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  1. Well, we've closed on a tie. Looks like the Amazons had a split...perhaps one went super tech instead of mystical and founded a colony near the (thanks to them) salvaged Aral Sea? JFK had a private meeting with aliens after they returned an Astro Chimp and that was the first public notice of alien life. However, while that was the clear lead, the others all got a little love so maybe some of those happened too. And Atlantic City is under water
  2. I think our legal system is too punitive and rigged besides...for you if you're rich, against you if you're poor. I DO believe that we should go less for punishing and more for rehabilitating... I have become , in short, a bleeding heart on the subject and will remain so until I'm mugged, assaulted, robbed or whatever... And even I think "Justice Involved persons" is ...a profoundly moronic term.
  3. I don't know about NEVER.... But Denmark certainly seems more likely to treat them better now.
  4. SO many thoughts here. I can't really publish a champions setting without Hero Games approving it as far as I know (Certainly not for profit) I was thinking of making an unofficial free PDF kind of setting. And if anyone really liked it, there would be a link in the product to the Innocence Project, a charity I heartedly endorse but even that is a mere wondering 'maybe' Did I say Amazonia was a paradise? The vote isn't even done yet. It could have men as second class citizens, or religious persecution, etc. I understand Turkey's government has a problem admitting the Armenian Genocide even happened. It did no matter how much some Turkish officials might get huffy about it. The South were the bad guys in the Civil War, The US broke way too many treaties with Native American Tribes, Stalin starved a lot of people. I DO appreciate you're concerned for my safety if I publish but honest to gosh; I'm not sure this would have a big enough wave to merit that concern even if I made an official supplement for sale.Which..again, I don't think I can do. And, I admit, there is something contrary in me that buckles at the very notion of my being too afraid to even do alternative history conjecture or a 'what if' setting because its safer for me to not upset some conceptual terrorist's delicate feelings. THAT said, I'd like to think that 99.9% of the Turks in the world are decent people just trying to get by. Maybe one of them has stumbled onto this and does feel offended just like I might feel offended if someone portrayed the United States as the worst moments of its history and nothing else. That's not my intent. So..if there is one of these boards? Please, Sir and or Madame, Please PM me. I'll try to adapt a 'alternative world' version of Turkey that could coexist with Amazonia whether relations were tolerant or guarded.
  5. Now, if folks thought he was the Anti-Christ or at least the herald to same... THAT I could see working...
  6. Well, I may closing this one up soon. We got twenty votes, and I'm grateful for each one of them. EDIT: Of course, as soon as I say that, we get 21 and go to a tie *amused*
  7. Awash in singing pirates I hear!
  8. As far as the Ham thing... actually he was a real Astro Chimp https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ham_(chimpanzee) The Plutonian Confederation was intentionally a tease about the demotion it got from 9th planet to 'dwarf planet'... the irony being of all the planets, THAT's the One of import? Maybe the Aliens have a wormhole near there (Props to Assault) and there was a translation error or the Press just dubbed them that and that's what stuck. Maybe Pluto, while a small chunk of cold rock on the outside is another hollow planet and some life is quite comfy there in this setting. I'm still tinkering. The complaint about Amazonia affecting Turkey I don't quite understand. OBVIOUSLY it would be different. ... we had one of the first superheroines of power arise from the Armenian genocide and put a stop to it. The history of that part of the world RADICALLY Shifts from there regardless of where we go from 1918 on. The poll indicates that the population is 75% female, and 25% male. with the 'average' amazon at Olympic athlete levels of physicality at least. Whatever reality shard caused that shift apparently lingers. I think its safe to say they'd be way ahead of most nations in women's rights (More than the USA at the time as well as Armenia) regardless of how the poll goes. As for the location... I wanted Amazons and tried to borrow a little from the Greeks who claimed to be experts While researching them, I studied this... Then suddenly I was inspired. What was going on around that time at that area during World War One? The Armenian Genocide... nasty business. Instead of some 'what if this horrible thing was even worse' angle, I could do a divergent history that actually came out better...at least in the short term, than our real one. And I avoided the 'Island of Amazons' bit which has been done in comics so it felt different on top of it. Turkey in "Scratchworld" (For want a better term) never formed as it we know it in our world. The Ottoman Empire broke up, and whatever variation of Turkey formed, it formed without the area of the Terme River in its grasp. Amazonia is protected by militant super women who have either strange magics and superpowers, or high tech, and superpowers. Radical terrorists might storm into Amazonia to cause trouble, but it would be kind of like trying to slip into Metropolis with Superman and a vacationing Bat family around. Assuming this setting is a duplicate of our own world would be a mistake- one reality crashed into another and made that impossible. Oak Ridge is Atom City and a metropolis (Meaning other cities in Eastern Tennessee are likely smaller as it drew off population) , Aliens from outer space are publicly known, and so on. The nice thing about the 'minor and major' reality shifts it it should allow for some changes to be subtle, others blatant, and lets me play fast and loose with some consequences if I need to. Obviously, folks can take any setting and alter it to as grim dark, realistic, silly, corny etc as they need to. They can move things to their hearts content and as suits their campaign best. But for the 'official'Scratch World? I'm keeping Amazonia in the Northern Anatolia area near the Terme River because otherwise it rips out the meaning of one of the first great changes in the setting. Whatever Amazonia is like in Scratch World 2019, during the Great War, a horrible genocide was happening, and in Scratch World? A Heroine arose- and she put a stop to it. Maybe I'm a sap, but I can't bring myself to back track on that now. Edit: And I'm getting the feeling folks are just ignoring this post *Sigh*
