM 2 12-

7 PD 4 Total: 7 PD (0 rPD)

3 ED 0 Total: 3 ED (0 rED)

3 SPD 3 Phases: 4, 8, 12

6 REC 0

30 END 0

27 STUN 0 Total Characteristic Cost: 63



Movement: Running: 7" / 14"

Swimming: 2" / 4"

Leaping: 3" / 6"


Cost Powers END

Martial Arts:

Maneuver OCV DCV Notes

4 Fast Strike - Mean Right Cross +2 +0 5d6 Strike

3 Life Support (Immunity: Alcohol)

2 Sharp Eyes: +2 PER with Normal Sight




1 Fringe Benefit - Commercial Pilot's License: License to practice a profession

1 Reputation - Great War Flying Ace (A small to medium sized group) 8-, +1/+1d6




1 Bureaucratics 8-

11 Combat Piloting 16-

3 KS: Aircraft Identification 12-

2 KS: Aviation 11-

2 KS: Aviators 11-

3 Mechanics 12-

4 Navigation (Air, Land, Marine) 12-

4 PS: Cargo Pilot 13-

3 Stealth 12-

3 Systems Operation 12-

3 Tactics - Air 12-

3 Trading 12-

4 TF: Combat Aircraft, Large Military Ships, Large Planes, Small Motorized Ground Vehicles, Small Planes

3 Traveler

1 1) AK: Carribean (2 Active Points) 11-

2 2) AK: East Coast (3 Active Points) 12-

1 3) AK: Europe (2 Active Points) 11-

1 4) AK: North America (2 Active Points) 11-

1 5) AK: South America (2 Active Points) 11-

1 6) AK: South Pacific (2 Active Points) 11-

1 7) AK: West Coast (2 Active Points) 11-

3 +1 with S&W M27, Winchester 94 and Trench Knife

4 WF: Small Arms, Aircraft Weapons, Blades

2 Weaponsmith (Firearms) 12-



Total Powers & Skill Cost: 77

Total Cost: 140


75+ Disadvantages

10 Distinctive Features: pre-maturely white hair Concealable, Noticed and Recognizable, Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses

20 Psychological Limitation: Believes in fighting fair Very Common, Strong

15 Psychological Limitation: Incurable Romantic (Common, Strong)

15 Psychological Limitation: Loyal to Comrades (Common, Strong)

5 Rivalry: with all other pilots over who's the best Professional (; Rival is As Powerful; Seek to Outdo, Embarrass, or Humiliate Rival; Rival Aware of Rivalry)

0 Experience Points


Total Disadvantage Points: 140


Background/History: Name's Callahan, Jake Callahan. I'm the world's greatest pilot. Oh I know some of you out there are snickering "World's greatest pilot, huh. A legend in his own mind!" Well don't take my word for it, check it out. Ask anybody. Ask Jim Dolittle or Charlie Lindbergh, Billy Bishop or Eddie Ricken-backer. Go ahead, I'll wait for ya … Satisfied? Okay let's get to it. You guys want the straight dope so here it comes. And boys, sharpen your pencils, this one's a real world-beater.


I was born in New York City - 1899, didn't stay there long though. By the time I was four the old man moved us outta' the city and upstate. That's where I first heard about it. 17 December 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Wright Flyer # 1, the first powered flight, all of 12 seconds long. Didn't make much of an impression on me at the time, too remote I guess. But it wasn't remote six years later. July 1909, I was outta' school for the summer and swimmin' in the creek that run behind our house when I saw it. It was Glenn Curtiss' Golden Flyer on the flight that won it the Scientific American Prize, 25 miles nonstop. More important Glenn Curtiss was setting up shop right there in my own home town. But thing's didn't stop there, not by a long shot. Curtiss needed mechanics and the best in 20 miles was my old man. Curtiss offered him twice the money he was makin' at the time; I think he thought it over for all of 15 seconds.


From that moment on all most alla’ my free time was spent at the airfield. I swept floors, sorted parts, greased axles, helped the old man, and talked to the pilots. In May of 1910 Gene Ely took me up for the first time in the Albany Flyer. I was there cheering him on six months later at Hampton Roads when he took off from the deck of the U.S.S. Birmingham. I first soloed on 28 July 1914 in an old model D-IV. From that moment on I was one of Glenn Curtiss' test pilots. I worked on Saturdays during the school year and all week long during the summers. I even helped Curtiss design the JN-1 Jenny trainer in the spring of "16".


