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  1. I would be more intrigued if they made it in a 45 Colt. Yes I am odd
  2. Usually the 30 mm in reference to the bore diameter so that would be a 1.2 inch diameter bullet. A conventional pistol would require somebody to have growth I would say to be able to hold it if the magazine was in the grip
  3. I humorously sometimes wonder if he's actually fully human.
  4. I used to be a pretty good shot, in competition. Set, brace, reach out 200 to 600 yards. A couple years ago i was trying out a hottish loaded 45-70. Not even trying for a small target, at 270 lbs, it took me around 3 seconds to get a second shot off. Avtually there is no way i am speed 4, more like 2, so...
  5. Well it's at least a Justified Wag the Dog moment or appears to be so based on the media coverage
  6. He's just agreeing with a King of France and Robert Mugabe.
  7. Suicidal behavior is homicidal Behavior by default is what I was told in a training
  8. I always felt there was a lot of similarity between the governments that claimed to be communist what they actually were not and the fascists at least in tactics and such
  9. I am going to disagree with you there. I suspect chickens would adapt and survive whether in huge numbers or not is another question. Pigs would probably be just fine. Look at the rampant spread of feral pigs around the United States. They are not in my area because there's just not enough food and it gets too cold I suspect.
  10. Working night shift security I remember following the coyote all over the campus I worked on. This area till even be right inside town including also moose, cougars and very rarely bear end up inside Spokane
  11. We have them too, as well as ground squirrels. But marmots are the closest thing we have to groundhog
  12. My part of the world we have marmots
  13. In some states like Washington with a concealed weapons permit you can carry a loaded handgun in a vehicle but not a rifle or shotgun. In my opinion that is exactly the role that weapons like this or the Kel-Tec PLR-16 fill. and I agree that the blackout is the better choice for such weapons
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