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  1. PC or NPC? Who are they? The Gem could easily have just fallen from the sky. Its backstory before that can be filled in later. At most you might want to know if someone else is looking for it (a Hunted?). Or, of course, you could write a novella about it. Such things tend to be rather useless in a game though. In theory it could "grant wishes" right from the start. Or it could just allow the owner to fly, zap things and be protected from harm. Learning its full potential could be as easy as becoming telepathically linked to it. It could tell t
  2. My deal is that "Batman", "Green Arrow" (Hawkeye) and similar characters are viable CNow characters by definition. I'm struggling a bit about how to build them. Batman himself isn't an issue. In 1939, he was a "pure" martial artist without any drama. That doesn't apply to, say, Green Arrow, Sandman, Doctor Mid-Nite or a whole bunch of other characters. The problem with them is that they tend to be very broad concepts, involving skills, martial arts and gadgets. That spreads their points across a lot of things. This tends to mean they aren't all that effective in a pu
  3. The Crusher Gang had no specific existence in the original Microfilm Madness. Any group of villains would do.
  4. It's a traditional wedding ritual. One of you needs to "wear the frock". Faerie hasn't quite caught up with our world.
  5. But it's all the result of using renewables!
  6. Why you can no longer share or see news on Facebook in Australia.
  7. I've been reviewing this stuff again. First, other defenses could include Stealth, Invisibility and so on. If they don't know you are there, they can't/won't shoot you. Under some circumstances they might be able to fire blindly. For example, they might know you are there, but not exactly where you are. Obviously they would be at some kind of penalty for that - perhaps the effect would be reduced ("few bullets hit"). Another thing that has occurred to me is that the suggested base Active Point value (60) is fairly high. For example, if the thugs were using Ray Guns, bui
  8. Why does Chewbacca use a crossbow?
  9. I take your point about the suitability of H2P. However, if you look at Quick Starts for other games, they aren't Lite versions of the game. Instead, they are advertising. One of the few "Lite" versions is GURPS Lite, which dates from way back when. That's not a useful model, especially since a HERO equivalent would compromise HERO Games' intellectual property. Quick Starts in general give you just enough information to use a character sheet and roll some dice. Then it's all "what to do next", which conveniently happens to entail buying products...
  10. A thought: most quick start versions of games seem to be about 8 pages long. 3e Champions had a three page long programmed adventure that ran new players through a basic combat. They also used a character sheet - a fourth page. Yes, it was 3e not 6e, but converting would be easy. Hero in 2 Pages is two pages long. That's six pages there. Writing a quick start for Hero doesn't seem like an arduous task.
  11. I wouldn't do that. The way Halfjack is built makes him look like a monster. The other route allows Halfjill to be more "normal", and even attractive. It soft-pedals the whole thing, not to mention conforming to an "even female monsters are sexy" stereotype.
  12. Over my roleplaying career, I recall two instances when my character whacked another PC. In both cases, the other PC was of "CD" alignment, and a threat to the survival of the rest of the party.
  13. The err... down side of that is obvious. You need to finish before the depressive phase starts. There's a serious risk that you won't care about what you were writing by the time the next manic phase starts, and will instead chase some other butterfly.
  14. It's how the fire pits of Apokolips keep burning.
  15. assault


    Obviously that depends on the kind of fantasy.
  16. Historically, imprisonment wasn't a penalty in most societies. You would stick someone in a tower (donjon) or underground only for the duration it took to judge them. Then you would kill, mutilate, flog or enslave them according to your laws. If you couldn't punish them that way, you might, perhaps, just leave them imprisoned for an indefinite period.
  17. You need to reason from effect, not special effect. What can the character actually do, not how he does it.
  18. A thought: maybe non-combat stuff shouldn't be bought with points. (I'll ignore directly adventure-related stuff like Detective Work.) Points in HERO are, in general, a balancing tool. But what actually needs to be balanced, and what doesn't? Obviously, combat needs to be balanced, or at least able to be objectively assessed. Points are relevant here. But what about social things? Does it actually matter that Tony Stark is a billionaire and Peter Parker a struggling press photographer? It obviously does in plot terms, but what does it mean in game terms? Does it mean
  19. assault


    I did this a lot way back when (before 1e Champions, let alone any other Hero system game!) Obviously conventional adventuring doesn't happen, or only does so as a change of pace. If something like that is necessary, delegation is often possible, but naturally your character has to delegate to people they can trust. And sometimes your character has to be there in person... that's when their faces get melted.
  20. A hopefully "final for tonight" point: in my game, if you build an Ezi-Drain character, and get the benefits, a Drainer will be one of your regular opponents, even if they don't appear in your character's Hunteds. In fact, it's probably a good idea to have a character that hits your weaknesses as a Hunted - at least you get points for them. PS (edit): While I am an advocate for the validity of "superheroic normals", my preferred character type is, using the terminology from the web- and print- series PS238, the FISS - Flight, Invulnerabilty, Speed and Strength. In other words, someone wh
  21. Only if you live where you do. When you posted it, it was dawn for Australian Batman. (And he's a whole other question!)
  22. I think we've put the Batman Fallacy to bed. Maybe we should address the rest of the issue?
  23. True, but buying the military and police to make your claims stick is expensive.
  24. My point about it being a "bogus argument" needs to be read in light of what I subsequently wrote. In the past "character concept" has been used to argue what I call the "Batman fallacy" - the notion that since Batman is "only human", he should be inferior, in terms of characteristics, to "real superheroes". It's a fallacy simply because in the source material, the majority of superbeings aren't superhuman in that area, except where that is specifically part of their powers, and in fact Batman is plausibly superior to most of them in those areas. So he is actually squar
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