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New Product: Blackwyrm Digest One [free download]

Secret Master

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This free download contains the opening chapters of five books Blackwyrm published in the first half of 2009. BlackWyrm specializes in speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, and horror) by undiscovered talent.


First up, comes The Vast White by Jason Walters, the first book in the Murderer’s Edge trilogy. This fantasy book is written in the form of military transcriptions, by an unwilling journalist with contempt for his audience and a gonzo mentality.


Second is The Rainbow Connection by Ian Harac. An FBI agent finds a dead Munchkin in a suspect’s apartment, and must travel to the land of Oz to investigate. Oh, and people are trying to kill him, of course.


Our third offering is Afterthoughts by Lynn Tincher, the first book in the Mind Bending series. Policewoman Paige Aldridge is still grieving from a death in the family when she begins hearing voices in her head. Is she going crazy?


Fourth is Baour: Strands of Death by Dirk Vandereyken. This courtroom thriller in a fantasy setting unravels its tale through testimony, and has far greater repercussions than expected.


And finally is Albrim’s Curse by Trevis Powell, the first book in the Were-War series. The young boy Albrim is attacked by a werewolf, losing his arm and his family at once, as well as becoming Cursed himself!


This free product is available here in the free stuff section.

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Re: New Product: Blackwyrm Digest One [free download]


That's a great idea Dave. I bought one of all the fiction books Blackwyrm published at the con because I trust you and Jason, but if you were two dealers I didn't know, I would have probably hesitantly bought one. Being able to read a sample before hand is great when you are publishing books that one is likely to catch a review of in the New York Times or NPR.

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