I graduated from high school in June of 1917 and immediately enlisted in the service, as most of our contracts had been with them I joined the Navy. Within three months I was commissioned an Ensign and posted as a seaplane test pilot at Pensacola. I got to fly a lotta new planes, but that wasn't really what I wanted. After all there was a War on, and I wanted to be in on it. I had made a few connections when I worked for Curtiss and was able to wrangle a slot on detached service with the Royal Flying Corps in France. The Brits put me in an SE 5a assigned to Mannock's Squadron. In 14 weeks I racked up 17 kills, then the Navy yanked me back and put me in a big RS-3 flying boat hunting U-boats in the Irish Sea. Now those goddamned gooney birds have all the speed and handling of a pregnant elephant. Their one saving grace is their strength and I was determined to make the most of that. I had a big 1 pounder Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon mounted in the nose, 4 Vickers Mk I .303 caliber machine guns mounted on the wings, and a pair of Lewis guns in a flex-mount in the rear cockpit. This was in addition to the two 230 pound bombs the plane carried. By the time the war ended in November 1918 we had sunk 4 U-boats, 7 light gunboats, and shot down 5 more aircraft, 3 of them Zepps.


With the war over I was back at Pensacola as a test pilot. I flew the Nieuport 27s that the government bought from the Frogs in 1919, and helped organized the navy's first fighter squadrons. I commanded VF-3 at San Diego from 1920 to 21; my departure from the navy was precipitated by a little difference of opinion with a pompous asshole of a battleship captain. I was sayin to a buddy of mine at one of the base commander's receptions, that within ten years, twenty at the most, aircraft would be able to take on and sink battleships. This little twerp of a four-striper sez to me that my statements just go to prove that aviators are all lunatics but if I give up all this flying nonsense I might be saved from the bughouse. Well that displeased me some, and I expressed my displeasure by dumping a bowl of punch on the dickless little faggot's head. There was some talk of having me court-martialed for assaulting a superior and conduct unbecoming. But I was a war hero, 22 air victories had made me the number two U.S. ace behind Rickenbacker. So they just let me quietly retire from active duty, although I stayed on the reserve list until 1927.


I went back to work for Curtiss as head of their stunt team, competing in air shows, races, and trophy competitions all over the country. In 1923 I won the Pulitzer Trophy flying an R2C-1, I flew an R3C-2 into first place in the Schneider Trophy competition at Hampton Roads on 13 Nov. 1926. I won the 1927 National Air Race in a Hawk XP-6A at an average speed of 204 mph. Flying Glenn Curtiss' hot stuff was fun but I was workin' for somebody else, and after the fiasco in San Diego the only person that I really wanted to work for was me. So in "29" I bought an old Curtiss Navy NC-4 reconnaissance plane, gave Curtiss my notice, and set up shop on my own. From "29" to "32" I flew into and out of some of the worst hellholes man has ever created. Some of my cargoes were ... how should I put it ... cloaked in secrecy. Was it smuggling? Yes. Was it dangerous? Again yes. In the summer of "32" four Chilean Spad 13s jumped me while I was flyin' this Frog archeologist named Belloq. I took out two of them but the NC-4 was riddled with bullet holes and one of my engines was shot to hell and gone. I survived the crash, the NC-4 didn't. I never did find out what the Spics were so pissed at.


So there I was in 1932, a pilot without a plane and no real hope of gettin' my hands on one, so I did the only thing I could ... I signed on with Imperial Airways as a passenger pilot. I flew the San Francisco to Hong Kong route as captain of a Consolidated Commodore flying boat. Not the most exciting job in the world, but I made contacts, and started scraping together enough money to put a down payment on a new plane. A pal of mine at the Postal Air Service managed to hold onto an air mail route along the west coast for me, now all I needed was a plane. Then it happened. Douglas Aircraft introduced the DC-3. Practically overnight all other airliners were obsolete. With that, the air mail route, and my down payment I was able to get my hands on a brand new Boeing 247D. I ordered her in bright silver with her name printed in red along both sides ... the Argent Eagle. For any of you slobs who happen to be illiterate argent means silver. I flew the mail route until 1938 when I lucked onto a big wad of cash. I was on a special job for a buddy of mine when I came into possession of a German Dornier Do 26A seaplane. I sold the Kraut and used the money to pay off my loan, and refurbish the Eagle with a pair of brand new Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp 14 cylinder radials, 830 horsepower each.


Since then I've done pretty much what I want. I buy, I sell, but mostly I fly. I fly where I want to and when I want to. And I don't take shit from any pimple-assed jerkweed with a big title and no brain.


