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Land of the Lost

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I think it's an awesome idea.


Pulp is a great over the top genre as even failure is rewarded (with more Action! and Adventure!). Combining Raiders of the Lost Ark with Jurassic Park and King Kong would be incredibly fun to play in.


Season liberally with Sleestaks.

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I have a concept that is similar to this I came up with before the will Farrell movie came.


In the far distant future a time so far from now that it is impossible to translate into our system of time.


The greatest human civilization ever to exist spanned the universe linked together by a network of instant teleportation gates.


The human union spanned not just space but time as well agents of this empire traveled to the past to discreetly save the greatest treasures of humanity to rescue extinct animals and study the whole of human existence. It was a golden age of prosperity and peace with the human races the descendants uplifts and creations of humanity and the others sophonts united in life of peace and unimaginable wealth luxury and knowledge.



Yet like all things made by man the network created by the union was flawed it took millenia and it to seconds a harmonic resonance built across the network. slowly so slowly even the unions greatest minds missed the signs, the gate ways began to fail.


minor glitches built until in one cataclysmic moment the network collapsed trillions died the release of energy destroyed the great cities of the Union razed whole world's and the aftermath was worse war famine pestilence and death visited worlds that had not known them for millennia. But the network did not disappear completely throughout time and space some links on the chain remained subtle doorways to different worlds and times some lasting eons others mear moments some fixed in space others wandering the universe some only opened one way or to a single blood line some changed anything that passed through. Now history is littered with these gates to other worlds and whens and great adventure and great peril .


So Dinosaurs and alien predators from across the unjverse lost Advanced Technology Stranded Peoples from across human and and alien history advanced humans turned to barbarism. the very fabric of reality ripped asunder ancient magics have returned and with them things from other planes and dimensions are once more free to walk the earth. step into it a great Victorian adventurer and perhaps a new empire might rise from this fragmented chaos.

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