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  1. Some people are COUNTING on finding excuses to not remember, to sideline the catalyst and the injustice it revealed. If they can turn the focus on jackasses looting a store while a peaceful protest is going a block away, or some vandals hurling rocks at windows under the cover of it... they can avoid that cutting introspection that has so many of us forced to deal with the fact our apathy and inaction allows this to continue. It is the shallow man's absolution.
  2. Yeah, we're going to have to appeal to the United States of America for help with our tyrant and... dammit
  3. Well... Trump is threatening to order the military to attack protesters.
  4. I've bribed all I can bribe and i can't bribe no more!
  5. Hope things go smoother for you from here on, Badger
  6. https://m.startribune.com/fire-department-report-as-he-lay-in-ambulance-george-floyd-was-unresponsive-without-pulse/570806682/
  7. Boy I've fallen behind here. RL Drama am fun. Sorry folks. I'll try to revive it.
  8. Vote for Fox the Trickster, how important is he? Why, he got top billing in the first list! In fact he got the only billing there!
  9. So they finally learned out to do it without those College kids in "Real Genius"
  10. Shoo, go away. There is absolutely nothing for you to see here! Shoo! Go play with the swamp that smells like Shayol's armpits or count pennies with Nogrom I... Yes yes, that's a book about worlds far beyond our own. Yes, ones shaped like donuts or even the exotic sphere! And... yes yes, they have gods too, some of them, others are about to be born and have gods and.... Fine, you got me, it's a guide to other creations! Yes yes, that's my 'intervention'. Should this world ever become too boring for too long and i can't change it, should I ever be about to truly die or ..well, not be... I have my magic, my last magic in this creation, to whisk me away... and start again in a new world with new gods. Maybe I'll be a spider gathering up the stories from the sky again maybe I'll be a Raven, swallowing the sun Maybe I'll be a Coyote using foolish wolves to place the stars I will trick and dance and laugh forever, making wise men look foolish and showing the wisdom in fools. For now though, I am the Fox that Laughs! And, well, I may linger here for awhile yet bringing joy and frustration and challenges and wonder and a couple of messes others have to clean up... You're welcome! Interference: Fox himself has an escape clause by leaping to another creation draft (Even if it's as another trickster form or a different poster ;))
  11. (Sniff) "Who knew a god of Evil could be so hateful?"
  12. "Give us a gift, o fox!" Some called and challenged.Heady and bold on wine. "It's as red as Fox, but how do you know it's not his?" One mortal joked as he warmed by the fire playing a game of chess against a friend, "It's useful." That one had stung, it was good, damn it, but it stung! I had laid out kingdoms and nations, spread stories aplenty through out the world, and been the source of fun for many. It would appear Foxhair weed was ignored until it was needed. It riled me a bit, the ingratitude. As if any of them could do a better job than... and that's when I thought of my gift. A gift that would be like no gift ever given! Inscissivus helped make it possible, carving whole chunks between the world, oh a severing, but there are cracks, there are grooves made. And I slipped between them and wandered old worlds and new before returning to our own creation which had many names. I tended to call it "Fox's Wonderful Playground with Dubious Playmates". Ah, but what had I returned with? I had dug up sites of old power, and bubbling cauldrons of creation untapped. I had been to the lands where stories died half said, where old tales had been undone because no one spoke of them anymore, and a story unspoken, unrecorded, and unremembered is a terrible thing, as if oblivion of all that it is was growing by increments never to yield up a fraction of it's empire. It takes a god, a master bard, or a madman to seize a story from Oblivion. I've been all three. But I didn't just come back with stories. I came back with power. The stories will tell how I seduced the widow of the greatest key smith of all time to use recreate her husband's work. Others that I used the sharpest Sevittrium to shape the strongest Adamantite key which I heated in the fires of Shayol's hidden forge and then laid into the coldest frost of the God of winter. There are tales that it is not metal at all, but the bones of a dozen dead gods fused together. SO many stories. But however I made it happen, I made it happen. I brought forth the Key of Divine Sorrow. Every hundred and sixty nine years, the key would appear somewhere in the world. Which ever mortal (Neither God, nor mythic) found the key first and took it in his or her grip would find bestowed upon them Godhood! Full of Divine power (and restraint) able to work miracles and calamity upon their fellow mortals and the world itself! For what most would count as thirteen days (Whether the light came or not lest they try to get around the rule by causing an eclipse or the like) the new God would work his or her will! As immortal as any being. And each day, a small cut or scar appear on that god's otherwise perfect form until eventually 13 distinctive marks be upon them. And then, as that last hour clicked away, the new God's divinity would depart, and that now ex-god would become mortal again and is struck down dead for Eternus to sort out.. The gods can hold a vote on each miracle the 13 day god did. A majority can undo the worst of the changes and damages done, though never fully. Otherwise, it stands. Now, if the key isn't found, the cycle doesn't start again... the key just waits. To make things interesting, besides myself, Only I, and the Man of Gold know when the Key can be quested for... after all, if ever there was a time to save the world, it's when a villain might attain godhood, or a hero needs it. I send Faux out to either give parts of the story as a mad hermit or minstrel if I'm not going out in forms like that myself. Thirteen days of godhood, at the cost of a full life as a mortal! Not everyone who goes after it will no the price until it's too late.Some will know the price and decide it is worthwhile. I place the key. Some doomed lucky soul finds it, becomes a god, and can change the world.. maybe. Game on! Gift to Civilization: A Path to (Temporary) Divinity via the Key of Divine Sorrow
  13. Depends what the GM is asking for...When I roll for damage, my favorite numbers are 6s, when I am trying to hit, I prefer 1s.
  14. I have only interference and gift to civilization left
  15. Did you see Tasha splashing nude in the shores, causing a navy to crash into the rocks nearby? Maybe you saw Eternus doing singing telegrams congratulating people on their LAST Birthdays? Maybe you even saw Malice wearing me as a hat? Well, it might just be a story, but it might have been me, well, except for the last, Malice has terrriiible body odor and I don't like getting near her. But I have disguised myself as other gods now and then. I've been royalty (As the number of redheaded princes might attest), I once impersonated a professor at a great academy where I caused a panic trying to introduce 'New Math'. I've worn the form of every sentient species out there and most animals and so forth. But, while impersonation is fun, and camouflage often essential, I am a bit fond of my own appearance. But it's also possible it was another Fox, of sorts, a monster, a guardian, a red herring, a scapegoat, and, at times, my friend, though his name makes that last ironic. He first came in existence when I decided I was bored leading a certain someone on a merry chase and took a break in front of a lake and decided to bring my reflection to life. A natural shapeshifter, he has appeared as prince and pauper, mimic the skin of other monsters, and yes, often just looks like me and seeds confusion. He can never be slain for long (Though he has had to do some odd jobs for Eternus on the side or so rumor has it) and is pretty clever. He's the most devious monster most don't even know exists- I call him Faux! Mythic Monster or Guardian: Faux!
  16. A soft Th sound and then a hard T after the A sound However you want really, it's your country to abuse...err bless.
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