One more thing before you boys go. I respect the hell out of Charlie Lindbergh's ability as a pilot, but the man is a political idiot, and so are you if you buy all that shit he's been spouting. Knocking the friggin' Nazis on their collective asses is an absolute necessity if this country wants to still be here in 30 years. They can't be bargained with, or talked reasonably to, and they sure as hell can't be trusted. That poor sap Chamberlain found that out. Now there's a second world war going on, and this country can fight it now with allies or later all by it's lonesome. 'Cuz you better believe it, if the Brits fall those little Hun bastards will be all over us like ticks on a dog. And if you think they won't then ask yourself this little question: What's to stop them?


Personality/Motivation: Jake is confident in the extreme in the air or among aviators. Jake’s been flying the not-so-friendly skies for 27 years in every kind of plane and all kinds of conditions. If it has wings he's flown it and better than anyone before or since. He's owned his 247D the Argent Eagle since 1935 and he and it have been to hell and back together more than once. At his age Jake should be slowing down, but if he is no one can see any sign of it.


Around women Jake changes almost completely, becoming almost humble. His confidence, although still there, is toned down greatly and nowhere near as “in your face†as it is among men. He tends to be over-protective of any women in an adventuring party and will politely advice them to not to take any chances. This comes from his association with Amelia Earhart whom he tried to dissuade from her around the world flight. He still blames himself for her death.


Quote: “Of course I can fly it.â€


Powers/Tactics: Jake firmly believes in putting bureaucrats in their places, which to him is somewhere beneath sheep dung. On the few occasions when words fail to get the point across, a solid right usually does. If things escalate Jake will remark that the conversation was going downhill anyway and match the violence with fists, his trench knife’s knuckle-duster, the blade or his S&W. He won’t resort to lethal force unless threatened with it but he has no problem using it when he feels it’s needed.


Others have a tendency to underestimate him because of the quantity of booze he consumes not realizing that it has no effect on him. Jake often takes advantage of this to appear drunk before nailing his opponents with his trademark right cross. It also tends to keep the police off his neck as his opponents are too embarrassed to admit that a white-haired old drunk beat them in a fair fight.


Although quite illegal in the US, the Argent Eagle mounts a single Vickers Mk I .303 caliber machinegun in the nose.


Campaign Use: Not only will Jake take the fool adventurers where they want to go but he’ll go with them when they get there to keep them out of trouble. Of course sometimes he winds up getting them in trouble instead but it’s usually nothing he can’t handle.


Appearance: Jake is a ruggedly handsome man in his early 40s with startlingly blue eyes. He is clean-shaven, stands 6’ 1†and weighs about 180 pounds. His hair is completely white and has been for nearly twenty years. He usually dresses in light gray slacks with matching shirt and brown boots. A brown leather aviator’s jacket, his old naval officer’s cap and a pair of those new-fangled dark aviator’s glasses complete his ensemble.

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Re: Pulp HeroesJim Lockhart, The Helldiver!

Val Char Cost
10 STR 0
11 DEX 3
14 CON 8
10 BODY 0
18 INT 8
10 EGO 0
15 PRE 5
12 COM 1
5 PD 3
3 ED 0
3 SPD 9
5 REC 0
28 END 0
22 STUN 0
6" RUN 0
5" SWIM 3
2" LEAP 0
Characteristics Cost: 40
Cost Martial Arts Maneuver
Bar Room Brawling
4 1) Left Hook: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +2 DCV, STR +2d6 Strike
4 2) Low Blow: 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, +1 DCV, 2d6 NND
5 3) Gimme That: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +0 DCV, Grab Weapon, +10 STR to take weapon away
Martial Arts Cost: 13
Cost Skill
3 AK: The Seven Seas (INT-based) 13-
3 KS: The Marine World (INT-based) 13-
3 SS: Marine Biology (INT-based) 13-
3 KS: Ocean Lore (INT-based) 13-
3 KS: Pirates and Smugglers (INT-based) 13-
3 PS: Deep Sea Diver (INT-based) 13-
3 SS: Naval Engineering (INT-based) 13-
3 TF: Large Motorized Boats, Small Motorized Boats, Submarines
3 WF: Small Arms, Vehicle Weapons
3 Inventor 13-
3 Mechanics 13-
2 Navigation (Marine) 13-
2 Survival (Marine) 13-
3 Streetwise 12-
Skills Cost: 40
Cost Perk
20 Submarine: The Helldiver (100 Base, 0 Disad)
5 Money (Well Off)
2 Reputation: Explorer (A small to medium sized group, 11-) +2/+2d6
Perks Cost: 27
Val Disadvantages
10 Hunted: Assorted Pirates, As Powerful, 11- (Frequently), Harshly Punish, Limited Geographical Area
10 Hunted: Foreign Naval Power, More Powerful, 8- (Occasionally), Watching, Extensive Non-Combat Influence
15 Psych Lim; The Call of the Sea: Driven to explore the oceans of the world., Common, Strong
10 Physical Limitation: Missing One Eye, Infrequently, Greatly Impairing
0 Normal Characteristic Maxima: No Age Restriction
Base Points: 75Disadvantage Points: 45Total Character Cost: 120 Background: Jim Lockhart has only ever had one love: the sea. As a child he watched the waves roll onto Virginian beaches and marveled at her power. Crewing his father's crab boat, he learned to respect her unpredictability. And diving for treasure off the Florida Keys, he discovered her generosity, in those rare moments when she would yield the treasures she had so jealously guarded.

