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  1. It's actually clever. Sanders can't be president so no longer a threat. It is a nice attempt to rile those who wanted to vote for Bernie into resenting Biden, and whether or not that works, ,that will cause others in the Democrats to growl about 'Disloyal Bernie bros' nevermind that more Bernie supporters voted for Clinton in 2016 than Clinton Supporters voted for Obama in 2008. Give the bastard props, Trump knows how to sow hate and division.
  2. I am very scared of getting my hopes dashed... again. Tennessee is lost. But Texas? TEXAS is contested? I thought it would take another decade for it to go purple let alone blue. IF Texas goes Biden, it could be a coffin nail in Trump's hopes for re-election. And might make the GOP realize becoming Trump's flying monkeys may not have been the best long term move for the party. But I don't trust the polls and I don't want to hope too hard.
  3. Mmm does seem hard to find in paperback. I know Amazon has it on Kindle and Audible but that's not to everyone's preference. No one will be putting it in the category of Wheel of Time or Lord of the Rings but for some light breezy fantasy fun (A few darker elements) with some characters to cheer on it works.
  4. Azure Bonds was one of my favorite FR novels, with The Wyvernspur not far behind. *G*
  5. I had to renew my license this summer. The DMV turned out to be SWAMPED... and while required to wear a mask or cover their mouths with their shirts once 'really' inside, a lot of them ignored that fully while swarmed in the hall on the way in. And, while I have my mask, I had to take it off for the picture for the new license. AND.. sign four times... sign here here here.. and I'm just wanting OUT thanks but guess which signature comes up next? the one that will be ON the darn thing. by then my fingers were a bit tired. I was rushed..and it looked different from
  6. That's a lot better than a UFO with angelic light around it going "Omelet, Eggs, you know how it is"
  7. I apologize for my slow pace. And fair warning, next month is National Novel Writing Month so I may be focused on a story besides Fish Guy.
  8. (Hope this works for you, Bolo (and others)) "Everyone, sit down, grab some popcorn," I told them. It was not a request and they gave me the cautious side eye as I and Ariana handed out the popcorn bags and small bowls out. Hussar especially looked guarded, like he was ready for that punch I wanted to give him earlier, or maybe the chewing out he deserved. I suppose, on some level, they're not too far apart. I read somewhere that we are often wired to take corrections as an attack, something to do with instinctive concerns with our place in a tribal hierarchy.
  9. I loved the intro to that show. Sure, cheesy CGI by Today's standards, but wow it captured the spirit of storytelling being in our very bone and sinew as a people
  10. "Water is wet" is dead on. Good article, but it confirms more than anything. I honestly think that's where a lot of the outrage is in this country. The two sets of law and rules. People KNOW life's not fair, what is pissing them off is that our governments and the laws the produce seem to set things up as much as it can for MAXIMUM unfairness. "Corporations are people, my friend" but I've yet to see a corporation executed in Texas even when its actions cost lives. A rich kid kills four people drunk driving, has it blamed on Afluenza, and gets less jail time
  11. Damn. I would have liked to give that new trilogy a chance
  12. Liked them all. Special fondness for The Obsolete Man which is under rated in my view
  13. Never a purely Arthurian campaign, but I have made 'file off the serial numbers' knightly orders with a strong Arthurian vibe and given players the chance to play one plenty of times. And they, not being dummies, caught onto source of some of the adventure ideas and more. They had a blast at the time or so I tell myself, but it's been awhile, a long while.
  14. And folks think I'm nuts for using other search engines like Duckduckgo
  15. And he's threatening Iran back on Rush's praise athon radio hour or whatever it is “If you f#** around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are gonna do things to you that have never been done before.” I worry at times I'm almost USED to the embarrassment having him as our leader to the world brings.
  16. "And the Führer digs for trinkets in the desert."
  17. On EVERY Front... Poll watchers are being sent out in greater numbers this year https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/08/trump-election-poll-watching-427008
  18. Because a link to this needs posting... AGAIN
  19. I think Trump's fear is , in a nut shell, being seen as weak. The more I learn about the guy, the more the consensus seems to be those trying to peer into his brain is that he worships strength, or more accurately, the appearance of strength. He seems absolutely terrified of being seen as vulnerable because he goes after the weak and vulnerable himself and expects others to act the same. Being sick? Weak. Being in a hospital? An admission he's weak. So get out there, puff up like a shaved primate, and act like it was nothing... better to risk his life and the lives of others than risk his
  20. Pence is so full of crap he's drawing flies now?
  21. What Trump has done to Christianity? He owes the Beatitudes a box of chocolates and a set of roses
  22. Man, that guy could play. RIP
  23. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/06/democrats-battle-voter-suppression-425562
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