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A visit from the safety department

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"Soon only a few more days, and my preperations will be complete. Then I will prove that my theories are correct. Then all those who dared to mock me will learn the true meaning of terror!"


Throwing back his head he laughed as lighting flashed.


"Master Master it's terrible." Shouted his twisted assistant as he entered the lab.


"What is it? A torch bearing mob?" He asked.


"Worse the mad scientist union safety department."


"The what now?" He asked.


A few minute later he sat as his lab was examined by two men and a woman all in nice suits with glasses and clipboards. An hour later the man who seemed to be in charge came over. He made some notations on his clipboard, and addressed the scientist.


"I'm afraid you are in several violations of the safety code. Let's start with the walkway over the pit."


"But it's perfectly safe. The railing completely covers it."


"Exactly how if anyone supposed to fall in with a railing there?" The man said.


"Why would I want anyone to fall in? I'm here the most, it would probably be me."


"And?" The man said.


The twisted assistant shook his head, and the scientist fell silent. The man wrote on the clipboard.


"There are a lot of surge protectors on the equipment," The man said.


"Yes when I do the experiment. I'll be using an amount of power that could cause several overloads."


"And you think that's a bad thing." The man made another note on his clipboard. "Further all your chemicals are clearly marked, and the dangerous ones are locked up."


"Uhm yes that way I know what I'm doing, and their is no risk of a dangerous accident."


"So your unaware of the advances in mad science brought about by dangerous accidents, or just mixing random chemicals together." The man wrote on the clipboard. " And we didn't find the destruct switch. Where is it?" The man asked.


"Destruct switch?"


"Well it doesn't have to be a switch. Lever, dial, or button is acceptable. You know the unmarked unguarded control that when turned causes the lab to blow up within a few minutes."


"wait. You thought there was a destruct switch, and you were just ramdomly pressing the controls..."


The scientist noticed the assistant shaking his head no vigorously, and fell silent.


"So no destruct switch." The man made a note on his clipboard and closed it. "We're going to have to rate this lab as 4n and say experiments here are authorized."


"Oh good. For a moment I thought I was in trouble." The scientist said.


"You are this lab is closed." The man said.


"But you said it was authorized."


"We are mad scientists. We don't do authorized experiments. Until you pay the million dollar fine and bring this lab down to code you are closed."


"A million? Where am I supposed to get that?"


"Well you can always take it up with the complaint department. They get so bored of mutilating random strangers. Good day."




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I especially like the "unaware of the advances in mad science" bit.

You might add a passage about how the computer is neatly covered and built-in and not visible and how it cannot be hit by a random projectile or thrown weapon to go haywire and make the vats boil over, the reactor melt down, or the self-destruct mechanism activate by itself.

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As a dues=paying member of MSU Local 42, all he needs to do is add some unshielded radioactives in the corner and he's good to go. And a certificate of merit if he puts them in the giant robot standing next to the main entrance.


You just gotta know the regs and stay in compliance, that's all.

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The Expressions on their faces when their holy water and religious icons had no effect was wonderful. It was even funnier when they engage them in melee combat and ruptured the power conduits! The video has gotten many hits online

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Yeah the MSU can be a pain. But you have to look at the bright side. Members get guaranteed legal assistance from the MSU crack team of replicant lawyers. Who else will hook you up with a construction firm willing to build a base inside an active volcano? Plus you get access to minionmart, the world's premire source for reasonably priced hordes of semi skilled minions. Who else can give you access to the illuminati library? And you should see the dental plan!

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