When he learned of the sinking of the Lusitania, Jim couldn't stand the thought of the ocean, his ocean being stained with the blood of the innocent. He enlisted immediately, and became one of the American Navy's first submariners. Stationed in the Azores, Jim saw very little action, but learned a lot about Submarines; how they worked, their capabilities and limitations, and how they could be used to explore the mysteries of the sea.

After the armistice, Jim returned to America. He used savings from his treasure hunting days to put himself through school, studying naval engineering, as well as the flora and fauna of the sea. With the remainder of his finances he built prototype upon prototype until his vision was realized.

A bullet shaped hull capable of diving further than any vessel of the day. Wide panels of pressure resistant glass so that one might directly observe the bottom of the sea. External hydraulic manipulator arms to aid in salvage operations. Advanced airlocks, diving suits, and pressurized chambers to allow egress and re-entry from the crushing depths with no ill effects. Built for the purpose of exploring where others feared to venture, Jim christened his creation The Helldiver!

Since that day, Jim Lockhart has made a name for himself fearlessly seeking out the mysteries of the briny deep. In between sunken galleons brimming with dubloons, he's discovered various heretofore unknown denizens of the deep, rescued the occasional hapless sailor adrift at sea, and interfered in the smuggling operations of modern day slave traders. In the newspapers and on the radio, Jim is often referred to by the name of his super-sub, which sounds quite dashing and annoys him to no end.

Personality: Equal parts Indiana Jones and Jacques Cousteau, Jim Lockhart does what he does for the love of adventure and the thrill of the unknown. Outside of a small circle of like-minded adventurers, Jim doesn't have many close friends. He maintains a small office on the waterfront in Empire City, but doesn't use it much, preferring to spend his time at sea. Away from home Jim can often be found carousing in the seediest dockside bars the world has to offer.

Skills: A life spent at sea has given Jim a wealth of specialized knowledge which could be invaluable to player characters. He packs a mean punch, and always has his ear to the ground regarding rumors of piracy and other such activities all over the globe. If you find him underpowered, you could beef up his strength and add combat levels. You could also add any languages or Area Knowledge type skills that might be useful for a given adventure.

Disadvantages: Jim Lockhart has never been able to resist the siren call of the sea, and finds himself drawn to explore. As a result, he spends very little time in Empire City. He has tried to interest the Navy in his unique designs; a cash-strapped nation and isolationism have caused the military to refuse his offers. There are other, foreign powers interested in his submarine. They watch him closely, waiting to make him an offer or steal his designs outright. He's also earned the enmity of assorted pirate crews around the world.

Appearance: Jim Lockhart is in his early thirties, average height, with blonde hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He lost an eye years ago in a diving accident and wears a black eyepatch.

Campaign Use: Basically, The Helldiver serves the part of the enabling npc, part tour guide and part taxi. Looking for a way to get your players to Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, the mid-Atlantic trench, under the antarctic ice, or anywhere else on or under the water? Jim Lockhart fits the bill, ably transporting the players in style if not comfort, providing colorful exposition in between attacks by cutthroat marauders and giant squids.

Equipment: The Helldiver is an engineering wonder of the pulp age. Lacking The Ultimate Vehicle, as well as the Vehicle Sourcebook, I didn't feel prepared to do a write up of the wonder-sub. The Helldiver should be loaded with equipment necessary to facilitate deep sea exploratory missions. I'd probably make it a little smaller than a U-Boat, a little faster and more maneuverable with a comparable range.

