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Champions Universe Bundle of Holding Is Live!

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Apr 17 2015 01:09 PM | in Store Item News

Right now our friends over at Bundle of Holding are running a great promotion for the Champions Universe 5th Edition. Get five great electronic books for $12.95, or level up to six more books for $28.95. As always with B of H projects, 10% of the money raised goes to charity. In this case we have selected the very worthy Heifer International, which empowers agricultural entrepreneurship in developing nations as well as here in the United States.





Player's Collection

    Hero System 5th Edition Revised
    Champions: Superpowered Roleplaying
    UNTIL Superpowers Database
    UNTIL Superpowers Database II
    Gadgets and Gear
    Hero System Resource Kit

Gamemaster's Collection

    Champions Universe (for 5th Edition)
    Evil Unleashed
    Cops, Crews, and Cabals
    UNTIL: Defenders of Freedom
    Champions Worldwide
    Hidden Lands



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I guess it depends.  Some of those don't have 6e counterparts. If nothing else it can show you how the setting and rules have evolved over time. If I didn't already own nearly all of them* in dead tree form I'd snag it up.


Hidden Lands is the only one I don't own.

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I'm a bit with Hyper-Man.  I already have enough of them that it's not cost effective for the remainders.  I do however, wish to support the cause, as I picked up a few of those in the previous Bundle of Holding.  :thumbup:



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