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  1. "There goes our daughter, " Indigo beamed as their little girl flew around. "Think we put a bit too much saccharine compound in when we made her?" Henry wondered. "At least she likes the local animals" The Family: Bubbles (of the Powerpuff girls) Option 1: Skrull Cows
  2. On another note... Holy #$#$! China is making threatening moves towards both Tawain and Vietnam... meanwhile, Putin seems to be wanting to take another bite out of the Ukraine, possibly as a distraction as much as dreams of USSR reclamation And some theorizing it's coordinated (But I don't know if that's bull or not) to stretch the US so thin we can't help either .. even if we want to, which is questionable. Any of you folks with better international insight than I got some straight dope on this?
  3. Well, the dementia in my Housemate's mother is no longer even a frequent visitor, it is now pretty much a resident. Only now, that she is insisting dead people are still alive, or that the house was moved 200 miles (it was not) to this new location, etc do the medical authorities finally seem to admit she is in no state to be housed at a place with stairs and those untrained in how to provide. Not that will make it any more affordable to get her into a decent memory care facility, but at least we may be able to bankrupt her in getting that care before they bankrupt themselves. Stil
  4. Oh they do, but it's okay, elf poop smells like lavender and sunshine!
  5. Who was this M Vanilli and why were people mad about him blaming things on the weather?
  6. "I'm paying tuition at college by working at this fast food place. " Good luck pulling that one off nowadays
  7. "Are we sure realty hasn't been disrupted somehow?" The blond man was tall, but he'd been taller - much taller. Of course, he'd also been much shorter. The woman with him patted his arm, "I'm scanned the time lines repeatedly and used my own analytical intellect and found nothing odd. See, this is why the therapist thought you needed a Fresh start, some place with Fresh Air, and that's just why we're here." "Right, I need to cut down on the science for a bit," Her husband smiled, "And I guess it won't get more science free than a farm" "In a quaint small tow
  8. I fear the phrase "Your mouth is writing checks your body can't cash" is making less and less sense to more people. A shame, it was almost lyrical, as warnings go.
  9. You know how folks are always telling people they should have multiple back ups? Yeah they're right.
  10. Between my TT group breaking up, and HC going down I haven't gamed Champions in years. :( Much sadness. I do see some folks are using the option for Clubs for games on this very site. I considered it but the idea hit some snags and then RL slammed me, but you might find something you like there if it's open?
  11. I forgot a title for mine. How about Title: Worm War Too!
  12. I gave this a shot and found I liked it. Good mix of action and intrigue. I second the suggestion for those of you out there who like Boomsticks with your fantasy
  13. MOST importantly, it seems to be meeting with at least one cat's approval
  14. alas, no fiction... Blaster Pick: Black Canary (Dinah Drake) Option 2: Green Lantern Corps Ring Option 3: Monster Society of Evil (at least all that aren't specifically picked) Target: The Philippines The Mission: Stop Mr. Mind, foil his evil plan to use Miss America as a atomic weapon and to empower the Imperial Army soldiers with molecular manipulation from her, free the many POWS and natives... and watch in Annoyance as some General walks on the shore boasting about how HE has returned.
  15. Chinese spyware copied from NSA Spyware
  16. Condolences, Cancer . He sounds like he was a great guy
  17. Tennessee has at least one Senator go to the Trump party is my prediction. The 'regular' republicans , instead of standing strong, try to placate by being Trump LITE but still more authoritarian than they were. Democrats sigh and now come in THIRD place
  18. He's too DREAMY to be really evil; he's just misunderstood
  19. I could be wrong but I think she's a member of the order of the scribble https://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0196.html
  20. Rich is a master of 'it's all coming together now'
  21. I hope you feel better soon and hope you don't have to drop out but understand if you need to. If you want, and assuming you trust me, and if our Comish for this draft is okay with it, you can PM me your list and I will try to draft for both of us?
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