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Re: Pulp HeroesThis is a character used in my 'con pulp game Heroes of 1938Samatha Rose

Val** Char*** Cost
10** STR 0
14** DEX 12
14** CON 8
11** BODY 2
15** INT 5
15** EGO 10
15** PRE 5
12** COM 1
8** PD 0
9** ED 0
4** SPD 16
5** REC 0
28** END 0
23** STUN 0
*6"**RUN02"**SWIM02"**LEAP0Characteristics Cost: 59
Cost** Martial Arts Maneuver
** Commando Training*
3** 1) Akido Throw: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +1 DCV, 2d6 +v/5, Target Falls*
4** 2) Boxing Cross: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +2 DCV, 4d6 Strike*
4** 3) Escape: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +0 DCV, 25 STR vs. Grabs*
4** 4) Judo Disarm: 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, +1 DCV, Disarm; 20 STR to Disarm roll*
4** 5) Martial Dodge: 1/2 Phase, -- OCV, +5 DCV, Dodge, Affects All Attacks, Abort*
1** 6) Weapon Element: Clubs*
1** 7) Weapon Element: Knives*
Martial Arts Cost: 21
Cost** Skill
8** +1 with All Combat*
3** Acrobatics 12-*
3** Breakfall 12-*
1** Bribery 8-*
1** Bureaucratics 8-*
1** Combat Driving 8-*
2** Conversation (Custom Adder (everyperson skill)) 12-*
2** Deduction (Custom Adder (everyperson skill)) 12-*
3** High Society 12-*
1** Interrogation 12- (3 Active Points); Limited Power Power loses about half of its effectiveness (only non-violent methods; -1)*
3** Lipreading 12-*
6** Persuasion (Custom Adder (everyperson skill)) 14-*
3** Shadowing 12-*
3** Seduction 12-*
3** Streetwise 12-*
3** PS: Newspaper Reporter 12-*
3** KS: Journalism 12-*
1** PS: Photographer 8-*
3** KS: Local Underworld (in the Horn of Africa) 12-*
1** KS: Codes and Cyphers 8-*
3** KS: Terrorist/Rebel Groups 12-*
2** KS: Martial Arts 11-*
3** AK: Horn of Africa 12-*
2** Language: French (French Canadian) (basic conversation; literate)*
1** Language: Amharic (basic conversation)*
1** Language: Arabic (basic conversation)*
1** Language: Swahili (basic conversation)*
** *
** Everyperson Skills*
0** 1) Acting 8-*
0** 2) AK: Native Country 8-*
0** 3) Climbing 8-*
0** 4) Concealment 8-*
0** 5) Language: English (Idiomatic, native accent; Custom Adder, literate) [Notes: Native Language]*
0** 6) Paramedics 8-*
0** 7) Riding 8-*
0** 8) PS: Typist (before being a reporter) 8-*
0** 9) Stealth 8-*
0** 10) TF: Carts & Carriages, Custom Adder, Dog Sleds, Dogs, Equines, Skiing (snow), Sleds, Small Motorized Ground Vehicles, Small Rowed Boats, Two-Wheeled Muscle-Powered Ground Vehicles [Notes: Custom Mod is Everyman Skill]*
Skills Cost: 67
Cost** Perk
2** Contact (Contact has useful Skills or resources) 8-*
18** Contact (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has very useful Skills or resources, Good relationship with Contact), Organization Contact (x3) (18 Active Points) 8-*
9** Fringe Benefit: Canadian Goverment employee, International Driver's License, Membership (Candian RCMP), Passport (Canada and UK), Press Pass, Security Clearance*
1** Reputation: Newspaper Reporter (A large group) 8-, +1/+1d6*
Perks Cost: 30
Cost** Talent
12** Combat Luck (6 PD/6 ED)*
8** Combat Shooting*
1** Bump Of Direction (3 Active Points); OAF (-1)*
1** Absolute Time Sense (3 Active Points); OIF Fragile (-3/4), Limited Power Power loses about a fourth of its effectiveness (Watch has to be wound ; -1/4)*
1** Resistance (1 point)*
Talents Cost: 23
Cost** Equipment END
$40.00** Reporter Tools (notebooks and small portable typewritter): Custom Power (1 Active Points); OAF (-1)* 0
$20.00** Small Camera and extra film (total of 96 photos) (no flash, no zoom lens): (Total: 6 Active Cost, 3 Real Cost) Eidetic Memory (5 Active Points); OAF Fragile (-1 1/4) (Real Cost: 2) plus +2 versus Range Modifier for Normal Sight; OAF Fragile (-1 1/4) (Real Cost: 1)* 0
$30.00** Small binoculars: +5 versus Range Modifier for Normal Sight, Ranged (+1/2) (3 Active Points); OAF Durable Expendable (Easy to obtain new Focus; -1)* 0
$5.00** Knife: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1/2d6, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Ranged (+1/2) (20 Active Points); OAF (-1), Real Weapon (-1/4), STR Minimum 1-5 (-1/4) [Notes: Can Be Thrown]* 0
$75.00** .38 Special (S&W Model 10): Killing Attack - Ranged 1d6+1 (20 Active Points); STR Minimum 7 (STR Min. Cannot Add/Subtract Damage; -1), OAF (-1), 6 Charges (-3/4), Real Weapon (-1/4), Beam (-1/4)* [6]
$50.00** .38 Derringer: Killing Attack - Ranged 1d6 (-2 OCV, -2 vs Range) (7 Active Points); 2 Charges (-1 1/2), OAF (-1), STR Minimum 4 (STR Min. Cannot Add/Subtract Damage; -3/4), Beam (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4)* [2]
$22.00** .38 ammo (extra 100 bullets): Custom Power (1 Active Points); OAF Durable (-1)* 0
Equipment costs shown above are for reference only, and are not included in Total Cost.
Val** Disadvantages
10** Psychological Limitation: Code Versus Killing Common, Moderate*
20** Psychological Limitation: Believes that Women are Equal to Men (Very Common, Strong)*
10** Psychological Limitation: Curious (Common, Moderate)*
15** Social Limitation: Public Identity (Many Enemies) Frequently (11-), Major*
20** Social Limitation: Subject to Orders Very Frequently (14-), Major*
15** Watching: Canada and U.K.. Goverment 8- (Occasionally), More Powerful, NCI, PC has a Public ID or is otherwise very easy to find, Watching*
10** Vulnerability: 1 1/2 x STUN From Drugs and Poisons (Common)*
0** Normal Characteristic Maxima*
Disadvantage Points: 100