  9. I voted for two, but if I had to pick just one? The moon shall never fall to Nazis! Not on my lunar watch!
  10. Wow, a lot of close votes on this one. Speaking of which, to those that voted: Thanks
  11. Maybe that space craft was discovered, Cancer, but it wasn't the first public display of Aliens are out there? Who knows
  12. I admit, I am somewhat proud of the aliens options.
  13. Both sides are greedy as heck.. that's their thing. But Disney wasn't exactly hurting when you consider the royalties of Spider-Man's MERCH is theirs
  14. And Allies of the US is a very big possibility . If comics have taught us anything is that at least some Amazons are drawn towards macho American heroes. *Crosses fingers*
  15. The South East (What's not totally ocean) will have the great marshes of mordor ...the South WEST, yeah, Mad Max beyond thunderdome time... and that's the cool parts.
  16. To be clear, the Amazon nation is in what is now in the REAL world... Northern Turkey. Where the ancient greeks believed the Amazons dwelled.
  17. Honestly, when you said Extended Universe I thought you meant the novels.
  18. It was meant to be a world very much like the one we know and live in. Just another very closely aligned paralel universe with minor differences at best from what anyone else would call 'the real world'. It had its Roman Empire, it's Rise of Christianity, it's battle of Hastings, Europe discovers the Americas, the Napoleonic era, the whole smear. Then Chunks of another reality broadsided it hard utterly transforming it in parts, and having ripple effects elsewhere. You could call it a quantum entanglement, or a fragmened dimensional intrusion, or whatever will help you make sense of it and make you sleep better at night. One reality poured into another, and there were consequences that stuck. Whatever that old world was like, it was fully of superheroes, supervillains, and strangeness it was all to happy to bequeth on its unsuspecting heirs. The biggest change occured during the Great War. It seems funny, with so much focus on the United States of America as the home of all things super, that one of the biggest initial incursions was in Anatolia aka Asia Minor. That was the end of the Ottomon Empire. That was the end of what we now call the Armenian Genocide. It was the birth (or Rebirth if you believe old Greek Myths) of the Amazon nation. Depending on how you define Hero, the first hero was a heroine. We know her better now as Mother Justice. She was the first and greatest of the Amazons, and she had enough. The world's eyes were on Europe. Perhaps that was a mistake. But then, supers would make their mark known there too. The Great War was ending, the War between and Superheroes and Supervillains? That would prove to be eternal ------------------ So Aliens are known publicly... how about that... ......... And just for fun, we have the curse of Atlantis hit a modern city/area
  19. Okay, with thirty members, and a Death Tribble making big goo goo eyes to keep his snake men, I'm going to close this poll early. So this setting's Hollow Earth ? A sword and sorcery throw back with mystics, barbarians, and Snake men.. .SOOOO many snake men BUT it's a big hollow world so... we got room... our runner up is certainly also there, though it hardly controls all of Hollow Earth so... It's the home of a ruthless and cruel Steampunk Empire with pale but attractive humans, a few of which fight against the Emperor as rebels. The Empire does not know of the outer world but would love a chance to expand. And yes, somewhere there are giant monsters and even a fancy computer that could be the size of at least a city! What's the situation with Aliens from outer space and this setting currently? "Aliens exist. Folks know about this. They've either invaded or aided certain countries in the past but are not currently on Earth in large numbers. " So Aliens appeared in a big enough number that at least one incident couldn't be hidden. We'll have to figure out when , where, and under what conditions.
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