Base Points: 100Experience Required: 0Total Experience Available: 0Experience Unspent: 0Total Character Cost: 200

Height: 1.71 m Hair: Black
Weight: 61.00 kg Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Pretty woman, still a tomboy, with black hair. Rough and tumble, but she can be refined when she needs to be.Personality: A big believer in women's rights, she is quite outspoken about this topic. Hard driven and focused on her career.Quote:"May I quote you on that?"Background: Born in Moose Jaw SK, Canada. She grew up a "tom-boy", but a great student in English and writting. Her reading of many books led her to want to leave her quiet SK town. Being a typist was her ticket to the big city, Toronto. But a typist job was boring so Samatha ("Sam") took a pay cut to work on a newspaper as junior reporter. Aggressive in getting the story, she earned a good reputation. Recruited a few years later by the Canadian/UK goverment she was trained as a spy, with a built-in perfect cover. Her current mission is to help the Ethiopians and to get an assessment of the Italian/German forces in combat.


Powers/Tactics: Campaign Use: 
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Re: Pulp Heroes


With all due respect "Barton" how can that girl have knowledge of Aikido in 1938 ? According to "The Ultimate Martial Artist" Aikido wasn't created until 1942 ! Perhaps a Judo manouvre or even a "low kick" from Savate might be more appropriate !

I just used the commando prefab in HD, so if Akido is not right, just replace it wth judo. What did you think of the character?

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Re: Pulp Heroes


Aikido itself wasn't created until circa 1940, but its ancestor, Daito Ryu Aikijutsu had been around for centuries. You could use that, although Judo or Chin Na may indeed be more appropriate, since Captain William Fairbairn, who taught the Allies these maneuvers in WWII, learned several Asian styles of martial arts.

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Re: Pulp Heroes


To "Armless Tiger Man" I think that "bar room brawling" needs a couple of extra manouvres. I suggest "headbutt" and possibly "hoist and heave" especially when used to pick up an opponent and "run" him face first along the bar ! Possibly also add a "weapons element" to represent bar stools or bottles that may be handy in a barroom brawl.

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Re: Pulp Heroes


To "Barton" I like the character ! The "feisty girl reporter" type is a good one for a female in the Pulp era. Along with the Amelia Earhart/Amy Johnson type aviatrix it is a logical female adventurer that doesn't seem too out of place for the era.

I based her loosely on the female lead from the movie "Across the Pacific", a great WWII movie with Bogart playing a US spy. Funny, with some good action spy yarn.

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